Flipping dog

This is what a big girls blouse looks like, *the dog, not Allan😂😂* (although there are moments 😂) the stupid dog hate’s, the cold, rain, dark etc. with it pouring down most of yesterday or wet and cold he would hardly go out, so last night,😣 he decided that he needs to pee, not once but about 5 time’s, 😠making pathetic stupid whining noises, of course at night it’s dark so I then have to step outside the back door and walk about 2 yards into the patio,😨 to trigger the security light to get it to turn on. I swear if I didn’t love him so much I would have shut the stupid dog out there all night.#worsethanhavingababywakeyouupinthenight so today I am going to get revenge, every time the fucker goes to sleep I am going to wake him up!!!!😈😈😈


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