Adventure Island with Ali’s Friend

Every year I go online and buy wristbands for Adventure Island,  they are cheaper in February and Ali gets in free anyway with his blue peter badge, they last until the end of the year, so I take them in the summer and usually again at Halloween, This time as we had a spare wristband and I doubted we would be going again before the end of December I said we would take one of the boys friends with us,  now usually we take Alex’s friends but this time I said we would take Ali’s friend, he had moved to Gravesend this time last year although Ali has kept in contact with him, via Xbox  and phone. so we picked him up on the way and off we went.  the boys, as usual, had a great time, Ali has no fear on rides at all, although he does have to take his glasses off in case the fall off.  he thinks its great as he can’t see how high things are etc.  So here I am freezing while they have fun, oh well its worth it 🙂 the great thing about  this time of year is all the decorations are out so it gives a lovely Christmas feel, although to be honest, I am dreading Christmas at least I don’t feel as guilty now as it took a lot of bribery to get Ali to pose by the Xmas decorations. his wording was, I can’t wait until the end of December. 


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