Meet the Pets!

September 7th 2010

we have new additions to the family now. we have teal’c the ugly dog lol and SSSsssssssssssssid!!  The snake  Sid was five months old when we got him a couple of weeks ago and was 17 inches long but today he is 18 and a half inches long..  3/4 of an inch a week and you should see the size of the pinkies he shoves down his throat.  Teal’c is described in one word  STUPID lol

We got Teal’c when he was 12 weeks old from an animal rescue centre called Foal Farm at biggin Hill he was named hino but with the gold markings on his forehead of his brindle brown body he looked just like Teal’c from SG1 (star gate programme ) He cost us £160 but that included all his jabs and the neutering which we had to take him back for when he was 7 months old.

we no longer have iggy with us he was rehomed as he got really vicious with the boys.. I love my reptiles but I love my children more…. so now we have tropical fish, a bearded dragon, a dog and a snake,  I want to get a water dragon when i can, we have the viv its just a matter of finding somewhere to put it… hoo hummm….


May 14th 2009

Mental note mind fingers when hand feeding an iguana lol he missed the grape and got two of my fingers… not a bit as such but enough to draw enough blood and warrant a load of plasters until i can find something better…

my fault the grape was slippy and as i was giving it to him it slipped out my fingers…..

We have tanks and tanks of Tropical fish and we also keep reptiles

May4th  collected Iggy today he’s a handsome chap and seems to have settled in very well..


The Fish

2 05 2009

we have numerous fish tanks ranging from 6ft by 5 ft with the stand right down to a diddy tank which is the hospital tank,   we have both tropical and marine fish, although we have had major problems with the marine tank after buying an infected fish, even though it was quarantined when we first got it and separated for a month it showed no sign of illness so i thought it was safe to put in the main tank, big mistake, we have lost over 10 fish now,  using all the medications suggested but i have to admit should we lose the lot, I’m not going to rush out and get any more marine fish for a while, very pretty but hard work as its a lot of water testing etc.  and the novelty has worn off with the boys now as their new Nemo killed the other fish lol

naughty nemo

ZZ my first Beardie

1 05 2009

We got ZZ last April he was so tiny he could fit in the palm of your hand, He went through his adolecent stage of nipping but is now soft as soap, infact he thinks he is a kid, when the boys go up to the viv he jumps up to see them, running up and down following them, and in the morning he will scratch at the glass until someone goes and says hello to him, at the moment he is shedding, which makes him very itchy and sulky, he is so funny to watch as he begs to be let out so you can scratch him, and if he is sitting on Alex’s shoulder he will keep nudging Alex to stroke him


ZZ as he is now


ZZ well my baby has grown, he is adorable, and has such a personality, to be honest when we first decided to get reptiles i wasn’t sure… i thought they would be boring but each one has its own little personality.  ZZ we have found out now is blind in one eye.. caused by an infection he had when we got him, but he manages fine apart from when it comes to hunting crickets he seems to have no depth perception so misses them completely when they are running around the viv… So he is hand fed them which makes him even tamer than most beardies. we when i say hand fed i mean by reptile tongs. and by Allan, i don’t do bugs……. when it comes to the meal worm’s, crickets and any other bug like creature that is down to Allan, im in charge of the feeding when it comes to his veg and fruit, now he is older his diet mainly is veggie anyway and only about 20% bugs…

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