Yay We have Snow………. At last..

I am so tired of being promised that we will get snow and then a big nothing. I like the snow. I love snow…..

I like watching it fall from the sky, and blanketing the ground, making everything so pretty. .

I have things that need to be done outside (more leaves and sticks out front).

And then what happens… no one mentions snow at all on the news and all of a sudden..
I get up this morning.. go to the shed to get some bits out and lo and behold we have snow… I can see it in the air……
The first pic was this morning and the second was on the school run the down side was by 3.30 on the school run it was all gone 😦

SAM_0023 SAM_0034



I miss the winters I had as kid. (some very old pics I found from when I was a kid of snow glorious snow)

I remember a ton of snow when I was little in Germany although I don’t remember it actually snowing . What happened to all that snow? (Shhh, I know about global warming, just let me reminisce here). I Remember snow when I was a young teen in Sittingbourne we used to enjoy sledging on the dubiously named Scratch Arse Hill – (because it was/is shaped like two bum cheeks). so when we had snow, we had major fun.

Scratch Arse Hill

Then  I moved to America living in both Ohio and Maryland where we had some major snow and I mean real snow, Moreover, it lasted,

We did not have a few hours of snow and then rain and it was gone. We had good snow, healthy snow, snow that lasted and lasted. Where is that snow?

We had the kind of snow that provided my friends and with serious income from hours and hours of shovelling paths and people’s driveways.

We had the kind of snow that required tons of extra mittens and snow boots. Snow boots!

What kids have to wear them today when it snows? No one.


I wish for a major snow episode. An old-fashioned blizzard. No more false promises. Get serious mother nature.
I know people will hate me for this… But I cant help it I love snow…

Oh and 

Shhhh I have bought the boys a new shiny red sledge each for Christmas just in case we get any more but if it comes down and stays.. then they will be getting them early and we will be up the park like a shot  …

 However, if we are not going to get anymore snow, in any amount (one inch does not count), then let us just move onto spring and bring summer on ……. I like warm and sun as well.


Rugby Vs American Football (No contest)

Last night we were watching the New England Patriots play the LA Rams at Wembley Stadium in London on Tv, it is the 6th year that American Football has come to Wembley, Now years ago when I lived in the states I used to go and watch Washington Redskins play..

(you can tell it was years ago by the very bad 110 picture quality and the fact that it was scanned from a very old negative. )

Anyway one thing that struck me last night was how boring American football had become. It’s not even the same game I used to watch 30 years ago, it’s now a Quarterbacks game and even more sissy then it was before and the quarters are dragged out even more now than they were before…. I have to say give me Rugby any day.

It’s interesting that American Football and Rugby are so similar yet so far apart in so many ways.

In the UK American Football is considered a dis-jointed affair played by biggish guys who need more padding than Joan Collins, lots of make-up (those funny stripes they paint on to look hard- ooh scary!) and no real fitness level due to the constant breaks to allow TV advertising/ stoppages/ time to redo their hair and make up, to ruin the whole game. Basically we consider them big girls blouses who need full-blown body armour… oh and they have no bum cracks, No Seriously, they have so much padding on their tush that it looks like it is one solid part of the boy, abet the tight-fitting trousers do make it look rather nice..

Now to me Rugby Union (and League) is played by super fit guys who need no real protection and who can get battered, clattered, punched and run constantly for 80 minutes with only a short break in the middle. If they bleed they beg the ref to let them carry on, they are real men, who also I must say have nice tushes, The only piece of body protecting equipment they really have is the gum guard. well they need something to keep their teeth intact because I have seen many amateur rugby players and their teeth are not the greatest. as far as the game goes itself, The team work involved is immense and it stirs real emotion to see players protecting their team mates at all costs.


So, would an American Football team beat a Rugby team at Rugby? Absolutely not, never, it’s just not possible.

So, would an American Football team beat a Rugby team at American Football? I’m guessing here but I would say it’s not likely once the rugby players have spent 5 minutes (maybe 6:)) reading up on the rules and making up a basic strategy.

I know because it happened once, when I was living in the states and a group of guys on the Embassy rugby team were chatting to a bunch of American guys and we arranged a friendly and yes the Brits whipped their Arses, at both Rugby and American football, I can’t remember the results sadly as it was many years ago…

I do remember that it cost the Americans dearly in pizza and beer on both occasions. as looser paid for the after match commiserations, celebrations,

I even took some pictures (here are some but again old pictures) and The one thing the Americans complained about the most is the fact that they couldn’t wear all their padding playing the rugby match….

And the one thing the British guys complained about the most was that they HAD to wear all the padding playing American Football.

playing in Washington DC in the capital

You have heard of video killed the radio start well I was thinking has technology killed the letter.

You have heard of video killed the radio start well I was thinking has technology killed the letter.

Alas, the love letter is no more – killed by email, Facebook, Twitter and text!

