They’re the new craze sweeping the playground!


Not the most technologically advanced toy we’ve ever seen in playgrounds in recent years, but the colourful items have now become must-have items in your local schools. Children are completely and utterly obsessed!

If your kids are often salivating over expensive items such as games consoles and tablets, this could be a relief, because fidget spinners cost a few quid. Bargain!

Both my boys are now proud owners of one, yes even Ali who has never really shown an interest in anything that isn’t plugged in, needs charging and connected to the wifi

As I said cheap enough and not half as annoying as the last craze Alex had of flipping bottles to land on the base……. 


Catching up after a busy week

So last week we went to Alex’s football presentation,  I baked 120 cakes, they all went, I made two trays of egg sandwiches with a hint of paprika, they all went.  I was the designated driver so Allan could have a drink as he had the last week off work,  two pints and he had, had enough, in fact, he left the majority of his second pint grrrrrrrrrrr 😡 😡
If I had known he was going to be a lightweight he could have driven because with it being two years since dad passed and being busy baking, making sandwiches etc I could certainly have had a drink, oh well I made up for it once we were home and had a couple of G&T’s 🙄 😯 anyway it was a lovely evening and as always Alex made us very proud. 😀

PicMonkey Collage

The rest of the last week we have been having a major declutter. and I mean major, we went through our bedroom, sorted stuff into piles, of either put away, get rid of or put in the loft, or give away,   we gave away the cot bed and all the baby related bits, such as clothes, walkers, travel cot, potty, you name it, that we had for when we had the adopted granddaughters ie, Shelby, Shannon and Georgia, stay over and then when Darren our grandson was born all the stuff we had for him.  all passed on via the free groups on facebook,  we even had bought a new cot bed mattress after the girls for Darren but it was never used as he was still in the travel cot when we last had him sleep over.   

We even had a declutter of the front room getting rid of a nest of tables that were taking up room, sorting the boxes of wedding stuff that was left over that I hadn’t sold, into another two piles of to keep and put in the loft. or give away on the free groups, the junk that was for some reason kept by Allan as it may have a use and a broken coffee table went on the front garden with the old desk, a chair, a ripped PC chair, and one of my year old kitchen hydraulic kitchen stools that Alex had used and that had broken , 😡 that was in Alex’s room along with all the black sacks from the boys room of old toys, ripped books and very old and tatty stuffed toys that Ali could finally part with.  oh and the packing from the new tumble dryer I had to buy a few weeks ago.  needless to say, the front garden was piled high with junk and rubbish, and next door was starting to moan,   😳 The original plan was Allan was going to take it to the tip on Friday but despite him being on holiday he was called in, the same for today and tomorrow. so yesterday while he was at work Alex and I broke everything up,  we filled the car with the 15 bags of rubbish first, and the second tip run we took all the bits of wood and broken furniture.  This evening, before Allan gets in, the plan is to get as much as possible up in the loft, well get Alex to put as much as possible in the loft. 

This week, well until payday on the 18th we are skint after direct debits and bills are paid, so I am trying to use as much as possible out of the freezer so some of our dinners will be a little funky, to say the least, sometimes there are a few bits of everything but not enough for all so I will be mixing it up a bit and there will be no trips out for the boys in their second week of the Easter holidays, not that they actually want to go anywhere.  maybe if Allan gets a day off we can go to the country park for a walk if the lovely weather holds out.  it’s like a lovely summers day out there today and tomorrow promises to be even warmer hitting 21°


How did I manage to get so much done in the last week, it’s simple,  my FB jail term was extended to 7 days 😡 for trying to comment on something when I thought my 3-day ban was up, now the only thing worst than not having internet access to get on facebook is to actually be able to see and read everything but not being able to comment, like or post,  hence actually getting on with things in the house 😆 although If I am honest, I could do with a 30 day ban to get this place sorted right out and do a major spring clean 🙄  😕 😆 😆 

Things are slowly getting back to normal, whatever normal is.

As I said things are slowly getting back to normal,  Allan went off to cub camp last weekend with Ali, the pair of the had a great time, I’m never sure who is the biggest kid.

Ali at cub camp

Ali at cub camp

As I had been stuck indoors all weekend and the boys were on half term this week I decided we needed to go out or should I say I needed to go out, so we had a few day trips. 

we took the boys and one of their friend Joe to leysdown the local seaside resort about ten mins drive away if you don't get stuck in traffic getting on the island.

we took the boys and one of their friend Joe to leysdown,  the local seaside resort about ten mins drive away if you don’t get stuck in traffic getting on the island.

Wednesday was our invicta arachnid meeting where we had a great talk by hazel from wildwood which is a nature park, the talk was on the dormouse and she brought one to show us. oh and we cleaned out in the raffle, we won £10 and this bag of goodies, not bad for £3 worth of tickets.

