My baby is growing up and will be going to senior school in September.

We went to Ali’s Senior School Induction Evening last night, Ali didn’t seem as phased as I thought he would, and I think he is secretly looking forward to going  It is official! My baby, my last born is growing up and I really don’t like it  To give you an idea of how big the school is I have outlined the grounds below, it is outstanding in Ofsted reports, has always been an excellent school, I went there myself and now both Alex and Ali will be there, as Alex started two years ago, he will be going up to yr 9 in September.
I have to confess though I do worry how Ali will cope with over 1700 pupils there, over 150 teachers, etc,  the school has a grammar stream as well, so best of both worlds,  I have been told that Ali will be given his own laptop there instead of having a scribe which is excellent, support to help with his limited sight, as for support when it comes to his autism, they are  waiting to see what help he will need and ready to put things into action at the time,  he is top of his class in all subjects, very very bright, I have no idea where he gets it from. I think his main problem will be the social interacting, he really doesn’t do people, although they understand this, they have facilities to deal with any problems that this may bring up which is a good thing. we can only wait and see now.


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Catching up again, The pox visited the house!!

So last week, Tuesday to be exact, Alex came home from school and getting changed we noticed he had two spots on him, we decided they were gnat bites as he had been out the evening before.  
Fast forward to Wednesday morning.  The kid has more spots, and by more, I mean covered in them.  and each and every day up until two days ago, more new spots were appearing.  His timing was impeccable, he has had chicken pox all over the half term so obviously, we haven’t been able to go out anywhere.   Typical because the weather has been lovely,  thankfully now he is scabbed up and able to go out, just in time for going back to school on Monday. 

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I have also spent some time back in Facebook jail,  hands up I was kinda guilty this time, I’m admin on a kind of horror/crime/gore group and all admin and the group got reported by some delicate little snowflake, we have only just got the group opened again as FB disabled it while they reviewed it but we were all on an FB ban for 24hrs while they did it only this time they even blocked us from pm’s, which as always is a killer when I can’t even rabbit to friends that way 😆 

Today I have had my hair cut off…… well cut short….  I have posted before probably many times, how much I hate going to hairdressers. but when it’s an offer I couldn’t refuse, I went, plus I had made such a mess of cutting it myself last time lol 10 inches cut off and it is bliss, so much cooler, 

Other than spotty kid,  house under quarantine, being thrown in virtual jail and losing most of my hair….  that is about it for this catch-up 

A week with uninvited visitors to the area

Last Tuesday, the green that goes through the whole estate had visitors set camp up,  as you can see in this picture. they basically took over the whole of it, En masse


Our house is right down the end opposite the yellow field of rapeseed, both boys have to walk all through the green and all the way up on their way to school, which means they would have to walk right through the whole campsite. 
Now, this is not a traveller bashing post by any means, I have to say that the ones I spoke to were polite, friendly and even apologetic for the inconvenience and when I had explained about an incident that Alex had they said they were disgusted by the behaviour of some of the others with them, I am a live and let live sort of person and I know this is their chosen way of life,  although there was a vigilante approach from the majority of the locals who were not happy with the way the animals were kept, *horses and dogs*  I admit that dogs were running loose and yes there was noise at night, and they did have their carts and horses going up and down the road late at night. so there was quite a disturbance to some, and yes as always people did feel threatened by them.  Alex was shouted at by some of the kids on his way to school, *I drove Ali half the way to school for two reasons, one because I wasn’t sure if his allergy was to something along the walk and two because he doesn’t do people and was scared to walk past them.  The council acted quickly and notice was served and they all left the site on Friday.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of mess left behind despite the council providing three big bins for them, and a council cleanup had to be done immediately after they left, you really don’t want to know what was in the bushes,

And we are not talking about dog and horse poop!! 

Although down our end of the green, there was one visitor all the kids loved. 🙂  


Anyway, Monday things will be back to normal and Ali is going to walk to school and I will be sitting at home very nervous in case I get a call to say he has been taken ill again 

They’re the new craze sweeping the playground!


Not the most technologically advanced toy we’ve ever seen in playgrounds in recent years, but the colourful items have now become must-have items in your local schools. Children are completely and utterly obsessed!

If your kids are often salivating over expensive items such as games consoles and tablets, this could be a relief, because fidget spinners cost a few quid. Bargain!

Both my boys are now proud owners of one, yes even Ali who has never really shown an interest in anything that isn’t plugged in, needs charging and connected to the wifi

As I said cheap enough and not half as annoying as the last craze Alex had of flipping bottles to land on the base……. 


Catching up after a busy week

So last week we went to Alex’s football presentation,  I baked 120 cakes, they all went, I made two trays of egg sandwiches with a hint of paprika, they all went.  I was the designated driver so Allan could have a drink as he had the last week off work,  two pints and he had, had enough, in fact, he left the majority of his second pint grrrrrrrrrrr 😡 😡
If I had known he was going to be a lightweight he could have driven because with it being two years since dad passed and being busy baking, making sandwiches etc I could certainly have had a drink, oh well I made up for it once we were home and had a couple of G&T’s 🙄 😯 anyway it was a lovely evening and as always Alex made us very proud. 😀

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The rest of the last week we have been having a major declutter. and I mean major, we went through our bedroom, sorted stuff into piles, of either put away, get rid of or put in the loft, or give away,   we gave away the cot bed and all the baby related bits, such as clothes, walkers, travel cot, potty, you name it, that we had for when we had the adopted granddaughters ie, Shelby, Shannon and Georgia, stay over and then when Darren our grandson was born all the stuff we had for him.  all passed on via the free groups on facebook,  we even had bought a new cot bed mattress after the girls for Darren but it was never used as he was still in the travel cot when we last had him sleep over.   

