1. Some of us have given up on social skills and don’t care what we say or do.

2. We’re not afraid to have A serious “meltdown” of our own.

3. We are tired and all the patience we have is for our kids.

4. We have a far shorter fuse for nonsense as a result of our responsibilities but A FAR thicker skin.

5. We can get you in a hold/lockdown position in less than 3.5 secs.

6. We can shoot you a look that would make a linebacker tremble in his boots.

7. Chances are it’s been awhile since we’ve had a full night of sleep and that will give us a reason to plead insanity.

8. Our tolerance and patience is for our kids who didn’t choose to have special needs, not for someone who CHOOSES to behave inappropriately and is ABLE to control their actions.

9. We’re probably already on edge and it would be stupid to push us over.

10. We are sleep deprived and already defensive, and we spend all of our patience on our children, doctors, therapists, social workers and teachers, why would we waste an ounce of it on a total stranger?

11. We’ve had to fight from the moment of our child’s birth so by the time you piss us off we’re seasoned battlers and could win a war.

12. We devote our lives to our children and don’t need more stress and people who don’t understand our life.

13. Wherever there is a cub, there is a mama bear or papa bear…We’re always watching.


Autism Night Before Christmas:

Twas the Night Before Christmas And all through the house.

The creatures were stirring Yes, even the mouse We tried melatonin And gave a hot bath But the holiday jitters They always distract The children were finally All nestled in bed When nightmares of terror Ran through my OWN head

Did I get the right gift The right colour And style Would there be a tantrum Or even, maybe, a smile? Our relatives come But they don’t understand The pleasure he gets Just from flapping his hands. “He needs discipline,” they say “Just a well-needed smack, You must learn to parent…”

And on goes the attack We smile and nod Because we know deep inside The argument is moot Let them all take a side We know what it’s like To live with the spectrum The struggles and triumphs Achievements, regressions… But what they don’t know And what they don’t see Is the joy that we feel Over simplicity He said “hello” He ate something green! He told his first lie! He did not cause a scene! He peed on the potty Who cares if he’s ten,

He stopped saying the same thing Again and again! Others don’t realize Just how we can cope How we bravely hang on At the end of our rope But what they don’t see Is the joy we can’t hide When our children with autism Make the tiniest stride We may look at others Without the problems we face With jealousy, hatred Or even distaste, But what they don’t know Nor sometimes do we Is that children with autism Bring simplicity.

We don’t get excited Over expensive things We jump for joy With the progress work brings Children with autism Try hard every day That they make us proud More than words can say. They work even harder Than you or I To achieve something small To reach a star in the sky So to those who don’t get it Or can’t get a clue Take a walk in my shoes And I’ll assure you That even 10 minutes Into the walk You’ll look at me With respect, even shock. You will realize What it is I go through And the next time you judge I can assure you That you won’t say a thing You’ll be quiet and learn, Like the years that I did When the tables were turned…….

Author Unknown



I have found the perfect soft toy for Ali

Every now and then you come across something that catches your eye and you sit there and think “you gotta be kidding” because you can’t believe anything like it was actually made, marketed and is wildly successful, but rarely you come across something that is all those things, and I’m going to tell you about it, when I stop crying and scratching my head.


Let me now introduce you now to Pee & Poo,
Not that you haven’t met before, but probably not in this way. Created by Swedish designer Emma Megitt as a college project, Pee & Poo became so amazingly popular that they have t-shirts and stuffed… no, not animals, (let’s just call them number one and number two, shall we?) better yet, t-shirts and plush pals were created to… um, cuddle with? They are meant to address body functions in an open and playful manner and have been an instant hit with kids and adults alike. Seriously?


Okay, I suppose they can be used for toilet training, or for adults who enjoy a little “potty” humour, ok what kid would actually really want one of these stuffed……erm toys you say..

Well the answer is MY KID.

Seriously as soon as I saw them I know Ali would love them  remember he doesn’t do toys but loves soft stuffed toys  , I saw these posted on the internet as just as stuffed poo and had to google and google until I found out where they came from (please no comments I didn’t mean like that) .. I mean where you buy it from . Anyway I posted the link on Facebook and straight away a close friend of mine said that would be right up her sons street……. and then my sister-in-law said her son would like it..

three other friends who I know via a Facebook group contacted me, all asking if I could find out a local stockist… yep their kids would love it to…. What is the common denominator between all these kids apart from the fact that they are a little strange because we know they would love the pee & poo soft toys… The fact that All are Autistic in some way… How weird is that… Anyway I found somewhere I can get them.. of eBay… (you gotta love that place)
so I have ordered a set and that’s another stocking filler put away for Christmas 2013 for Ali 🙂

Who has taken my kids and left these strangers in their place?