Wednesday was our Invicta arachnid meeting where we had a great talk by hazel from wildwood which is a nature park, the talk was on the dormouse and she brought one to show us. oh and we cleaned out in the raffle, we won £10 and this bag of goodies, not bad for £3 worth of tickets.

Thursday we decided we would take the kids to wildwood as we have a season ticket, so we took the boys, and their friend Josh and Shelby with us.

Thursday we decided we would take the kids to wildwood as we have a season ticket, so we took the boys, and their friend Josh and Shelby with us.

PicMonkey Collage 4
we also took the boys with their friends to the local park, one day.  and below that are some pictures of my handsome grandson 🙂


We had a lovely meal out at the local pub which is only a few mins crawl I mean walk home 🙂

All in all it has been a really nice relaxing week,  it really does make a change getting out and about again after not being able to go anywhere because of going back and forth to the hospital or clearing my dads flat or not being mobile because of my broken foot.  
I have an appointment at the fracture clinic Tuesday and I am hoping they say I can take the air cast boot off officially, to be honest I have stopped wearing it indoors as I would rather put up with the slight pain then be clumping around with it, and I have never worn it at bedtime.  

It’s now 3.36am Friday night/ Saturday morning, I have Darren my grandson here for the night as I babysit him most weekends and we are planning on going to a boot fair in the morning/later on so I had better try and get a couple of hours sleep.  

I will sign off with a couple of silly pictures,  one when I was cutting Ali’s hair and decided to take a picture before I shaved the last bit off, like you do and a picture I found on my phone which Alex had taken of himself being silly 

PicMonkey Collage 2

Something has gone right for a change.

One of the things I forgot to mention on catch up was the fact that we hadn’t got our choice for Alex’s senior school. In fact, we hadn’t got 2nd or 3rd choice either. I had immediately put in an appeal and put his name on the waiting list for the school we wanted which apart from being a good school with a grammar stream is also the closest to our house and to the boys primary school. The school he had been allocated was nearly 4 miles safe walk away from us. This meant we would not physically be able to get both boys to school on time without one waiting around for an hour and the same for after school. Thankfully we spoke to the boys head and Alex’s teacher and both were more than happy to give us a letter to support our appeal. Well, I got the phone call about an hour ago telling me that the school we wanted were happy to offer Alex a place in September and we had won our appeal without the need for a formal interview. Relieved doesn’t begin to explain how I feel.  Hopefully, things are starting to look up for us now.

A devastating day

So much has happened since I last posted and I have been both busy and lazy. I have had highs and lows and maybe I will be able to do a full update sooner or later but Today I had to make to most difficult decision I have ever made in my life and say my final goodbye to the only man who has stood by me through thick and thin, who I admit in my younger years, I have probably put through hell and back quite a few times, but he has always been there to pick up the piece’s no matter what mistakes I made or trouble I got into.  He in turn has driven me to distraction at times, but that has never stopped me loving him. He has been the best granddad the boys could ever have asked for and loved my step daughter’s Amberleigh and Tammy as much as his own grandchildren. He was so pleased to become a great granddad to Ambers little boy Darren born on New Year’s day this year, and I’m so thankful he got to meet him. My dad has worn my mum’s wedding ring around his neck since she passed away 10 years ago and now they are finally together again. I don’t know how I would have got through today without the help of good friends lovely messages and thanks to  Michael Wass and Vampette Caz Smith who looked after the boys today while we went to the hospital, and the support from my better half,  Allan who was with me holding my hand as we sat with my dad while he slipped away to join my mum. Thanks to everyone who has offered support and sympathy you are the best and I love you all. Dad we are going to miss you but I couldn’t bare to see you in pain for any longer. I will always love you.

A Five Minute walk to Milton and a step back in time.

I have lived surrounding Milton Regis on and off since we first moved to the area when I was about 7 years old..  and in the whole time I had never ever been inside the court-house…….. I have always loved Milton as a village and the look of the historic buildings.. and I admit over the years It has got rather run down but the post office and Hall were always the most majestic buildings there… The post office is no longer a post-office but the building is still there and has been for 300/400 years..


I must find out one day

I have always been fascinated by history especially local history.. I don’t think the majority of people who live near Milton appreciate the history of the village  I used to live in Periwinkle close which was named after a stream and watermill…

Anyway back to Milton High street.. There has always been the court-house there and as I said I had never been inside it……….  and by the time I thought about going it had shut to the public 😦  as was slowly going into disrepair.  Fast-forward and now there is a group of lovely people who decided that the hall was worth saving and formed Friends of Milton Regis Court Hall.  and they had an open day this weekend……….  two days the hall was open again to the public so we decided to walk there with the boys… took us a whole five mins to get there as we cut across the rec.

thisismiltonregis  005

I remember being told about the mammoth tusk by someone else years ago and was pleased to see it was still there as that is what appealed to the boys the most I think.

