Weddings and who to Invite

I have joined so many wedding groups on Facebook over the last month or two and one thing seems to be coming up practically every day.  Who to invite to the wedding!

For me this wasn’t really a problem, I personally don’t come from a big family. I was the youngest born and at 54 on the day of my wedding, have practically run out of relatives on both my mum’s and dad’s side.  I have one Aunt living now out of 4, my mum’s youngest sister who in her 70’s and living right up north would be unable to make the trip even if I did invite her.  I have no contact with any of my cousin’s and haven’t for over 30 odd years,  other than that I have my brother, and apart from babysitting his budgie while they are away on holiday on their boat in the south of France I have hardly any contact with at all. so the original plan was I wasn’t even going to tell him I was getting married never mind invite him.   Allan comes from a family that was split when his parents divorced when he was one, he is quite close to his sisters on his dad’s side and their mum his ex-step mother, and we see his dad usually once a year at Christmas but that’s about it. and his mum he hasn’t spoken to in about 6 years, or his sister on his mum’s side.  Anyway, he decided to be the bigger man and invite both his mum and his sister and her husband and son to the wedding reception. admittedly much to my disagreement at the time. however, it is his wedding as well and I had to respect that. 
We have invited a lot of close friends and some neighbours that we wanted to celebrate with us. and to me I consider my friends more important than my family, in fact, I consider some of my friends to be my family. 

Both Allan and my first weddings and receptions were small,  His reception was in a pub after the wedding with about 8 people there and mine was 6 people back at my mum’s house for a slice of cake afterwards.  so although we were not interested in having a big wedding as such. to us that was just the legal bit, we wanted to have a big reception to celebrate with friends,  Yes there are some who we haven’t invited who have the hump but hey we really are no more than acquaintances if I am honest.

Anyway, Allan has kept mentioning that I really should tell my brother that I have finally got divorced but am getting married as well and that we really should invite him and my sister in law to the reception.  after a lot of thought, and the fact that maybe for my dad’s sake I should at least let them know and invite them. I sent a text last night letting him know and will get an invite to them probably, later on, today.   
But I have to confess that it would be nice if they are busy at such short notice lol 

I saw this chart on a group on who to invite if you have a big family etc and thought what a great way to work out who to invite to your wedding, especially when for some if they had everyone come would be impossible to afford.  and it is holding them back on actually getting married. 

So here it is. and I hope it help’s someone. 


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