It’s official, I AM OLD!!

As if feeling like death and rattling like a maracas with a number of pills I am taking isn’t bad enough, I have just gone to take a bag of rubbish out to the wheelie bin and tripped on the curb,  you give that quick look around in the hope that no one saw you go arse over tip, and instead of seeing people laughing, the guy from across the road comes running over to you, to make sure you are ok and ask’s if you think you have broken anything 😦   

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This made me laugh, Engagement ring worn by Satan herself.

Engagement ring worn by Satan herself.



As a simple, quiet, reserved and generous gentleman I began courting a young lady (who would then spawn into Satan, through witchcraft or voodoo – who knew?) who I then regrettably proposed to after seeing her for 3 years, everything was fine, we were young everything was fine, then it began, the rage, it boiled, her eyes glazed over and her head span 360 degrees on a daily basis and she spewed venomous insults toward my aching heart.

I, suffering with anxiety thought it was I that was the problem, oh no. What was the real problem was the possession of the Well Devil, a devil that dwelled in the depths of, well, wells…. self explanatory. Fast forward to the ten year mark, one day Satan awoke from its slumber and said “listen here, mere mortal… I *SATAN* (can’t use her real name for legal reasons) don’t like you” in a nutshell, so as I was about to unleash a torrent of truth upon the vile beast, Jesus appeared to me and said “listen here child, you must leave, you must go forth and become at one with your inner self. Become happy, I died for your sins, so go sinning bro!!” So, I packed my bags and left.

The end – and now I’m happy.

Serious offers only, ring is size fat and it’s 1/4 carat, gold and selling as the ring, not for the gold.

Disclaimer – although worn by Satan herself it does not possess any magical powers or any black magic. Cannot guarantee it’s 100% safe to be worn by those of faith.

I knew I was sick but pneumonia AGAIN!

Well, the doctors have confirmed, I have double pneumonia. Because I really can’t go into the hospital for a while they have agreed to let me stay at home and have put me on the highest dose of prednisone and just been given some strong antibiotics, along with everything else I am taking or inhaling. its official, I now rattle if I move. I finally got to say what I have always wanted to say to the doctors. I saw one I haven’t seen in a couple of years, ( we can see any doctor available) it went like this
Doctor: Hi Mrs S, congratulations on getting married.
I haven’t seen you in a long time,
Me: No I’ve been ill!!!!
Little things keep me amused.

Loving my latest tattoo fix on Allans birthday

As most of you know, our youngest son is autistic and I have had this drawn up for a long time but just not had the time to pop and have it done.   feeling like death but had the appointment for a long time and thought, what the hell, today, is Allans 50th  birthday and we had a committee meeting for spider club tonight so had a sneaky dinner first before the meeting, just the two of us, just a shame I felt too ill to really eat much. Image may contain: text

Oh ffs, my second ever parking ticket.

It’s sod’s law, first time out in ages as I had to kit the boys out in new uniforms. We are getting bits every payday towards Ali’s now, This month I had to get Alex a new pe kit as the school have changed it and get Ali’s ready for September making sure I get much bigger than needed so it lasts him. Anyway, I get back to the car and got this. I had overstayed the parking by 10 mins and what’s annoying is it was because the shop owner had a delivery. He did try and argue with the traffic warden but it was no good. One very expensive shopping trip. Nearly 200 for the pe kits and new ties and a parking ticket 😢😢

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