About Me If you really wanna know!)

You could describe me as A bored housewife with time on her hands, a foul mouth and an opinion on everything.

I have no time for pettiness or cruelty – unless it’s very, very funny. I am an observer of life, and I will share those observations with you.

This blog means that at least someone ‘listens’. It includes snapshots of my life, my observations of life and the rantings of a manic, opinionated, screaming woman.

I confess to a secret yearning for a time when women wore silk and satin and men were men

I’m a married mother of five and an Unmarried Mother of two. 😆

To make things easier to understand I was/am Married but not to the person I live with

(complicated but I may explain one day)..

I Had 5 Children with my Husband who I lived with for 16 years and after a very nasty separation  I Dont  get to see them any more 😦

(However I’m hoping that one day things will change)

I now live with my partner Allan

and our two lovely boys Alex born 2003  and Ali born 2006  who really are my reason for being here :)

I Also have two teenage stepdaughters Amber and Tammy *Allan’s Girls* Ahh Teenage hormones nothing like them to keep you amused at times.

We have a bearded Dragon called ZZ (Bearded/ZZ Top/Beards… Get it?)

A corn snake called Sid (hissing Sid… I guess you have to be old enough to understand that one)

we now have two other babycorn snakes added to the family August 2011  they are called mork and Mindy

and have taken in a rescue corn snake Honey, She is five years old and a darling

And we have a hamster called Gwen (now renamed Isabella formerly known as Gwen as Ali has now changed her name )
She was Ali’s 5th Birthday present so has been with us since July1st 2011

A dog called Teal’c (named after Teal’c of Chulak from Stargate SG-1)

And last but not least (ATM) A tank or two  full of fish!

I need somewhere that I can write down thoughts and happenings and events in the course of a day/week /year/life

So here it is…My Blog

I’m hoping it’ll help me clear my head of all that is floating around in it  good and bad, and as you all know it does help to write stuff down.

if it entertains others while allowing me to vent, then nothing could be better.
And yes I intend to vent a lot…
This may be the only place I can actually Rant and open up at times.

I’m a firm believer in laughter is the best medicine. However my sense of Humour is not for everyone..

If I offend you then the answer is simple do not read on because I’m not changing for anyone.

Update August 2013:
We no longer have the hamster with us as she was actually eaten by a snake that we were looking after…   I did blog about that.. which if you look hard enough you would find, So pet total now is… Teal’c…. oh and another Mutt called Molly but she is known as Moo Bags… (don’t ask)   One tank of fish  at the moment, 5 snakes, and three spiders… all of which are under lock and key so no chance of escaping… that’s snakes and spiders… we also have some
stick insects….. 🙂 

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