Ever have one of those days? well I am having one today

I have a mountain of washing again,  I swear that it breeds in the washing baskets because I have done loads in the last week,  the cause of this washing is a teenager who seems to think that he needs to get changed about three times a day. He will go out and play football come in muddy or dusty as it’s not rained in a while,  strip off, and then an hour later get dressed and go out again to play football, yep in clean clothes. and repeat! 
Much as I miss them when they are at school, the one good thing is they wear their uniform, come in and strip off,  if they are going out it’s only for a few hours so they get a few days out of their clothes, and if they are not, then its change into lounge pants and for some weird reason I have to beg for those to go in the wash after they have been worn for days.  And I thought having teenage girls was bad….
And then there is the ironing of the uniform ready for Tuesday…..