Back to normal at last, nearly

After a mad rush this morning to get the boys to school (for once I slept, unfortunately because I am so used to being awake at 4am I didn’t bother setting my alarm, maybe it was because I knew Allan was off work today so I didn’t have to get him up at 4.30am  my body clock decided to go slow, but I didn’t wake up until 8am, bearing in mind Alex leaves the house at 7.45 for school, this is not good.  one very mad rush and a quick call to his school to say we would be late in, and we left the house at 8.30, the usual time for me to  leave to drop Ali off, so dropped him off and then went on to take Alex to school, only 20 min’s late.  Must admit I am so glad it’s Friday, it’s been a long week, my back is still hurting a lot and I can’t stand for long.  Payday today and although it’s a short month because of the week off Allan  has had, we treated ourselves to a KFC for dinner,   that is it,  we did nothing else but sit on the sofa all day in between school runs,  I let Allan have a lie in and we sat and watched some recorded shows we had on the tivo box so we could clear space,  the plan was to empty my car, it is still full off all the create’s of stuff for decorating the hall for the wedding reception and to go shopping, neither of which happened.  so all in all a very lazy day, even the dishwasher and washing machine didn’t get loaded.   my eye is getting worse now and I am beginning to look like something from the zombie apocalypse. lol 

Hard to believe that we have already been married over a week, time seems to have gone so fast. 


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