Ali’s parent evening

I had the pleasure of meeting Ali’s new teacher properly today for the first time,  the discussion started off with the pink/purple assembly clothes Ali was supposed to take in for his Assembly on Wednesday, long story short, he will now not be “Fear” he will be “Sadness” and will be wearing blue,  I will find out on Wednesday morning if Ali can be convinced into taking part. 

 He mentioned that Ali’s handwriting was still very big,  although when he has a scribe helping he get’s through work very quickly, he questioned Ali’s need for a scribe and said he thought that if he did more writing himself maybe it would become smaller and easier to read.
He mentioned that Ali refuses to take part in class discussions, or really interact with the other children in his class,   he also mentioned Ali seems to daydream and not look at him or really the other kids and often stares away at the wall, however obviously listen’s as when asked a question on whatever was being discussed, when being told off for not paying attention, he apparently does listen and answers correctly.  it was at this point, I said to his teacher.. “you do know Ali is legally blind and on the spectrum don’t you ?” when asked to explain, I told him Ali is blind in one eye and classified as legally blind in the other, although with glasses, he can manage with his right eye, but being left handed, as well as blind in his left eye, writing is a struggle for him, he is also autistic, ah right he said, that would explain a lot…….. WTF?? how did you not know,  every teacher he has ever had at the school knew about his need’s his quirks, 
Apparently, he *the teacher* doesn’t like to read note’s about the kids when they are new to his class because he doesn’t want to pre-judge them, and that they start off with a clean slate.  great if you have a kid who is a little shit in the previous year as it gives them a chance to start anew but in Ali’s case, this is medical and would explain the need for his scribe, and other needs. 

Hopefully, now he understands, there will be less of *excellent work Ali but took too long to write down*, and *must pay more attention in class and join in discussions*. written all over his books,   he also now understands why Ali reads digital books when print can be made larger and did say his reading was excellent, way beyond his years, 
Although despite everything he admits. Ali is top of the class in every subject with the exception of pe where he struggles, especially his co-ordination. however, he now understands why. 

All I can say is, as always I am proud of Ali and how well he has done despite such a lack of understanding from his teacher.


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