Counting down the days

Time seem’s to be flying by,  I have everything sorted, we have everything we need, but I do confess there are quite a few things to make up, like favour bags, a few decorations to put together. oh and my dress to find (it was put away in a safe place, now all I have to do is remember where that safe place is)  and steam when it is found as it’s bound to be creased now, and iron the men’s shirts, their suits are all hung up .. well I say men’s shirts, by that I mean Allan and the boys, but to be honest they are mini men. 
I think Allan is more excited than I am, to be honest.  

Whats Happening?

Well Not a lot to be honest……….. Allan has been working especially at weekends so we haven’t really been out and about much…….

Alex has got the cooking bug so at least three times a week he is cooking dinner………… 

We got the results of the Kent Test (11 plus) he took back in September….  and he passed  but has changed his mind about going to the grammar school, well we hope he has…….. I haven’t put it on the preferences for senior school choice but there again I’m not holding my breath for the school I do want him to go to as I want him to go to Westlands, Yes I know its had some bad press but at the end of the day its had excellent ofsted reports. I know the school, it has been kept up with the times and looks clean and modern in comparison to the grammar school which doesn’t look like its had a coat of paint since my oldest went there to look around.  but I have been told that westlands have an intake priority to get in..
1.  Local Authority
2. Siblings
3. Regis Manor
4. Westlands Primary
5. Maths Aptitude test….. (sadly Alex’s worst subject)
6 surrounding villages such as Iwade, and Newington
And then
7. Other areas and applicants……
And although it’s the closest senior school to us oddly we don’t fall under the catchment area… that is for Fulston Manor..
I know I have the right to appeal but I have a feeling its going to be a battle…..

We will have to wait and see now until March.

Its getting close to the end of term now and I can tell, the boys are getting tired… unfortunately we are not going to be able to go and do much over the holidays as I have to take my dad up to London to St Thomas Hospital on Monday  for  more cardio appointments…….. I’m hoping that I can go for a walk across westminster bridge and around the houses of parliament while dad is in the hospital.    Tuesday I  have to take Ali to his asthma consultant appointment at Medway hospital,  Wednesday is Alex’s doctors appointment… Thursday Ali opticians and take the old man shopping and I’m sure there was something I had to do Friday…..  Hopefully we will be able to take the boys somewhere.. or at least I will..  otherwise its going to be a very boring half term.

Other than that . Not a lot going on at the moment…….

Hate this time of year after a busy summer………… I’m busy because I’m doing my courses……. I’m now teaching on a Friday with Adults instead of children……..  So much better as I wasn’t keen on the idea of working with kids……….  Mine I tolerate…everyone else’s I can’t stand 😉 (joke) I think………….   We have stopped the cardboard collecting and to be honest there is a rather nasty atmosphere at the scouts at the moment I will go into more detail when I find out what’s going on but lets just say after we have given it our all for the last two years we are feeling rather peeved at the moment.. I have kept away and Allan just goes on a Thursday as assistant cub leader……. 

Time will tell if my theory is right………..

Can a long weekend be classed as a holiday?

If the answer is yes then I have booked a holiday for three nights in May to our usual place.

Yes I know people slag Pontins and camber sands off big time especially the accommodation but you get what you pay for..

If they pay 45 pounds for a 3 night break for 6 and go for the popular or classic  then the chalet you get is going to be pretty dire,  If you pay more and go for club accommodation then hey it’s lovely and for the last three years that is what we have done they have not long refurbished them all so I have never been able to fault anything, usually I go for the upstairs  club two bed.

One with bunk beds  in one bedroom and the other bedroom  has two single beds which  we push together and sitting room that has a sleep sofa which we don’t use  so we keep it as a sitting room with the sofa and digital tv, then of course you have the rest of the chalet which is a fitted kitchen, dinning room and sliding doors to out on the balcony, but this time I went for club ground floor, I’m hoping I have gone for the usual  sleeping arrangements in the bedrooms, but the pc froze before I could  check I do know it’s two bedrooms and sitting room so three bed altogether, I’m not sure if I booked two single beds and bunks or two sets of bunk beds  or one room with a single bed and the other bunk beds, oh well if I did we can always sleep on the bed sofa .

The good thing is the boys know their way around they have been 5 or 6 times before and as both can swim they can go to the pool on their own, which means relax time for us and there is a beautiful beach there as well which we take the metal detectors to the dunes,  Even when the weather  is  bad you can walk for  miles along the sandy beaches or stay indoors while the kids are off to the swimming pool and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

As long as I remember to take a  bottle opener and a corkscrew with us we are happy and the boys love their weekend of freedom . 

