Halloween night

Usually. on Halloween. we go to a big Halloween fireworks display and bonfire and hog roast night but this year neither boys wanted to go so we stayed in with a supply of sweets waiting for the knocks on the door.   our first visitor was our grandson 🙂 

and very cute he was too,  funny enough after one knock where about 15 kids came there was no more.  maybe they all decided to go around in a group this year. 

Alex got his braces fitted

After waiting for nearly 18 months Alex finally got his braces fitted,  they are doing to top ones only because when his adult teeth came through his fangs looked like they were so far back, in actual fact apparently they are in the right place and the rest were not. so he chose to have braces fitted. he has been going on about it for ages.  the dentist agreed and although it’s not on the national health because it is cosmetic we decided we would pay to get them done,  depending on the result we have the option to get his bottom teeth straightened as well although he isn’t as bothered about them.  He had them fitted yesterday morning and has been in a lot of discomfort with the braces but apparently this is normal for the first few days.  hopefully, it will settle down.

Weddings and who to Invite

I have joined so many wedding groups on Facebook over the last month or two and one thing seems to be coming up practically every day.  Who to invite to the wedding!

For me this wasn’t really a problem, I personally don’t come from a big family. I was the youngest born and at 54 on the day of my wedding, have practically run out of relatives on both my mum’s and dad’s side.  I have one Aunt living now out of 4, my mum’s youngest sister who in her 70’s and living right up north would be unable to make the trip even if I did invite her.  I have no contact with any of my cousin’s and haven’t for over 30 odd years,  other than that I have my brother, and apart from babysitting his budgie while they are away on holiday on their boat in the south of France I have hardly any contact with at all. so the original plan was I wasn’t even going to tell him I was getting married never mind invite him.   Allan comes from a family that was split when his parents divorced when he was one, he is quite close to his sisters on his dad’s side and their mum his ex-step mother, and we see his dad usually once a year at Christmas but that’s about it. and his mum he hasn’t spoken to in about 6 years, or his sister on his mum’s side.  Anyway, he decided to be the bigger man and invite both his mum and his sister and her husband and son to the wedding reception. admittedly much to my disagreement at the time. however, it is his wedding as well and I had to respect that. 
We have invited a lot of close friends and some neighbours that we wanted to celebrate with us. and to me I consider my friends more important than my family, in fact, I consider some of my friends to be my family. 

Both Allan and my first weddings and receptions were small,  His reception was in a pub after the wedding with about 8 people there and mine was 6 people back at my mum’s house for a slice of cake afterwards.  so although we were not interested in having a big wedding as such. to us that was just the legal bit, we wanted to have a big reception to celebrate with friends,  Yes there are some who we haven’t invited who have the hump but hey we really are no more than acquaintances if I am honest.

Anyway, Allan has kept mentioning that I really should tell my brother that I have finally got divorced but am getting married as well and that we really should invite him and my sister in law to the reception.  after a lot of thought, and the fact that maybe for my dad’s sake I should at least let them know and invite them. I sent a text last night letting him know and will get an invite to them probably, later on, today.   
But I have to confess that it would be nice if they are busy at such short notice lol 

I saw this chart on a group on who to invite if you have a big family etc and thought what a great way to work out who to invite to your wedding, especially when for some if they had everyone come would be impossible to afford.  and it is holding them back on actually getting married. 

So here it is. and I hope it help’s someone. 

Wedding preparations are taking place.

With less than a month to go before the wedding we have finally got around to making bits and pieces,  the favour bag’s we did the other day, along with a basket of crayons and books for the kids. we did a favour bag for kids, as well as one for the men and the ladies. but the biggest bain of my life was these little favour/tea light boxes.  ok, I got them cheaper  but when they arrived, I had to poke out all the bit’s and then put the boxes together.  out of the 20, I eventually ended up with 14 as the rest ripped as I was prodding and cutting out.   they took 2 hours to make. that is 2 hours of my life I will never get back. 
To be honest, I am not even sure where we are going to put them yet, as we have loads of glass jar’s to use, for the Tea-light’s, we are using led ones so we worked it out there will be about 80 to set up and turn on for the reception.  There are still a few bit’s we need to put together or make but at least I have made a start now.  oh, and I have even done the gift bag’s for the witnesses and my honorary flower girls and maid or really that should be matron of honour as she is married.  I can’t wait for this to all be over and done with! I can then reclaim my front room as it’s full of crates and boxes at the moment.

