Three Girls’ to be shown as an education tool in secondary schools. Please sign this petition

Recently BBC1 showed a three-part drama based on the true stories of victims of grooming and sexual abuse in Rochdale, called Three Girls,  this was heartbreaking, shocking, scary, not in a fright way but in a way that makes you realise how vulnerable girls can be in this situation and how let down they can be by the authorities. 

It was one of the most horrifying stories of recent times; the tale of how vulnerable teenagers had been preyed on by a group of middle-aged men and those in power failing to act to stop the abuse despite multiple pleas for help.
As a mother of 2 daughters and 2 stepdaughters, this really hit home to me, I honestly had no idea that things like this went on, I admit to being very nieve and very thankful that they are now all adult and I never had to deal with anything like this.  I had no idea things like this went on and I honestly believe that girls in senior school who are the most vulnerable should watch this series, if it saves just one girl from people like that then it is worth it. We need to make young girls aware of what goes on, make them know what situations to avoid.  we need to protect our children from harm, by them viewing this in school we can educate them on a level they will understand. 

 Please, I beg you to sign the petition, we need to protect our children and the best way is to educate them.

Petition for the BBC drama ‘Three Girl’s’ to be used as an educational tool in secondary schools.

Why is this important?

We need to ensure our children are educated about this difficult and sensitive subject matter.

This is not a topic that would normally be discussed at home. This needs to be changed and stamped out of our society. The only way is to educate our children. Make them aware that this is not acceptable behaviour and what pitfalls to look out for. To advise them of the options that are available to them.  to sign the petition please click the link below.


If you haven’t seen Three girls, you can watch it if you click the following links,



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