Even better is the fact that the blue cross price   price was halved for us because we were such loyal customers over the last few years so we went again for the club class
It may not be much but to us it’s a holiday .  not told the boys yet I will leave it as a surprise until we get them in the car after school when we leave straight from school to go there


25 Things Every Kid Should Do Before the Age of 10

I saw this idea posted for ten things all kids should do before ten and I thought no way there should be loads more.. My Boys spend most of their life giggling, be it together or just on their own when they are having fun.  Even Ali has done all these things ok he may not have been the greatest at them because of his sight and co-ordination but he has tried and had fun doing it.


There are things in life that all kids just need to do at some point. I’m not talking about the big things, like going to Alton towers or going on a plane on a holiday abroad or going to Euro Disney, but rather those little, everyday moments that are just full of wonder, joy, and youth.


Some of them are so simple, we don’t even note them when they happen for the first time, but years later, it’s these things we look back on as the core of our childhood. Here are 25 things all kids should do while they’re still kids, a bucket list if you will. See how many your kids have checked off as of now, and add any others you’d like to see on this list in the comments.
This is a list every one of my kids has completed at some point in their lives.. not just the boys either.. My girls have done all of these as well.


1. Lick the Beaters
2. Dance in the Rain
3. Eat a Bug
4. Play in the Mud
5. Climb a Tree
6. Climb Up a Slide

7. Have a Tea Party With Stuffed Animals
8. Roll Down a Grassy Hill
9. Cut Their Own — or a Sibling’s – Hair
10. Make Friends With an Elderly Person
11. Play With Worms
12. Care for a Pet
13. Build a Fort
14. Skip Stones
15. Plant Something & Watch It Grow
16. Go Camping
17. Skin a Knee
18. Go for a long walk in the country side.
19. Fly a Kite
20. Bury Someone in the Sand
21. Make a Snow Angel
22. Race Their Shadow
23. Laugh So Hard juice Comes Out of Their Nose
24. Eat snow, (make sure it’s not yellow 😉 )
25. Make jam from fruit they have picked.





Yes Christmas wont be cancelled after all!

The Lady from Amazon kept her word…

Everything arrived on Friday Morning, so that was good, 

All we are waiting for now is a couple of parcels from other companies.  

And then that is it… everything has been sorted for Christmas… 

I always leave the boys main present until the last because after  my older kids getting into the habit of asking for something from January to September…. me getting it and then at the last min they have changed their mind……

Not getting caught out like that again.
But November is close enough to Christmas to pick up the last few bits… So I raided the savings account..
(yes I am one of those boring people who put away for Christmas through the year)
and I went with the old man to curry’s / pc world to get the boys main present… They wanted a laptop each….
So my dad and I decided we would go half on one each for the boys…   we got quite a good deal on them as well considering .
as I wanted them to have at least 500gb  hard drive and windows 8 but still keep the price down as much as possible as they don’t need that much spec on them really… so this is what we got them in the end one of these each… 
although I think I will have to get a laptop skin for each of them otherwise we will never know whose is whose its hard enough with their tablets.

Actually its a bit of a cop out really because Alex is in year 5 and has a lot of homework that he does via the pc anyway and it wont be that long until he goes up to senior school where he will need one anyway… And Ali can use one at school in year 4 plus also he has his own Voice/ speech  Recognition Software and will also have nessy fingers which means he has to learn to touch type..  that way if he ever does lose his sight completely at least he wont be out of touch with the world.

To be honest neither of them “does Toys” they have just about most of the tech stuff they want… they got tablets last year for Christmas, they have ds’s   I was going to get Ali a 3D DS  last year until I realised that with him being legally blind in one eye he can’t actually see 3D :/ so they still had their old ones.. ok they have been repaired once or twice but Ali’s was still going strong and I have replaced Alex’s that got stolen with a second-hand one not long ago.
So I was kinda stuck on what to actually get the boys this year…
They have no more space for all the trains and coaches they have for their railway set up, they have both a massive Scalextric set and a Micro Scalextric set, Airfix models they haven’t even had time to make yet because every time we go to hornby we pick up a few in the sales  (all stacked up in Allan’s Man cave)  which reminds me my Dr who Tardis is up there as well. one day I will find time to make that.

They have Meccano galore so don’t need any more of that………  (they really are retro kids lol ) and I swore I would not get them any more knex or lego as I’m not sure my feet can take standing on any more of the damn stuff .
they must have every game like monopoly, cluedo and other ones like that…. as when they are played they are put away again on top of my wardrobe so they are in like new condition still and away from Ali when he goes into meltdown where he would just wreck it all.
In fact the train stuff. Airfix, Scalextric sets and all stuff like that stays in my room when it’s not being used.   the only tech thing they have  in their room is an old xbox original and tv and virgin plus box… everything else is kept down stairs.. and that’s how it survives Hurricane Ali when he goes into one.
So I really am at a loss on what to get them this year…
Now I know I have gone overboard in years gone by,  but seriously what can I get them just for stocking fillers to open..
I couldn’t have them only having one parcel.  what do you get for kids who have most of everything they are into….. and who don’t actually do toys?

