Back to school, roll on summer holidays 

This morning  boys went back to school after half term, Alex’s spots are going slowly, he looks like a kid with acne now.

This is the term that seems to be the busiest, Alex has exams, athletics, his football, not to mention a busy social life like every other 13 yr old.

Ali has swimming lessons twice a week at school, plus he is signed up for minecraft club, then it will be leavers assembly, leavers lunch and leavers dance, hard to believe that my baby will be starting senior school in September 😢 

We have both decided to stop smoking AGAIN after having started again when my dad was in hospital before he passed away, so now we are going on Champix to help us give up, we are on day three now,

We have our spider club committee meeting on Wednesday, I have just found out that our meeting place is shut for a refurb so we need to have a change of plan and find another pub  😂 

Those that know me know, that I love having the kids home for the holidays but this time around I don’t feel like we have had a break, we haven’t been able to go anywhere with Alex being ill,  so I am really looking forward to the summer holidays and taking the boys away for our mini holiday.