The Morning after the day before, Westminster, we will stand up for London.


Yesterday was a horrific act of terror, yes they are saying that the person who did it was a Muslim extreme terrorist. but that doesn’t mean all Muslim’s are terrorists.  I am saddened and ashamed about some of the things I have seen and read this morning, the hatred for Muslims from some of the British people, some people I consider my friends on facebook especially, I have done several posts today. and no doubt I will probably be removed from their friends list by some.  but I find it hard to keep my gob shut. 

My posts

I am sick to death of all the posts I see bashing Muslims, the people who did this and all the other attacks in places are terrorist extremists.

The next post I have made is this one because there are people commenting with nothing but pure hatred and ignorance because this woman is wearing a headscarf.  

For all those sharing this picture, bottom left and ranting about Muslims
That to me looks like a woman who has seen that the person is being helped knows she can’t do anything but is also worried for her own safety. She will know what is going on in people’s minds that some people will judge her on sight and fear that if she offers help she could be attacked herself just for her religion. She could be on the phone trying to get help or contact her family to let them know she is ok.
There appears to be a white man also walking by just behind the lady in the headscarf,(top left) and yet funnily enough. I haven’t seen any comments about him. Oh no, the people who are insinuating this lady doesn’t care and to ‘deport her’ only see what they want.
It’s a poisonous picture. She looks upset, probably terrified of everything going on around her, seen things no one should see, but there are already so many people around the injured people what more would she do? At least she’s not taking a selfie like the other couple in the other picture.
Wonder why the top picture that was also was taken, yesterday isn’t being shared oh I know because he isn’t wearing a headscarf


I have never been racist, homophobic or Sectarianism if that is the right word for Religious discrimination treating a person or group differently because of what they believe in. and it really sickens me to see people assuming that because these terrorists are Muslims that all Muslims are terrorist. 

I saw this post on facebook and I couldn’t have put it any better myself 



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