Banned from Facebook AGAIN!!!



 Yet again I find myself on a facebook ban, only this time for 3 days for posting a link to a group,  It is a very small group with just over 100 members,  I only posted the link in this one group so I know it was someone on the group who reported me,  I may have a warped sense of humour but some people really need to put their big girl knickers on and learn to scroll past. 

Last night 
I was sitting at our bug club meeting, the speech was excellent and we were just waiting for the raffle when I thought I would pop on FB for a min,  I logged in on my phone and got this message pop up.  this is a new message for me as usually it just says something along the lines of a picture you posted has been removed and you are now blocked blah blah blah, it doesn’t usually say you have been directly reported. and this is how I know it wasn’t FB auto-bot that picked up the link, now my main complaint, while it may have been a bit nasty, ie some guys wife went nuts and cut off his manhood because he had been cheating on her,  he was admitted to hospital and she went into the hospital and cut it off again and threw it out of the window, now the pictures were pixilated.  I posted a comment something like boy was she pissed off,  this was two days ago 

You have been directly reported to facebook for posting a picture that contains nudity, the picture has been removed and you are now blocked from posting. This temporary block will last for 3 days, and you won’t be able to post on Facebook until it’s finished. Please bear in mind that people who repeatedly post things that aren’t allowed on Facebook may have their accounts permanently disabled.

Anyway, I go to the support box and find this, so decided to appeal it.  still waiting on it although I won’t hold out much luck, the worst thing about being banned on facebook is it’s like walking around a sweet shop with no money and everyone else is getting free samples and you’re not.  You can read posts if you are admin on a group you can still approve messages and add members and delete posts but you can’t like or comment or post pictures at all.
oh well looks like I will just have to sit it out.  one day down, two more to go
I will just have to try and be good as once you have been banned they watch your account I am sure of it.  I know others who have had the same thing happen,  first you get the warning that a picture has been removed.. naughty naughty don’t post things like that again,
the second time, you get a slap on the wrist and a 24 hr ban, The third time it’s a 7 day ban and after that you can either get a 30 day ban or even have your account closed.
All because someone gets offended, and can’t scroll on by 



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