Back to school and we have our lodger back :)

Well, the boys went back to school last Tuesday,  as a treat, we took them both to see Fast and furious 8 on bank holiday Monday. I have to admit it was a great film and I even managed to stay awake through the whole thing. afterwards, it was back home for burgers as finances didn’t stretch to a takeaway but hey hoo it is payday soon 🙂 
Both boys were happy to go back to school and catch up with friends, and probably to get away from sorting bedrooms out as I have been on a spring clean mission lately,
Wednesday Alex had a friendly football match with his team at 6 pm and they won 10-2 so he was happy as the other team were a year older. 

We are just about in the normal school routine now, and while all the other mums rejoice about their kids going back to school, I love having the boys at home.  roll on May day bank holiday when they have a nice long weekend. 

My brother is off to the south of France tomorrow so we got our lodger back, we babysit his budgie while he is away,  Bertie is lovely though but very old, so rather than have him and keep taking him back and forth while they go to their boat and then come back for the odd week here and there, we have his stay with us until they are back for the winter. so he will be here with us until at least October.  in fact, when you work it out, Bertie spends most of the year with us lol so we have “Shut up Steve” upstairs in Ali’s room  *Ali’s budgie* and Bertie downstairs, both tweeting to each other. 
I have to admit I have missed having Bertie over the winter, so it’s nice to have him back with us.  I just hope he doesn’t pop his clogs of old age while we have him here 🙄 

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