We did it, We are now married

After Approximately 14 years we have finally tied the knot,  we had a lovely day and the weather was beautiful for us, the sun was shining, we married on my birthday and all I can say was it was the best present every, after the wedding we went and had lunch with our friends and the boys who were all our witnesses, it really made the day that the boys could sign as witnesses as well, then in the evening, just us and the boys went out for a meal, then home to reflect on the day and have an early night as we went out the next day to see some friends in London and spend the day with them in Greenwich and also go to the Emirates stadium where Arsenal are based.   I have finally recovered after a very hectic weekend now,  we were  half an hour late for our own wedding reception ,  I had been at the hall setting up all day while Allan was cooking all the food for the buffet, the bar was an hour late turning up to set up so it meant I couldn’t leave the hall until they turned up, by the time I got home and Allan went to the hall to get the food there, he got back and we quickly changed and got back up there we were late. his lovely sister managed to get the buffet sorted for us lol we had a lovely time despite me being in chronic pain as I put my back out moving the stage blocks, tables and chairs etc so by the time we got to the reception I could hardly walk 😦 but hopefully, the hall looked nice enough. I was a bit annoyed for Allan though as he invited all his work friends and others and not one turned up out of the 50 odd he invited. and quite a few who had RSV p’d to say they would be there either told us they couldn’t make it on the morning of the day or just didn’t let us know at all,  which really pissed me off, to be honest,  as we had catered for about 150 people  anyway here are a few pictures of the evening. oh. and it took up 4 hours to clean up yesterday so again my back was bad, ended up having to go to our local hospital yesterday afternoon and was given some strong morphine pills. so by the time we got home they knocked me out and I was asleep most of the evening, the poor boys just helped themselves to leftovers from the buffet for dinner. must cook a good meal for them today lol



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