Christmas Eve is here!!! ‘Twas the night before Christmas!!!!!!!!

For some strange reason I have two very excited little boys this morning…

Apparently its one more sleep to go what ever that means!!! 🙄  😛

I am feeling so Smug really.

All the presents were bought ages ago and even wrapped up and sorted before the boys broke up from school

Apart from the Yule log and the trifle now all the baking/preparation is done and today We will get that sorted along with cooking the Turkey,

I think I have gone way overboard this christmas.  We are having Turkey, A joint of Beef and a Joint of Pork Tomorrow for Christmas dinner.
I am so looking forward to it, Spending time with Family and Friends.
Of course there will be moments in the day when I will think of absent friends and family and no doubt there will be tears in private but I am determined to make this the best christmas ever for my boys.
The black cloud has lifted and oh boy will it be sunny in this house!!
I think even Baaa Humbug Allan is looking forward to tomorrow, I know he has loved all the food preparation over the last week or so and helping out… Actually its quite funny really, He is the chef but its me doing everything,  Ok he made me some more pastry for the mince pies and he did he rolling for the Kransekake 😀

It’s just a matter now of sitting back and letting the festivities commence… Today Allan’s dad Arthur is supposed to be coming round,
It looks like Christmas is really upon us.

Here is to absent friends and family, to the people we love the most but who are not with us , They will always be in our hearts.


30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 10

Blog10 – A picture of what you like to do

erm.. If I posted a picture of what I like to do it would be classed as X rated and obscene,

I like to rant, I like to joke, I like to drink (in moderation of course Hic!! ) 🙄

ok In line with attempting to be the Obvious Domestic Goddess that I’m not, I like to Cook and I like to  Bake!!

I’m not one of those neat and pretty as a picture bakers.. I’m one of those who cares what it looks like as long as it tastes good type of bakers!!

banoffee pie

chocolate eclairs

coffee and walnut cake

Strawberry Cake


Salmon and Jacket Spud


30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 9

Blog09 – A recent picture of you (by recent within the last 4 months)

Ok this was taken the morning after the night before… In other-words  the 11th November 2011 after My Birthday meal, oh and a box of wine and a few other drinks… and very very little sleep hence the pin hole eyes, Messy hair and I think I can even detect a smudge of make-up still around the eyes that never got washed off properly
OMG I am so Fat!!  😆  And the fact that I’m not very good at taking pics of myself 😛

30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 3

Blog 03 – A picture of your favourite drink

Now I’m assuming we are talking Alcohol Here!!

Ok while I am very partial to a glass of Medium Dry White Wine and it is the drink I have most Often, especially in the kitchen while I’m Cooking.   I have to say That I’m also partial to a Pint or Bitter, Or Larger, My tipple can also be Vodka and Orange… (just ask anyone who was at my  40th Birthday lol no seriously you will have to ask them because I cant remember it 😆 )

Oh and I’m Rather Partial to a G & T on a hot summers day!!

I have been known to knock back a few cocktails and shots as well, We have quite and extensive booze collection now.. I would if I had the space have a lovely Bar in the house..  Not quite as tacky as the 70’s only fools and horses but something more refined lol 
I am not an alcoholic by any means, Dont get me wrong, some times I can go ages with out a drink at all and I don’t drink to the point where I get drunk all the time, In fact I cant remember the last time I did get really drunk.. 
But I do enjoy my wine… especially on a Sunday while cooking the roast!!


School’s why do they do it to us?

I’ve had a lot of white wine. I’m sitting here with a hot Iron and no fingerprints because Irons and I don’t mix well we have a long history of hate between us.

And let’s not even talk about the introduction of alcohol into the equation. Whee!

But what’s a mum to do when she’s leaving her poor defenceless offspring in the hands of her not-so-hapless partner but drink a lot of white wine and create the best damn space/flight kind of costume imaginable. Well not so much create a costume but create the ambiance of flight.  Give their Teachers the satisfaction that I can indeed send them to school on dress up day with something connected with anything that flies, i.e. bird, aeroplane, rockets or anything spacey, i.e. alien, astronauts, planets.

Yep the School have what is called Dress up Day on the 21st of January and I am in the process (allowing for a break here) of making not only one but two  items  of clothing that will be connected with the above for the youngest male members of the family..  Boy spawn 1 and 2

Will they appreciate it… I doubt it..