Clown’s everywhere and they live near you lol well one live’s in Sittingbourne.

The latest craze is the “Killer clown’s” roaming the streets jumping out and scaring people. 
Well in Sittingbourne we have had quite a few sightings,  but I do confess I think a lot of the hype is mass hysteria in the town, and I have to admit, I was never a lover of clown’s at the circus, not because I found them creepy or they scared me, but because I just never found them funny.  
And if someone dressed as a clown jumped out at me trying to scare me I would probably deck them one.   and this happened to one unfortunate local twat .  see link at the bottom. 

One local lad who actually lives not far from me,  came to make the headlines yesterday  and I have to say, not only has he made himself look a complete twat once, he has now done it twice.  I will put the link at the bottom! 

Ashley Symes dressed up as a clown

The man’s friend, who fled when the masked menace appeared, is then seen hurling a milkshake at him.

In the video, the 23-year-old is also seen dragging the bat across the floor and chasing other “victims”, who run towards their car before speeding off.

even more funny, is the fact he says he was considerate

Now the original newspaper post used his picture, and the area he lives, Sonora fields. 
This report understandably annoyed many local residents as some kids had also been scared by a clown in that area. 
Then he makes a bigger twat out of himself, he post’s this on his facebook status, and also copies it to a local gossip group. 

This was his status update yesterday 

Guy the video went exactly to plan, me and my friends filmed a social experiment to see exactly how people would react to video of this nature and to see how easy it is to go viral due to negative content. For 8 months I have been working hard releasing positive content working along side charities such as cancer research/ stand up to cancer and hardly anyone shows support or offers help. It was set up and the people involved were my friends who not only gave consent to be filmed and helped with the overall story line. Unfortunately some people can’t see what we were trying to do. We also tried to raise awareness and put other people off doing similar ideas as the repercussions can result in getting assaulted and possible criminal conviction. The police knew about it all and nothing has come of it because it isn’t real. So no I wasn’t arrested or whatever else is speculating I was actually working with them. Amazing how many people can jump on the bandwagon of slating someone without knowing the full story. So no I didn’t target anyone who was vulnerable and/or could of had heart conditions. Its a shame that in 2016 people believe everything they see as being real when 99% of the similar pranks are also staged/faked. Apologies if you thought it was real but if you know me in real life you know I am about making people happy and entertaining them. So see this as a kind of public apology. Thank you to BBC, ITV. Mirror, The Sun. Kent Online and any other big company for helping me promote it all to see exactly how the nation reacts.

The problem is, of course, no one believes his story, there has been no confirmation that what he says is true, in fact quite the opposite. the police have confirmed he was arrested and charged with a public order offense. and funny enough he removed his post from the groups and has  now made his status update no longer public, or deleted it.
 One man, 23, from Sittingbourne, has been arrested for a public order offense, a Kent Police spokesman said as officers issued a warning.

I will, of course,  apologise for thinking he is a complete bullshitter and only came up with that status update to stop people giving him the kicking he deserves if the police issue a statement saying what he is claiming is true.. 
Don’t hold your breath because I can’t see it happening..

(Just in case they remove the link) 

Prankster dressed up a creepy clown to scare shoppers at the Dockside Outlet Centre, Chatham

11 October 2016
by Jade Edwards

A prankster got more than he bargained for when he dressed up as a clown to scare shoppers in Chatham – and his victims hit back.

The man dressed up as a killer clown, armed with a baseball bat, and was filmed jumping out at people in the Dockside Outlet Centre car park.

But the stunt didn’t quite go as planned when one of his unsuspecting targets punched him in the face, leaving him with a bloody nose.

Ashley Symes dressed up as a clown

The man’s friend, who fled when the masked menace appeared, is then seen hurling a milkshake at him.

In the video, the 23-year-old is also seen dragging the bat across the floor and chasing other “victims”, who run towards their car before speeding off.
A spokesman said: “A 23-year-old Sittingbourne man has been arrested in connection with this incident on suspicion of committing a public order offence. He remains in police custody.”

It comes after unconfirmed reports a clown wielding a severed head and a machete chased a pensioner in Ashford.

Elsewhere, in Canterbury, a cyclist was reportedly chased through the University of Kent campus by a pack of clowns.

The craze has also reached Maidstone and Paddock Wood, with two people speaking out about coming face to face with terrifying clowns.

Police across the country have received reports of the so-called “creepy clowns” and have warned pranksters, following the US trend, that they may face prosecution for public order offences.

It is not clear in the video if any of the “victims” knew about the prank before it was filmed.

The clown craze, or Killer Clown, is sweeping Britain. Picture: WikimediaCommons

Nearly 60 clown-related incidents have been reported to Kent Police in just three days.

Between October 7 and 10, 59 incidents involving clowns in Kent have been reported

Supt Simon Thompson from Kent Police said: “While there have been some instances where people in masks have intimidated others, we have also received calls to report clown sightings in general.

“We would ask those people looking to report clown incidents to us to consider whether an offence has taken place, such as causing distress or fear, as there will be a lot of people dressed up in the coming weeks as Halloween approaches.

“If someone is being intimidated, threatened or their safety is put in danger, call us.”

Police are investigating an incident in Maritime Way, Chatham, on Sunday, October 9.

It is reported that between 9pm and 9.51pm a person dressed as a clown threatened a teenage girl.


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