My Boys will Always be my Babies

Don’t get me wrong I love my boys to bits but they can certainly have their moments…… at and the moment they are both in destruct mode…

to look at them you would think butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth but that is far from the truth……… some days they are just hard work…

Alex is like a tornado going thorough the house… will go into the problems with him someday. needless to say he takes a lot of patience…. i have it his dad doesn’t but even then I have days when im glad he is in bed…. Im very protective of him

and Ali my baby is very poorly sighted, he is legally blind in one eye although he does have some sight in it  and very far sighted in the other eye…He has also now been diagnosed as Autistic so of course im very protective of him as well…. we have regular hospital visits about his eyes… the next one being next week… I’m convinced that his sight is getting better in his bad eye but time will tell. ok he will always need glasses and bless him he never takes them off he is as good as gold with them but im hoping that his sight will improve enough for him to have a normal sighted life if that makes sense.

I really must get another digital camera to take more pics of my boys … my good one got dropped and the lens cracked and the replacement i bought is rubbish….. the phone camera is not much better…

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