I found my Safe Place!!

How often do you put something away in a safe place, and can never remember where that safe place is again? 

I am terrible at putting things away and not being able to find them again, EVER!!

So anyway, I put my wedding dress away in a very safe place!

So safe in fact that I have been hunting for it for the last few weeks.  
Ok, before you say how can you not spot a wedding dress? it’s not a big flouncy heavy dress, technically it was classified as a beach wedding dress as its light and just lace really. nothing pouffy about it. more of a long ivory/white maxi dress I guess,  even so not the sort of thing you would think would vanish from the face of the earth.   
I can’t even say it was hidden up because I am superstitious that Allan shouldn’t see the dress before the wedding because I’m not superstitious at all,  we are driving together to get married on the day. 
Where was it, well I know where it wasn’t, it wasn’t in my wardrobe, it wasn’t in the other wardrobes in our room,  It wasn’t in with Allan’s suit bag’s, it wasn’t hanging on the back of the door in a dress bag. It wasn’t hidden in the storage space under my bed, or folded up in draws or tall boy,  you know all the usual places you would think to look. It wasn’t in a crate with the other bits like veil and shoes and cape etc. 
I was getting to the point where I was convinced it wasn’t even in the house, as a month or so ago I had passed on some sack’s full of clothes to one of the charity shops and it had crossed my mind had I put it in a bag and popped it in the sack out of the way and I was pondering over the fact that I may just have to go and get another one.  to be honest at this moment in time, an expense I really didn’t want. 
But today, I decided that I would catch up on ironing.. usually, I am an iron as we need it sort of person,  I had ironed about 15 of the boy’s school shirts and took them upstairs to put away.  with there being no room in the double wardrobe in the big room where Ali is, I thought I would put them in the small single wardrobe in Alex’s room (which is usually just for winter coats as it’s a front to back wardrobe and not very practical but does have a big draw where hats and gloves go and  shelves, where all the winter jumpers etc go. in effect its the winter wardrobe.  I looked at the coats and jackets and decided that some wouldn’t fit them so thought I would take the lot out and sort through them.  and lo and behold, right at the back was a long black dress bag, which looked familiar.  I found my dress!!!  do I remember putting it there…… to be honest, no, when Allan called I asked him if he had put it there and he hadn’t either.   I know the boys wouldn’t have put it there.  they hang nothing up, so it must have been me!  

Now where did I put my veil????????? 


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