2 years have passed

It’s two years since I drove with Allan and the boys to London, dropped the boys off with some friends in Greenwich and we made our way to St Thomas’ hospital where my dad was in intensive care being kept alive by machines basically,  we watched him for hours although sedated we could see he was in pain and suffering, The decision had been made the day before on what was going to happen,  we sat by his side while they turned off the dialysis and other machines and held his hand, he mumbled a bit and over a few hours drifted off and passed away.

the last two years have been hard, so many things going wrong for us but again some things for the better,  its been a long struggle because I went from being able bodied so to speak to becoming disabled within a week of him passing, due to smashing my foot up, ironically on his mobility scooter, 

Today I am missing him as I do every day, but time seems to have flown by and my boys seem to have grown up. 

In about ten mins when I have finished writing this and having my coffee I will be busy today finishing off the cakes I have made for Alex’s presentation evening tonight, and making a big tray of sandwiches. life goes on as usual. Tomorrow would have been my dad’s birthday as well, 
We will have a drink tonight and think of him and remember how annoying he could be, how much hard work he was, trying to juggle looking after a family and caring for him.  but we will also  remember him with love. 

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