For the last couple of years we got the boys skylanders games for the Wii last year it was the Giants one.. this year they have said they didn’t want the swap force one so that killed that idea :/ admittedly they never played it much anyway.  oh yes that reminds me I do have a couple of Wii games up in the wardrobe that I had picked up months ago but still I want to get them some other little bits……. I will have to put my thinking cap on. 

Amber is easy she has already told us what she wanted from us… a new ds as she has never had one… (which ironically took less time to get here from Hong Kong than the presents I ordered on-line from the uk)  oh and she wanted the complete box set of Buffy ..  I have got her both those and a few other bits probably more than her mother will get her if last year was anything to go by as she got nothing.. oh and nothing for her birthday for the last few years either. so I guess that’s why I kinda spoil her as well even though she is 20 and has her own money and does nothing in the house at all not even get her own washing in… but still that’s another story….
Anyway as I was saying its the boys that I am stuck on.

May get them another hot wheels set they have had quite a few in the past and liked them for a while and we don’t have brat boy coming round nowadays to break it…  (yes everyday we are thankful that Jo and Adam moved away lol ) 

I already have the other presents for various people as I have picked them up throughout the year.. (yes Vickie I have yours haha I know you will be reading this so not going to say what I have got you hahahahaha)
And now All I have to do is actually get around to wrapping everything ..  arrrgghhhh!!

so as the clock counts down……  as I type there is 43 days 23 hours and 53 minutes and  30 second to go…..


The promised update:

Ok I must start off  with the pictures of Vickie during her head shave for red nose day…  I’m not sure of the exact amount she raised…  but the just giving site says its
£432.10  although I have a feeling its a lot more than that because there were some who donated directly via her.

hair it is (pun….. get it get it get it 🙂 … going going gone……



this long?

this long?

and away we go

and away we go

I love this picture

I love this picture



Right the next thing boring news update was Easter……….. I made the boys a basket each and we took them out over the Easter holidays…

The baskets I made the boys and Amber for Easter

The baskets I made the boys and Amber for Easter

One trip was to Chatham Dockyards Medway Festival of Steam and Transport which was also showing off the set of the tv series call the midwife.

582447_10200958184181833_462610303_n 561255_10200958110619994_733955545_n 483956_10200958162421289_164924076_n 392955_10200958078299186_1932646560_n 181055_10200958112340037_1526823793_n 7156_10200958169461465_1410639723_n

On Another day out we had been to the de Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre 

16010_10201010444328304_1490891411_n 521719_10201010426127849_2069903842_n 522026_10201010413647537_890058409_n 602251_10201010438088148_1186009649_n

Obviously I didnt take this one but its hard to give you an idea of the size of the place

Obviously I didn’t take this one but its hard to give you an idea of the size of the place

We went to Hornby make and paint days a couple of times…….  the kids love it here so it’s another of the places we have an annual ticket and keep going to over and over again

FB_IMG_13515203088929239 SAM_0541 SAM_0543

We had a morning of cake decorating which was gratefully received by friends …………   Now I usually stick to butter frosting and or just Glacé icing  or Royal Icing when it comes to things like Christmas Cakes but for a change I used Fondant Icing and petal paste…..    This has now convinced me I really must do more because some are pretty dire :/

And then we had a quick trip to Pontins at Camber…….  I had it well planned I packed school uniforms with me so they would have a clean one , I collected the boys from school, we drove straight to Pontins……… spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday night there and drove back early Monday morning in time to get the boys to school… I timed it perfectly… we had them outside the school gates at 8.40 🙂
After having such rainy or cold weather….. we had a fantastic weekend it was lovely and warm and yep I got sunburnt…  I do confess we go club.. which is kinda like as close to first class as you are going to get at pontins.. with the free breakfast and bottle of wine , free electric, tv , newspapers , welcome packs blah blah blah.. I have no idea what the Popular or Classic flats are like , some of them looked quite dire…………  we stayed in one ten years ago when I was pregnant with Alex and it really was pathetic and grubby and they don’t look like they have changed much since…   Hence why we go club….
To be fair I didn’t take many pictures this time as I took loads last time we went and we are going again this year……… ok I was having fun……… I didn’t want to miss out standing behind the camera 😆
Not only that we spent 50% of the time in the pool , One slightly worrying moment when Alex ran off and went on the big inflatable Aqua Course which starts at the deep end and goes all the way to the shallow end about 3ft deep , Alex leaps on and at the first bit falls off right into the water about 7 ft deep……..  at this point I seriously wonder how good his swimming is lol but he bob’s up to the top and off he swims front crawl to the side of the pool. joins the queue and starts again only this time he completes the course and joined the queue again… over and over… I think after the 5th go he got bored with it..

the boys playing in the indoor sports hall.

the boys playing in the indoor sports hall.