We even had a declutter of the front room getting rid of a nest of tables that were taking up room, sorting the boxes of wedding stuff that was left over that I hadn’t sold, into another two piles of to keep and put in the loft. or give away on the free groups, the junk that was for some reason kept by Allan as it may have a use and a broken coffee table went on the front garden with the old desk, a chair, a ripped PC chair, and one of my year old kitchen hydraulic kitchen stools that Alex had used and that had broken , 😡 that was in Alex’s room along with all the black sacks from the boys room of old toys, ripped books and very old and tatty stuffed toys that Ali could finally part with.  oh and the packing from the new tumble dryer I had to buy a few weeks ago.  needless to say, the front garden was piled high with junk and rubbish, and next door was starting to moan,   😳 The original plan was Allan was going to take it to the tip on Friday but despite him being on holiday he was called in, the same for today and tomorrow. so yesterday while he was at work Alex and I broke everything up,  we filled the car with the 15 bags of rubbish first, and the second tip run we took all the bits of wood and broken furniture.  This evening, before Allan gets in, the plan is to get as much as possible up in the loft, well get Alex to put as much as possible in the loft. 

This week, well until payday on the 18th we are skint after direct debits and bills are paid, so I am trying to use as much as possible out of the freezer so some of our dinners will be a little funky, to say the least, sometimes there are a few bits of everything but not enough for all so I will be mixing it up a bit and there will be no trips out for the boys in their second week of the Easter holidays, not that they actually want to go anywhere.  maybe if Allan gets a day off we can go to the country park for a walk if the lovely weather holds out.  it’s like a lovely summers day out there today and tomorrow promises to be even warmer hitting 21°


How did I manage to get so much done in the last week, it’s simple,  my FB jail term was extended to 7 days 😡 for trying to comment on something when I thought my 3-day ban was up, now the only thing worst than not having internet access to get on facebook is to actually be able to see and read everything but not being able to comment, like or post,  hence actually getting on with things in the house 😆 although If I am honest, I could do with a 30 day ban to get this place sorted right out and do a major spring clean 🙄  😕 😆 😆 

Things are slowly getting back to normal, whatever normal is.

As I said things are slowly getting back to normal,  Allan went off to cub camp last weekend with Ali, the pair of the had a great time, I’m never sure who is the biggest kid.

Ali at cub camp

Ali at cub camp

As I had been stuck indoors all weekend and the boys were on half term this week I decided we needed to go out or should I say I needed to go out, so we had a few day trips. 

we took the boys and one of their friend Joe to leysdown the local seaside resort about ten mins drive away if you don't get stuck in traffic getting on the island.

we took the boys and one of their friend Joe to leysdown,  the local seaside resort about ten mins drive away if you don’t get stuck in traffic getting on the island.

Wednesday was our invicta arachnid meeting where we had a great talk by hazel from wildwood which is a nature park, the talk was on the dormouse and she brought one to show us. oh and we cleaned out in the raffle, we won £10 and this bag of goodies, not bad for £3 worth of tickets.

Wednesday was our Invicta arachnid meeting where we had a great talk by hazel from wildwood which is a nature park, the talk was on the dormouse and she brought one to show us. oh and we cleaned out in the raffle, we won £10 and this bag of goodies, not bad for £3 worth of tickets.

Thursday we decided we would take the kids to wildwood as we have a season ticket, so we took the boys, and their friend Josh and Shelby with us.

Thursday we decided we would take the kids to wildwood as we have a season ticket, so we took the boys, and their friend Josh and Shelby with us.

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we also took the boys with their friends to the local park, one day.  and below that are some pictures of my handsome grandson 🙂


We had a lovely meal out at the local pub which is only a few mins crawl I mean walk home 🙂

All in all it has been a really nice relaxing week,  it really does make a change getting out and about again after not being able to go anywhere because of going back and forth to the hospital or clearing my dads flat or not being mobile because of my broken foot.  
I have an appointment at the fracture clinic Tuesday and I am hoping they say I can take the air cast boot off officially, to be honest I have stopped wearing it indoors as I would rather put up with the slight pain then be clumping around with it, and I have never worn it at bedtime.  

It’s now 3.36am Friday night/ Saturday morning, I have Darren my grandson here for the night as I babysit him most weekends and we are planning on going to a boot fair in the morning/later on so I had better try and get a couple of hours sleep.  

I will sign off with a couple of silly pictures,  one when I was cutting Ali’s hair and decided to take a picture before I shaved the last bit off, like you do and a picture I found on my phone which Alex had taken of himself being silly 

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Something has gone right for a change.

One of the things I forgot to mention on catch up was the fact that we hadn’t got our choice for Alex’s senior school. In fact, we hadn’t got 2nd or 3rd choice either. I had immediately put in an appeal and put his name on the waiting list for the school we wanted which apart from being a good school with a grammar stream is also the closest to our house and to the boys primary school. The school he had been allocated was nearly 4 miles safe walk away from us. This meant we would not physically be able to get both boys to school on time without one waiting around for an hour and the same for after school. Thankfully we spoke to the boys head and Alex’s teacher and both were more than happy to give us a letter to support our appeal. Well, I got the phone call about an hour ago telling me that the school we wanted were happy to offer Alex a place in September and we had won our appeal without the need for a formal interview. Relieved doesn’t begin to explain how I feel.  Hopefully, things are starting to look up for us now.