Allan showed his soppy side this evening lol we were discussing Christmas and I reminded him he had already had his present.  which was a power drill he wanted in august,  he said he is getting the bet present ever, he finally gets to marry me!  wonder how long it will be before he regrets that lol 


tea-light boxes



favour bags


Saying goodbye to watching class plays forever. Thank f**k

Today I saw my last ever class play, Ali is yr 6 now and once they go up to senior school they don’t do the class play.
Ali hate’s them with a passion, they are not for him and,to be honest, they have made his life miserable in weeks leading up to them, this one being no different.  if you have read my pink/purple blog you will see that I won the battle. and Ali is dressed in blue.   He never said a word, and with the exception of this picture which I took at the end, he wouldn’t even look forward.  even here he wasn’t happy with having to turn around as there was still a lot of mum’s in the hall.  people, Ali doesn’t do people!


From these picture’s you can see that while other kids may love the opportunity to take part in play’s and enjoy doing them.  Ali doesn’t.  


refused to look as he does his part and  holds a banner. he is supposed to be facing front.


Walks off after a few parents laugh because he won’t look forward after prompting from his teacher. 

Now some may say that he should have to take part in these things, but if they knew the meltdown’s we have about it, if they knew how upset this makes him, how unsettled, then maybe they would understand.  
I have never missed any of his class plays or Christmas plays. In fact, I have never missed any of the kid’s school productions. This was the first one ever that his dad missed due to work.  we have always gone and watched both boys, but I have to say.  I am so glad this is the last school class play I will ever have to go and watch.   Now we just count down to the Christmas play,  hopefully, now his teacher will understand the anguish Ali goes through and will think twice about what part he is put in.  
This evening he had a smile on his face for the first time since they started practicing the play because he knew it was over.  

Clown’s everywhere and they live near you lol well one live’s in Sittingbourne.part 2

It appears I don’t need to apologise, he is a lying twat after all, and now covering a lie with another lie , what he means is he was confessing to the police, not cooperating lol 

we all knew he was lying because he is a coward and scared what people would do, well a message for you Ashley 

And now the papers are reporting he has been given a caution 


Wednesday, October 12 2016

Prankster dressed up a creepy clown to scare shoppers at the Dockside Outlet Centre, Chatham

12 October 2016
by Jade Edwards

A prankster arrested after being filmed jumping out at shoppers in Chatham dressed as a killer clown has been handed a police caution.

The joker got more than he bargained for when one of his targets fought back at the Dockside Outlet Centre car park.

The stunt didn’t quite go as planned when one of his unsuspecting targets punched him in the face, leaving him with a bloody nose.

Ashley Symes dressed up as a clown

The man’s friend, who fled when the masked menace appeared, is then seen hurling a milkshake at him.

In the video, the 23-year-old is also seen dragging the bat across the floor and chasing other “victims”, who run towards their car before speeding off.

But someone failed to see the funny side, and reported him to the police. He was arrested yesterday, and has since been cautioned.

Police said they investigated the incident in Maritime Way, Chatham, on Sunday, October 9.

A spokesman said: “It is reported that between 9pm and 9.51pm a person dressed as a clown threatened a teenage girl.

VIDEO: Killer clown prank backfires

“A 23-year-old Sittingbourne man was arrested in connection with this incident on suspicion of committing a public order offence.”

“He later received a police caution.”

It comes after unconfirmed reports a clown wielding a severed head and a machete chased a pensioner in Ashford.

Elsewhere, in Canterbury, a cyclist was reportedly chased through the University of Kent campus by a pack of clowns.

The craze has also reached Maidstone and Paddock Wood, with two people speaking out about coming face to face with terrifying clowns.

The clown craze, or Killer Clown, is sweeping Britain. Picture: WikimediaCommons

Police across the country have received reports of the so-called “creepy clowns” and have warned pranksters, following the US trend, that they may face prosecution for public order offences.

In Kent, nearly 60 clown-related incidents were reported in just three days.

Between October 7 and 10, 59 complaints have been made about clowns.

Supt Simon Thompson from Kent Police said: “While there have been some instances where people in masks have intimidated others, we have also received calls to report clown sightings in general.

“We would ask those people looking to report clown incidents to us to consider whether an offence has taken place, such as causing distress or fear, as there will be a lot of people dressed up in the coming weeks as Halloween approaches.

“If someone is being intimidated, threatened or their safety is put in danger, call us.”