Not that I ever got any love letters 😦

I had letters from Friends when I was living in the states sent by snail mail but not what you would call a love letter as such… In someone declaring their undying love for you.

Well at least I don’t remember getting one……  😕

Throughout history young lovers have expressed their never ending love to each other via the letter… from the age of puppy love and notes passed via friends to young lovers separated and posting and receiving them… how many people remember getting a letter with SWALK written on the back. How many would understand what it actually means nowadays…

I kinda feel sorry for the younger generation now…

A hand written letter is so much more personal than a text or a quick message on facebook..

Back to normal until the next royal event .

We are halfway through the week back at school after the half term last week and the jubilee events at school the week before and at last things are getting back to normal.

Yes I am not ashamed to say I am a royalist… It took 8 years of living in America to make me appreciate having a royal family.

and the one thing I remember most was how jealous of our royal family the Americans were..  It was a form of continuity that they never had..

one of the things that really peeve me is the amount of people slating the royal family and how much they cost the tax payer.. they are totally ignorant of how much revenue they bring in to the country

oh  another thing is how many 80 and 90 yr olds do you know that work the hours they do…. yes exactly not many… The average man is now complaining because the government have now raised the age of retirement… lets see them work until the day they die.
here are a couple of good bits of info for all those who think the royal family are a drain on the countries resources


Anyway I digress
After all the celebrations of last week with the Jubilee like I said its nice to get back to normal
  I am glad that the boys got to take part in such a monumental event and I hope in later years they look back on it with a smile.. I still remember the queens silver Jubilee in 1977 when I was 14   I remember the schools handing out mugs

and I remember the street parties and special events… I even remember attending a disco and colouring my hair silver for the occasion.  (My hair was white blonde when I was born and not much darker when I was 14  Yes I know by the time I was an adult it was mousey brown but I have to confess to it now getting lighter again… Just a shame its going gray now instead of blonde :lol:) Anyway.. My mother went mad at me colouring my hair especially when It wouldn’t wash out again as I had used a permanent hair dye by mistake..

The boys have their school parties and the Fridge Magnets and certificates to look back on. They have the party up at the scouts camp-site……..  The tug of war……. the games…………. The shows on tv which they sat glued to … such as the river pageant……. the concert at the palace…….. the fly over……. (yes that really impressed them with their beloved planes)
Oh and the boys favourite part of all the celebrations  the marquee full of food that everyone had taken in…… I made a cake and some sausage rolls.
there was enough food to feed about 400 people.
and then there was the sitting outside eating it under umbrellas.

I bet they will always remember that as well. 
And At least they got some wear out of the union jack t-shirts and shorts I got them and the crowns we made as they wore them for everything as you can see from the last blog post and the pic of Ali at his school party and they will do them for the summer Thats if we ever have a summer 🙂

Allan and the boys with the Tug of War

Munching in the rain

Outside the house… the sun was in Alex’s eyes honest… he is not in tears lol

Alex playing with friends outside the Marquee


30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 15

Blog15 – A picture of Your best friend when you were young

Im assuming the question means same sex best friends.. 

ok when I was young I had quite a few but I would say my best (girl) friend

in the uk was Amanda and in Lakewood it was Mern Cassidy

Amanda aka Diddy Savage


Me and Mern


However when I lived in Washington Dc My best friends were carol and Leona. I worked with Carol and we were good friends but Leona was erm my partner in crime 🙄



Unknown left (cant remember her name lol ) Leona and Me on the right hand side..

Religion and Godparents Why Bother!!


Now this is something you wont hear me talk about much.. well the religion part anyway…

ok my parents were never much of church goer’s but were church of England I guess being abroad most of their adult lives they never went to church much.

I think my mum was more a believer than my dad…

anyway when we first arrived in the states  we went to Cleveland Ohio which in all honesty was the pits, and the state schools not good at all the only decent school that was around was a private catholic school so I went there.  I was re named as they did  with all the school kids for some strange reason and given the name Anne-Marie  which being the awkward cow I refused to answer to unless they just called me Ann… I hated going to the church before lessons every morning and of course always go a lecture of the nun (teacher) sister Mary Alain  for not going to church on the Sunday…

this went on for months until she finally realised that hey I wasn’t catholic then she understood my reluctance to take Communion and go to the confession box…

we had a long chat and from then on everything was cool  I did however find the Catholic religion very interesting and persevered to learn more about it in class..

this was in a junior high school can’t for the life of me remember the name of it now.  oh yes I remember  St Louis Elementary School They then got me an entrance exam for Hathaway Brown High school I actually passed this exam with flying colours but refused to go there, I decided it was not for me so we then came back to England for a year  as my mum hated OHIO so much I was a good excuse for here to take me back to the uk. it wasn’t even safe enough to go into the city on your own even the local park had had two murders and god knows how many muggings and this was in the posh area hence the return trip to England for my mum and myself so i went to westlands hated school but loved being back home with my friends…

sadly that only lasted for a year when my mum decided we should go back to the states to join my dad out there, he had been posted to Washington dc by then when i was due to pick a high school to go to the two best ones were both private schools again both with very high standard entrance exams.. i took the exams for both and passed both with 100% which shocked the hell out of my dad. however a friend i had made in lakewood went to the local high school which had good ratings so being the awkward cow i decided i wanted to go there……

