They’re the new craze sweeping the playground!


Not the most technologically advanced toy we’ve ever seen in playgrounds in recent years, but the colourful items have now become must-have items in your local schools. Children are completely and utterly obsessed!

If your kids are often salivating over expensive items such as games consoles and tablets, this could be a relief, because fidget spinners cost a few quid. Bargain!

Both my boys are now proud owners of one, yes even Ali who has never really shown an interest in anything that isn’t plugged in, needs charging and connected to the wifi

As I said cheap enough and not half as annoying as the last craze Alex had of flipping bottles to land on the base……. 


Spider club

Once a month we go to a spider club well it’s not just spiders but arachnids to be technical. It’s held at the Bobbing Village Hall nr Sittingbourne Kent UK 

Meeting this Wednesday 26 April

This month we have Paul carpenter who will kindly be doing a talk on the Tarantulas of Zimbabwe including film of OBT in the wild 

live food can be purchased 

We will also have the normal raffle (please bring a prize) and the Aussie raffle which from this month onwards will have Tarantulas as prizes

Also, raffle tickets on sale for the November auction night for some really special prizes.

Free tea and coffee cans 50p
I will have the microscope if you need any skins sexed
£1 for Non-Members

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Back to school and we have our lodger back :)

Well, the boys went back to school last Tuesday,  as a treat, we took them both to see Fast and furious 8 on bank holiday Monday. I have to admit it was a great film and I even managed to stay awake through the whole thing. afterwards, it was back home for burgers as finances didn’t stretch to a takeaway but hey hoo it is payday soon 🙂 
Both boys were happy to go back to school and catch up with friends, and probably to get away from sorting bedrooms out as I have been on a spring clean mission lately,
Wednesday Alex had a friendly football match with his team at 6 pm and they won 10-2 so he was happy as the other team were a year older. 

We are just about in the normal school routine now, and while all the other mums rejoice about their kids going back to school, I love having the boys at home.  roll on May day bank holiday when they have a nice long weekend. 

My brother is off to the south of France tomorrow so we got our lodger back, we babysit his budgie while he is away,  Bertie is lovely though but very old, so rather than have him and keep taking him back and forth while they go to their boat and then come back for the odd week here and there, we have his stay with us until they are back for the winter. so he will be here with us until at least October.  in fact, when you work it out, Bertie spends most of the year with us lol so we have “Shut up Steve” upstairs in Ali’s room  *Ali’s budgie* and Bertie downstairs, both tweeting to each other. 
I have to admit I have missed having Bertie over the winter, so it’s nice to have him back with us.  I just hope he doesn’t pop his clogs of old age while we have him here 🙄 

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Happy Chocolate Egg/ Easter Day to all

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Being none religious, It would be hypercritical of me to celebrate Easter as such, but of course, the same as Christmas, there is no way I would want my kids to go without for the pure fact of my none beliefs, and one always has to respect the beliefs of others. 
The same goes for Christmas, we have Santa/ Christmas day.

Having replaced the kids chocolate eggs, about three times in the last two weeks, because we have eaten them  🙄 😎 The kids do actually have an egg and a bunny to munch on this morning,  in the past I have always done them a basket with loads of eggs and bits in and in the past take them on an egg hunt, I never could understand how they could search through castle grounds, park’s, wood’s etc and every other vast expanse and find loads and loads of eggs, but couldn’t find a missing shoe if it was 3ft away from them 😆 but, much as I hate to admit it, they are too old for this now, last year they refused to go on an egg hunt and told me in no uncertain terms that they were not little kids and when I mentioned about baskets this year, they were not bothered at all,  but I did put the baskets and other bits on a free group so now someone else can use them and hopefully they will get many years of use until their little one has grown up.

I will miss making these baskets up every year but when Darren and the girls are a bit older I can start again.  (I never did full baskets for little ones as they tend to pig out until they are sick on all the chocolate lol ) it’s once they got past five that I start.   PicMonkey Collage

Ever have one of those days? well I am having one today

I have a mountain of washing again,  I swear that it breeds in the washing baskets because I have done loads in the last week,  the cause of this washing is a teenager who seems to think that he needs to get changed about three times a day. He will go out and play football come in muddy or dusty as it’s not rained in a while,  strip off, and then an hour later get dressed and go out again to play football, yep in clean clothes. and repeat! 
Much as I miss them when they are at school, the one good thing is they wear their uniform, come in and strip off,  if they are going out it’s only for a few hours so they get a few days out of their clothes, and if they are not, then its change into lounge pants and for some weird reason I have to beg for those to go in the wash after they have been worn for days.  And I thought having teenage girls was bad….
And then there is the ironing of the uniform ready for Tuesday…..  


How can a walking stick disappear in to thin air?

Things vanish all the time,

Keys, change, wallets, you know all the little things that you absentmindedly put down and forget where you put them, you end up searching the whole house looking for them to find the car keys in the fridge..  go on admit it, you have all done it at some time, No???  maybe it’s just me then after all.
Anyway, I woke up this morning and can’t find my walking stick anywhere,  now this is not something I use occasionally, I have to use it all the time, I use it to go from the sofa to the loo, I struggle to walk without it. So where has it gone,  I have no idea, I curled up on the sofa last night and I was sure it was at the end but when I woke up this morning it wasn’t there.  I still can’t sleep upstairs for three reasons,

1. it takes me forever to get up the stairs,  getting down is even scarier

2. we have a downstairs bathroom so in the middle of the night if I need to go it would mean waking Allan up to get him to help me downstairs. and finally

3. I am an insomniac so spend most of the night awake,  now Allan works 12 hr shifts, sometimes with an hour travel each way making it a very long day the last thing he needs is me either waking him up or keeping him awake most of the night. 
Anyhow, the stick, we have searched everywhere, even under the sofa. I am having to use a crutch at the moment which is a pain as I hate using it.  its bad enough having to use a walking stick, not being able to walk far, not being able to stand up for more than 10 mins. It was quite funny really, at our wedding reception we saw some friends who we hadn’t seen for a long time, probably about three years and they were shocked at how immobile I was, the last time we saw them was on a scouting hike of 3 miles, and here I was hobbling around with a walking stick, even on our first dance, I had to hang off Allan to hold myself up, no shoes or I would have hit the deck as the floor was slippy, even then it was just a quick slow dance before I had to sit down again. wedding

We explained to them about my accident and shattered foot, we left out the back problems having, Degenerative disc disease, arthritis, the Fibromyalgia,  Osteoporosis, in constant pain all the time,  Jeez I sound like I am falling apart, wait I am! 
They asked how I get about then and how I managed with the kids,  I explained I thankfully could still drive as I have an automatic car,  I have or have not as the case is now, a walking stick for getting around the house,  we have a wheelchair although I dislike going in it because, to be honest, I have a fat arse and it’s just uncomfortable, and I have an electric scooter when we go out to places for the day. I use either the electric scooters or trolleys as zimmer frames in the supermarkets.  but I will not let this beat me and I will not be trapped indoors. 

Anyway, back to this walking stick, it has apparently magical powers, it can become invisible. but on the plus side, I have just remembered on the mention of zimmer frames, that we still have the zimmer frame with wheels and a seat that was my mums up in the loft.  hmm maybe that is an option for short distances.  

Everyone else has Easter egg hunts at this time of year, I am starting a new tradition. 

The walking stick hunt.
The prize apart from my eternal gratitude will be a fruit and nut bar 😆