The boys on the quad bike we hired  (of course we got discount with our posh club flat lol)

The boys on the quad bike we hired (of course we got discount with our posh club flat lol)

The view right from the top of the dunes..

The view right from the top of the dunes..

Doesn't everyone

Doesn’t everyone

the sea from the top of the dunes

the sea from the top of the dunes

another picture on the dunes with the windfarm in the background

another picture on the dunes with the wind farm in the background

Doesn't everyone take their laptop with them.

Doesn’t everyone take their laptop with them.

Alex in the play area

Alex in the play area

Ali in the sanded play area.. with the rather dire  commoners chalets behind him lol

Ali in the sanded play area.. with the rather dire commoners chalets behind him lol

playing on the famous sand dunes

playing on the famous sand dunes

in the evening....... three nights and they were exhausted....

in the evening……. three nights and they were exhausted….

In between All these activities as such of course Allan still does his recycle round collecting cardboard for the scouts and doing his leader training ….

here he is getting invested into the scouts as cub leader

IMAG0268 IMAG0269 IMAG0270

And last but not least yesterday we went to the District Scout Inspection, Formal Service and St George’s Day Fete  where The Sittingbourne and Milton District Scout Group had invited the Mayor to jointly inspect the Scouts with the District Commissioner, at Bexon Lane Scout Camp  All the troops were asked to wear full uniform with school /smart/ uniform trousers and school shoes or their scouting hiking boots (cleaned up of course lol)  sadly a few let us down but with a little maneuvering the *scruffy* ones were put in the middle

It was Allans first Official Duty as a Scout leader and to top the day off Alex was chosen as flag bearer  all in all a lovely day.. and the smash a plate stand that we manned afterwards went well, and to top off the day we had lovely sunshine all day despite the weather forecast.

Allan In his uniform...  I have to confess when I said I had a thing for men in uniform this wasn't quite what I had in mind.

Allan In his uniform…
I have to confess when I said I had a thing for men in uniform this wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

Alex ready with the flag strap on

Alex ready with the flag strap on

Ali killing time before the parade

Ali killing time before the parade

Alex and Ali queuing up ready to join the parade

Alex and Ali queuing up ready to join the parade

Alex with the flag and the cubs and allan trying to get them all in a straight line ready for inspection

Alex with the flag and the cubs and Allan trying to get them all in a straight line ready for inspection

Allan in his bib and tucker so to speak

Allan in his bib and tucker so to speak

the Mayor of Swale (in yellow) starting off the parade

the Mayor of Swale (in yellow) starting off the parade


And  That is it for now………….. Phew………………  Hopefully I can keep up to date in future but that’s not a promise lol

Dreaming of a tidal wave coming

I don’t often remember my dreams I think I have had about two or three I remember in the last couple of years. 

but last night I woken up by a scary dream around three in the morning.


We were at the seaside in some kind of holiday flats…

I remember vividly we were on the second floor facing a road on the other side of the road was the sea, outside the flat was patio doors which lead onto a communal balcony, the weather was beautiful that day. there was me and the boys , we were watching the sea when I noticed that it started getting a bit rough……

Then all I can do is describe it as a tidal wave appeared before us it went dark and as it got closer to the building I was the first one who saw the tidal wave at the window coming to our way so I warned the boys about it and told them to get into the back rooms, it got really dark just before the tidal wave splashed down. But for some reason, the tidal wave didn’t hit us, we were above it as it came down, the windows were splashed by the spray but the downstairs must have been totally under water and hit by it..

In the distance I saw another wave coming towards us only this time a much bigger one, We were so scared. I can still feel how scared I was leaning against the door holding it shut and the shouting at the boys to stay away..

We couldn’t do anything. All we could do then was scream and set ourselves ready for that ill-fated death just as it went that familiar dark I saw a man trying to get into our door, I felt if I opened it to him the water would come rushing in and drown us all so I kept pulling it shut sorry but my boys came first……..

The wave hit way above us but the windows held the water back… it was pitch black then after the dark and then got lighter… I could see through the window again there was nothing out there but sand on the balcony outside our door.. the waves got calmer and within a few mins the sun was shining and the sea was back to normal … all but the look of devastation around..

I remember staying in our flat for the rest of the day before we left and came out to the sea front to see the devastation of the building we were in… every balcony and room had their windows blown out except ours.. That was when I must have woken up I was in a hot sweat and lay there for about an hour afterwards… I can still remember every detail vividly ……… weird or what…..
I don’t know if it has anything to do with being ill at the moment or if something else has triggered it.