I have to say if I didn’t have so much going on in my life at the moment and volunteering with so many organisations I would be tempted to join the cause…   Maybe at a later date I or should I say we will become active however we will take out a family membership next time I speak to one of the friends as she also chairs on the Country Park Committee we are members of….

Anyway  the kids loved it… so did we…….  and of course I took lots of Pictures….

PicMonkey Collage

Adventure Island and a cheap day out……. well for us it was..



On Saturday we took the boys to Adventure Island, in Southend, I decided that after everything that has gone on lately the boys could do with another day out.
We usually go away to pontins the first or second weekend the boys go back to school after the summer break but due to lack of finances I could only book one trip there this year.
Now I am a tight wad I admit it… I have memberships to Wildwood, English Heritage….. Hornby…  National Trust and everything else…….  because we go lots of times and get our moneys worth.  Well we go at least once or twice a year to Adventure Island,

Ali loves rides and anything high, he has no fear, I put a lot of this down to the fact that he can’t see far so has no idea how high up he goes.. Alex is more of a wuss…  The Rage ride in Southend is one of these ones that goes straight up, dead drop, then upside down loop, a few corkscrews etc  Now Alex would never go on it before so that meant Ali couldn’t go on it as he can’t go on it on his own because one I wouldn’t let him anyway and two he would have to take his glasses off and can’t see without them more than a couple of feet in front of him and very blurry at that.   So this time I bribed Alex saying if he went on it I would get him a large slushie and a Lego figure or two … *he is mad about Lego*  So off they went……….. and the result is…….. they came off it beaming  shouting  IT’S AWESOME!!  and then went on it again and again and again..
we got there about 11am and we didn’t leave until 10.30pm  Kicking out time! 

Now in comparison to Alton towers or Chessington this is bloody good value at the best of times, because you have the rides and everything else that goes with an amusement park but The admission is free. So unlike Alton Towers and everywhere else.. I don’t need to pay to get in when I don’t go on the rides… I have done all that years ago but since I started getting back problems I can’t go on them. so kinda begrudge paying to get into places to just stand there……   And Allan doesn’t go on the rides either.
But here they use wristbands.. with three heights… and three prices.. (I will put the link at the bottom of the page)

So here we are… Now the boys are Tall so can have the blue wrist bands and go on everything..
And here is the bonus… If you buy your wrist bands on-line… they are cheaper…….   If you buy your wrist band on-line they last to the end of the year…  If you buy your wrist band in winter on-line they are cheaper still.   
So if you do what I do and order and pay for the wrist bands in January.. they last until December… which means you can go in the summer for a lot less than you would pay on-line in the summer..
Last January I got their wristbands and we went in the winter just for a break and it was bloody cold even though we had a mild winter.  but the kids still loved it..
Then when Ali got his blue peter badge we realised that he gets his wrist band for free.  Even better so now we only had one to buy… So when it was still classed as winter rates.. (last march) I ordered another wristband on line, actually they just give you a reference number..   And that’s what we used on Saturday..
Ali got in free..
Alex’s wristband cost me £18 instead of either £21 on-line or £25 on the day..
The bumper cars you pay extra for now this is £3 for the car……  or you can get an unlimited wrist band for £5  so if you know your kids are going to go on more than twice its a no brainer really.  
So having paid ages ago for Alex’s Blue band… Ali free total cost on the day was nothing really.
Fuel to get there… its only an hour away so not that far….
Food is expensive in the park but on the sea front it’s not that bad..
I also take a massive picnic with us everywhere I go, and if you look at the pushchair its laden with bags ,we took our weekend visitor Shelby with us. The Pushchair is great for putting the picnic bags on and I know it wont tip.. as its very well-balanced… It’s the one I bought for Alex when he was a baby lol So getting my moneys worth out of that as well although when I had finished with using it with Ali and it went up in the loft I didn’t think I would be using it again to be honest.. but I gave it away… it got a puncture we got it back and have kept it.. I wouldn’t part with it again now.

So there we go…   Oh I paid £8 for the rage official photo because I couldn’t get a good one but then later I had an idea I took a picture of the screens when the boys went on another ride… and erm saved myself £8

I may just take them back for the winter wonderland christmas event as well.. Oh and next time we will go to the sea life Adventure Aquarium   which if booked on-line its cheaper..  hmmmm wonder if Ali can get in free lol Must go… got an email to Sea Life  to send!

Paid £8 for this

Paid £8 for this

This is a photo of the screen of the green scream  result free lol

This is a photo of the screen of the green scream result free lol