My Children- My Life

My Children are the love of my life…

the one thing i can be very proud of…. the one thing i did get right.

I miss my oldest five each and every day.. not an hour goes by when one of them doesn’t pop into my mind

here they are!!

(I have purposely posted pictures of when they were little this is not what they look like now)

Starting with my first….

Michael born 30th August 1984 my secret sleeping angel

His Father didn’t even know I was pregnant….


Daniel born 30th June 1985

Father was my ex husband


John & Sarah born 24th July 1986

Father was my ex husband


Andrew born 22 September  1992

Father was my ex husband

n653428151_209964_65741Hayley born 23rd October 1993

Father was my ex husband


Alex born 21st December 2003

Father My Partner Allan


Ali born 1st July 2006

Father my partner Allan


Not forgetting my two lovely step daughters

Father My Partner Allan

Amberliegh born 22 March 1993

margaret-053 Tamara born 4 October 1996

Father My partner Allan


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