Catching up again, The pox visited the house!!

So last week, Tuesday to be exact, Alex came home from school and getting changed we noticed he had two spots on him, we decided they were gnat bites as he had been out the evening before.  
Fast forward to Wednesday morning.  The kid has more spots, and by more, I mean covered in them.  and each and every day up until two days ago, more new spots were appearing.  His timing was impeccable, he has had chicken pox all over the half term so obviously, we haven’t been able to go out anywhere.   Typical because the weather has been lovely,  thankfully now he is scabbed up and able to go out, just in time for going back to school on Monday. 

PicMonkey Collage

I have also spent some time back in Facebook jail,  hands up I was kinda guilty this time, I’m admin on a kind of horror/crime/gore group and all admin and the group got reported by some delicate little snowflake, we have only just got the group opened again as FB disabled it while they reviewed it but we were all on an FB ban for 24hrs while they did it only this time they even blocked us from pm’s, which as always is a killer when I can’t even rabbit to friends that way 😆 

Today I have had my hair cut off…… well cut short….  I have posted before probably many times, how much I hate going to hairdressers. but when it’s an offer I couldn’t refuse, I went, plus I had made such a mess of cutting it myself last time lol 10 inches cut off and it is bliss, so much cooler, 

Other than spotty kid,  house under quarantine, being thrown in virtual jail and losing most of my hair….  that is about it for this catch-up