I had a blast i didn’t learn much but my mate Cindy and i had a ball, her mum and dad were divorced and she was living with her dad but they originally came from LA and were so laid back its not true..her dad worked for a ticket place and always managed to get us tickets for all the concerts at the various stadiums it was great i must of seen hundreds of bands in concert… QUEEN  Cindy’s fav i saw 4 times  anyway i or should i say we got in with the “bad crowd” and that’s when the drug taking, smoking and drinking started on a major basis…

lets just say i was a little off the rails…  hence me bein dragged back to England again for another year this time i went back in the third year of westlands…… once i had got used to being back in the UK and settled in school I really enjoyed it again especially since i could spend time with a certain person… even when i was in the states we had always kept in contact via letters….. hey there was no such thing as the Internet then….

then the bombshell dropped  mummy dearest decided that after the year was over we would return to the states again.  the head of chancery had moved and my dad had been allocated his house so had moved.. hence getting me away from the bad crowd i had made friends with there..  then it was time to get me into the private schools,  the exams i had taken were still acceptable… but i refused to go..  I was then told jokingly by my dad if i could get a job i wouldn’t have to go to school  ha ha ha

i was 15 well i got a job… in the embassy where my dad worked i heard about the interviews for the messengers and applied… passed with flying colours and had the pleasure in telling my dad i had a job…

this he couldn’t argue with as it was at the embassy (  if fact after a couple of years working as a messenger i applied for and got a job with GCHQ communications at the embassy  )and would keep me on the straight and narrow.  lol fat chance really

I did however make a good friend there who was catholic  (bet you were wondering what all the waffle was leading to)  anyway we used to hang out at the weekends and go out on a sat night… i quite often ended up spending the night a hers and we would always go to church in the morning. this was because she wouldn’t miss it.. at  first i just went along to kill time…..

then i got interested and actually looked forward to going… because i had been confirmed when i was in junior high i could take communion…it did get to the point where i was seriously thinking about becoming a devout catholic… then one day her mum announced she had cancer..

this was a major shock to us both… church seems the only sanctuary we prayed and prayed….. all for nothing her mum died 6 months later.. then her little brother who was 7 at the time was diagnosed with leukaemia again we prayed.. now because my cousin had leukemia and had been in recession and survived i thought everything would be ok as this was the only thing i had to compare it to… this was not the case Michael passed away a year after his mum it was at this point that i put logic together…..

. I had been bad, i had been a tearaway, into drugs no church and nothing bad happened…….

I had been good, gone to church prayed like mad and two people i had become so very close to had died. both with painful lingering illnesses  this put a dent in my faith to say the least but hey i still believed even if i didn’t go to church as often…..

fast forward years and then i have my son Michael… yes  he was named after my friends brother  sadly he was still born..……. that did it… no god would take away an innocent baby…. I swore I would never step foot in a church again the day of his funeral.  and I didn’t …..for years……

I refused to get married in church I wouldn’t even have a religious ceremony at the registry office my five children with my ex were never christened.

I refused point-blank to get them done….

then when Alex was born Allan wanted to get him christened…. in fact he really wanted him to be christened.

I held off until Alex was nearly two but this was one thing that he kept going on about… so in the end i gave in…….

for three weeks before the christening we had to go to church on a Sunday…. i hated this…… but i did it for Allan.. Alex was christened  (in an arsenal kit) lol i had to be rebellious in some way. and no way was he wearing some fancy gown or suit

anyway this brings us to god parents…….

his god fathers were   Matt, Andy,(both very good friends but Matt was Allan’s choice and Andy was mine )Grant Allan’s brother in law,

his god mother’s were my mate Wendy (Allan’s ex) Estelle Allan’s sister and Debbie Allan’s sister  (yep you can guess who chose them all apart from Wendy and Andy.)

what really pisses me off is that we only see one of them on a regular basis and that’s Andy

Matt we haven’t seen for nearly two years now ok I think he had a bit of a breakdown and cut himself off from most of us,

Allan’s sisters and bil its only occasionally we see them….

and then there was Wendy…. well although we send the odd text to keep in contact i haven’t seen her for over a year now.. i know she is working though… Not exactly an excuse for not even remembering his Birthday though.

As for Ali being christened….. well i’ve avoided it so far but Allan keeps bringing it up… Ali is three this July  hopefully Allan will let me have my way on this one… I would think about a naming ceremony but all the moment to be honest we can’t afford to have the big party and BBQ after wards that we had for Alex so no point in my mentioning this to Allan.

  1. Me holding Alex at his christening

so to put a fine point on it… no im not religious not anymore, I don’t condone religion I just don’t practice it in church anymore.