30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 30 The Final One!!

Blog 30 – A picture that you have seen that you love


I saw this picture and I have to admit I really love it…


It doesn’t matter how far and long you have travelled on the WRONG ROAD!! Because there’s always an option to TURN AROUND

30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 28

Blog 29 -A picture of  your pet or pets

ok here we go

ZZ The Bearded Dragon






Izabella formerly known as Gwen



One of the fish tanks









my beautiful Mindy with her heart shaped markings on her head


Last but not least is my beautiful Mindy who at the moment is Missing, she escaped but we are hoping to get her back by putting out food and drink but it may take months but I will not give up hope!!


30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 27

Blog 27 – A picture of you more taken approximately 5 or 6 years ago


A tough one as here are so few pictures of me around but this one was taken when I was setting up a web cam lol I know it was about 5 1/2 years ago because there is the travel cot etc in the background from when Ali was a baby 🙂


30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 25

Blog 25 – A picture that you Don’t remember being taken


I have had to hunt high and low from my pics here but there is one I found actually it was off Jo’s phone when she asked me to photoshop a picture she had taken and I noticed this was on it  and yes had I realised the picture was being taken It wouldn’t of existed 😆 I hate my photo being taken.
Actually I can see from the back ground it was taken at the riverside country park 🙂


30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 24

Blog 24 – A picture of what you did today


Im afraid I didnt do much of anything Interesting today,

The Boys are back at school tomorrow and I needed to pick Alex and Ali up a new PE bag and Alex a new school Jumper so I nipped up the town to the one shop I could get them In.

I didn’t even bother going up the rest of the town, Apart from that the day was spent making sure their pe stuff and uniform and homework was all done ready for school Tomorrow 🙂