I hope to have my real son back soon, and that the changeling who looks like him (who has been hanging around for the last month or so making life miserable – mostly for himself!) disappears forever

Seriously Alex is 8 going on 16…  Wants to be treated like a teenager and at the moment is acting like an obnoxious teenager , He who has gone from a perfect student to a why should I bother learning type of student.
Everything is a battle at the moment.. there used to be a time when he loved doing home learning, loved writing. loved maths … Not at the moment… He hates everything.
I know the school is working them hard at the moment and they are doing their SAT’s and that is probably stressing him out but I think this summer break cant come soon enough.. 

I have been good so far I promise… In that he is still alive despite the urge to kill him at times.

And then we have Ali who is how can I describe him Ali, I have never known so many good days… Honest its like having another child in the house……….
the monster within seems to have gone on holiday…… And left behind a nice Ali……….. An Ali who is more talkative than I have ever known him, One who is more affectionate then ever, One who is even interested in his home learning and his Julia Donaldson books…   He has chosen to do his home learning on Zog.   He had to take in something related to the book so we have made a little concertina type Zog
And he is taking it in , in his book bag in the morning.  Long may this Ali stay but I really hope we can Banish the Evil Alex soon!! 

But then I am dreading September because Where Ali has come out of himself and his shell so much I dont want a total change of routine and teacher at school to set him back… Not now he has come so far… Its like another child is now living in this house……   I want to keep this one!

Its Official Ali is well Ali still but now classed as being on the Autistic spectrum!!

We got the letter thorough the other day.. Ali has been statemented now, He is on the lower end of the Autistic spectrum, with Aspergers however he is being refereed again because of high suspicion of dyspraxia as well, We have the appointment in the summer holidays and they said everything will be sent to the school for September… I have been assured by the school that it wont effect his place at the school… And he will get any help he needs… (Although I am not entirely convinced about this as I can’t actually see what help they can offer… how do you get a child to join in team or role play when he wont even speak to the other kids…..) Although he did have his hill friends…..  Not that he spoke to them he just ran around the hill by the playground with them while we waited for Alex to come out of his class but even that has come to an end now as he has been moved into the year one class now and they no longer get out ten mins early, So we now know what class room he will be in, The wait now is what teacher he will have…. No doubt we will find out when the report cards are sent out.

I have a feeling this is the start of a long road… but at least I now know why my son is so obnoxious at times.. and why he hates kids.. toys and everything has to be done a certain way…

it’s that Smedley sperm again lol

Personally I blame the Smedley Sperm!

Took both the boys to the dentist today for their 1st dentist check up.

Yeah ok Me Bad, its one of those things I kept meaning to get around to ok lol

Plus the fact that neither of them have had any problems.

Good news is that neither need any fillings both have lovely white teeth she was especially impressed with Ali’s

in fact she is amazed at how perfect their teeth are… (dont take after me ) mind you neither eat sweets as its only cakes they like and the sugar content is cooked in not as bad apparently.. and they drink sugar free drinks and always have an neither really has fizzy unless its Coke Zero  again no sugar…

bad news is Alex has to go back next Jan as he has a couple of teeth loose at the moment to have some sort of block brace put on its nothing to do with his teeth but because his lower jaw is not in the right place.. (have to say i never noticed) and because he is a mouth breather i need to take him to the doctors and get drops to clear his nose.. I did tell her today that he is bunged up because of hayfever but hey ho.. never heard of this block brace thingy but apparently its to bring the lower jaw forward. Still best its sorted now then when he gets older.

None of my others ever had that problem, Daniel was the worst with fillings but that’s all and he loved sweets and juice.

And then to top it off we got a letter back from the doc we took Ali to today (long story will try and blog about it sometime) and Ali’s problems. Basically they think he may be on the Autism Spectrum as he has some weird  idiosyncrasies and of course is totally unsociable. he now has to go to the speech and language department  before they paediatric see’s him again.

tell me something I don’t know.. I have said loads of times I have never known a kid like him.  so Between Alex, Ali and lets face it Tammy has problems… I blame the Smedley Sperm… its the common denominator 😆