20 March 2017 is the first day of the astronomical spring

The astronomical spring begins on 20 March 2017 and ends on 20 June 2017.

Who cares it means winter is over…….   Roll on 26th of March when the clocks go forward and we go into BST ,  I have spent the majority of this winter ill,  will be so glad when summer comes,  I also reserve the right to complain in summer about being too hot 

Spring equinox 2015

It’s Monday… Roll on Easter break

It’s Monday morning and that can only mean one thing! Back to school and back to the drama!!
Making sure uniforms are washed, ironed, bags sorted and we actually have some bread to make their packed lunches! 

We have had such a nice chilled weekend, apart from Alex’s football we haven’t had to go out at all. 

I am slowly getting better, well enough to drive around, sort bits out etc.  I took Alex to his football match yesterday, and have to admit after being out for a couple of hours in the cold, my chest was getting quite bad,  Alex has been a star and done most of the cooking while I haven’t been well and Allan’s been working.  Not even any meltdowns from Ali in the last week. 

Alex has been really stressy the last few months, there has been a little bit of bullying at school but after calls and an email to the teachers, It seems to have settled down.
One of the problems with a kid being 6ft 1inches tall at the age of 13 and 3 months is that all the older kids seem to pick on him. especially when he is with his mates who are half his size,  this has caused Alex to be stressy,  the other problem is one of the kids in the road has picked on Alex since he was about 9, following him on the way home from school and calling him names etc,  this kid doesn’t even go to school now for whatever reasons, he is a couple of years older than Alex and just as tall but big like my Ali,  ok he is overweight the same as Ali,  anyhoo, as I was saying this has been going on for years with the name calling, etc and I am sure Alex is no innocent and gave as much as he got,  this finally came to a head not long ago when they got into a fight. Not that Alex actually did fight he just protected himself from being hurt and when the other kid was separated from him there wasn’t a mark on Alex, since the fight though there has been no more trouble and I think in a way Alex has learnt that if this is the best the kid has to offer then it’s nothing really to worry about.  less stress again. 

Ali, on the other hand, has had a brilliant week, we haven’t had one meltdown.  I don’t often blog about Ali and what happens but let’s say, life can really be hard at times having an autistic kid in the house, we all know about it and have the broken doors etc to show for it. Maybe it’s because I have been ill that he has been so chilled the last week or maybe its the fact that when he has got home from school he has spent the majority of the time on the Xbox one out of everyone’s way. 

But saying that I can tell the kids are tired,  they kind of get run down the last couple of weeks of term. they break up for Easter on the 31st and I think they will be ready for the two-week break,   I love the Easter breaks because it is not too long that Ali gets out of his routine. there used to be a time when even a week off school would upset him but as he has got older he is more accepting of the school holidays, although the long summer break is always a challenge. 

Allan has booked a week off work as well for the first week of the break so we are hoping to be able to actually spend some family time together,  get some stuff done around the house. and most important, we can all chill. 

Today my superpower is standing up!
After a hectic few days with very little rest, I am going to call on it many times today also!
My other superpower is gratitude
I am grateful for all the fun I had over the weekend watching Alex play football and chatting with the other footie mums .
I am grateful that I don’t actually have to leave the house today so doing very little else I can catch up on my washing. 
I am grateful that I am just a little bit stiff and achy, but I am alive!
I am grateful that I am finally starting to feel better and all the pills I have been popping have been doing their job and I am finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. 
I am grateful for my family.
I am grateful for amazing friends.
I am grateful for coffee and water todaI as I will be rehydrating lots today.
I am grateful for the peace today, no one around and just chilling between the washing loads. 
I am grateful for the fact that Alex remembered to take something out the freezer for dinner tonight but I am missing my kitchen so may actually cook dinner myself today. 

If I am honest, this time two weeks ago, I honestly thought I was dying, well not literally but you know what I mean,  I felt ill, very ill, it’s bad enough being sick without the problems being a chronic asthmatic can bring. We all take breathing for granted until we struggle to do it. 
I have never been a fan or a sympathetic ear of those who post multiple status updates on facebook saying how ill or depressed they are every day. I, of course, have sympathy for those who have a genuine illness or disability,  they can post away, I am talking about those who are just miserable fuckers who are just after attention every day, seeking sympathy for every cough and cold they have, because let’s face it, the rest of the time no one talks to them or comments on their status.  So when a friend said to me the other week before I was diagnosed with pneumonia, can she come around and I said that I wasn’t up to a visit because of being unwell, the first thing she said was she didn’t believe me because most normal people let everyone on Facebook let people know they are ill.
Which just goes to prove one thing.  I am not normal and never have been lol 

Now lets do Monday 👌👊😍

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