The spinners craze again lol

Someone on my local selling page has written a review warning people about the new spinner craze…’s sooooo funny….had to share

DO NOT BUY FIDGET SPINNER!! DEATH TRAP Please do not be tempted to buy one of these spinners!!!

Caused me nothing but hassle since I bought the fucking bastard thing. It started off ok spinning it round on various fingers listening to the fast rolling ball bearings spin around. It was quite satisfying and I found faith, peace and harmony in my new fidget spinner. As with anything new you experiment with it so I was pottering around the house spinning it on random shit like the kitchen tap and on top of the salt and pepper grinder, I even span it on top of me cats head he was fucking loving it wagging his tail and smiling. All was well and good I loved this new trendy stress relieving gadget! Until on night I was home alone really really bored out my mind. Girlfriend was at workhouse to myself yano.. I thought fuck it am gonna do it I lay there on my bed and put the fidget spinner on the end of my knob and gave it a massive spin it was fucking awesome I loved it was going soo fast it looked like my cock was about to fly off to Syria and finally end all this fighting bullshit I was amazed I found a new safe way to use my penis until it all went balls up the ball bearing in the main spinner seized and the spinner stopped dead but because it was spinning so fast previously it gripped and caused friction it’s left a huge blister on my bell end I can’t have a piss or anything I have been to the doctors and he said he has loads of people in Injured by these “toys”. Share and spread awareness these are out to kill us and it won’t be long until it happens!