Christmas Jumper day coming soon near you!

I have already seen the groans and complaints from fellow mums about this trend that has come about over the last 3 or 4 years in the school’s,  Thankfully I have only ever had to buy the boys 2 Christmas jumpers.  the first year I got them one each both on the big side..  the next year, they swapped jumpers over and they still just about fitted them.  Last year I had to buy them a new one each, yep again two different styles and rather on the big side.. and this year again they are swapping over.  looking at the size of them, though, we may get away with them again.  while the boys have grown in height their top half has stayed the same size.   Bonus!! I have to admit though I can understand some of the fellow mum’s complaints when the jumpers may cost around £15 plus, to pay the £1  to the school to go to charity to wear it.   wouldn’t we be better off just donating the actual cost of the jumper to charity in the first place.    I know my boys only ever wear them 3 times,  the first time is Christmas jumper day, the second is usually at one of the Christmas events we go to, and the third time is Christmas day, that is if we can be bothered to get dressed at all 


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