Happy Chocolate Egg/ Easter Day to all

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Being none religious, It would be hypercritical of me to celebrate Easter as such, but of course, the same as Christmas, there is no way I would want my kids to go without for the pure fact of my none beliefs, and one always has to respect the beliefs of others. 
The same goes for Christmas, we have Santa/ Christmas day.

Having replaced the kids chocolate eggs, about three times in the last two weeks, because we have eaten them  🙄 😎 The kids do actually have an egg and a bunny to munch on this morning,  in the past I have always done them a basket with loads of eggs and bits in and in the past take them on an egg hunt, I never could understand how they could search through castle grounds, park’s, wood’s etc and every other vast expanse and find loads and loads of eggs, but couldn’t find a missing shoe if it was 3ft away from them 😆 but, much as I hate to admit it, they are too old for this now, last year they refused to go on an egg hunt and told me in no uncertain terms that they were not little kids and when I mentioned about baskets this year, they were not bothered at all,  but I did put the baskets and other bits on a free group so now someone else can use them and hopefully they will get many years of use until their little one has grown up.

I will miss making these baskets up every year but when Darren and the girls are a bit older I can start again.  (I never did full baskets for little ones as they tend to pig out until they are sick on all the chocolate lol ) it’s once they got past five that I start.   PicMonkey Collage


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