Catching up after a busy week

So last week we went to Alex’s football presentation,  I baked 120 cakes, they all went, I made two trays of egg sandwiches with a hint of paprika, they all went.  I was the designated driver so Allan could have a drink as he had the last week off work,  two pints and he had, had enough, in fact, he left the majority of his second pint grrrrrrrrrrr 😡 😡
If I had known he was going to be a lightweight he could have driven because with it being two years since dad passed and being busy baking, making sandwiches etc I could certainly have had a drink, oh well I made up for it once we were home and had a couple of G&T’s 🙄 😯 anyway it was a lovely evening and as always Alex made us very proud. 😀

PicMonkey Collage

The rest of the last week we have been having a major declutter. and I mean major, we went through our bedroom, sorted stuff into piles, of either put away, get rid of or put in the loft, or give away,   we gave away the cot bed and all the baby related bits, such as clothes, walkers, travel cot, potty, you name it, that we had for when we had the adopted granddaughters ie, Shelby, Shannon and Georgia, stay over and then when Darren our grandson was born all the stuff we had for him.  all passed on via the free groups on facebook,  we even had bought a new cot bed mattress after the girls for Darren but it was never used as he was still in the travel cot when we last had him sleep over.   

We even had a declutter of the front room getting rid of a nest of tables that were taking up room, sorting the boxes of wedding stuff that was left over that I hadn’t sold, into another two piles of to keep and put in the loft. or give away on the free groups, the junk that was for some reason kept by Allan as it may have a use and a broken coffee table went on the front garden with the old desk, a chair, a ripped PC chair, and one of my year old kitchen hydraulic kitchen stools that Alex had used and that had broken , 😡 that was in Alex’s room along with all the black sacks from the boys room of old toys, ripped books and very old and tatty stuffed toys that Ali could finally part with.  oh and the packing from the new tumble dryer I had to buy a few weeks ago.  needless to say, the front garden was piled high with junk and rubbish, and next door was starting to moan,   😳 The original plan was Allan was going to take it to the tip on Friday but despite him being on holiday he was called in, the same for today and tomorrow. so yesterday while he was at work Alex and I broke everything up,  we filled the car with the 15 bags of rubbish first, and the second tip run we took all the bits of wood and broken furniture.  This evening, before Allan gets in, the plan is to get as much as possible up in the loft, well get Alex to put as much as possible in the loft. 

This week, well until payday on the 18th we are skint after direct debits and bills are paid, so I am trying to use as much as possible out of the freezer so some of our dinners will be a little funky, to say the least, sometimes there are a few bits of everything but not enough for all so I will be mixing it up a bit and there will be no trips out for the boys in their second week of the Easter holidays, not that they actually want to go anywhere.  maybe if Allan gets a day off we can go to the country park for a walk if the lovely weather holds out.  it’s like a lovely summers day out there today and tomorrow promises to be even warmer hitting 21°


How did I manage to get so much done in the last week, it’s simple,  my FB jail term was extended to 7 days 😡 for trying to comment on something when I thought my 3-day ban was up, now the only thing worst than not having internet access to get on facebook is to actually be able to see and read everything but not being able to comment, like or post,  hence actually getting on with things in the house 😆 although If I am honest, I could do with a 30 day ban to get this place sorted right out and do a major spring clean 🙄  😕 😆 😆 

Day two of the holidays

For some reason I decided today that I would sell the fish tank in the back bedroom instead of putting it on the freebie group.  bearing in mind it was buried behind all the exercise equipment junk etc.  Anyway no sooner had I posted it then someone said they wanted it…  straight away… holy crap… panic time… Allan was going out bowls and the guy wanted to come round and get it but couldn’t get it downstairs on his own.. so thinking that was that I left it, next thing I know is I get a message on face book saying that  he had found someone to come and help him pick it up… so I run around like a mad man and get the room cleared so they could get it out..
They turned up and got it and I am £60 better off , at least I have some spending money to take away with us now.  I was starting to panic that I wouldn’t have a penny. Anyway one week and 4 days to go and we will be away..
The new bed I ordered for Amber is being delivered on Tuesday so at least there is a place to store it while we get the room ready.. Hopefully she will be in there before we go away.  We will get this house sorted one way or another lol

I have also put the little bike I bought for Alex for sale.  now if i could sell that it would really help out..

You think things cant be that bad in the back room well this is the picture of how it was this morning ok the clothes and towels around are Ambers as there was nowhere else to put them and she had just emptied the dryer.

but as you can see this room is seriously cluttered.. ok a lot of it was exercise equipment but Allan has also put other bits in there like fan’s and stuff . the fish tank is right at the back against the wall.. buried lol

here it is once I have put some bits up the loft and other bits put away.

The guy loved it and happily took the tank and stand away… Now I have a clear space for the new bed to stand while we get the tools in the cupboard.. exercise equipment moved and tumble dryer out the way so we can fix the bed together… hopefully Friday is the day when we can start putting it up…
cutting it close though before we go away..

The Summer Holidays are here!

Day 1 of the summer holidays and guess who came out of hiding… what a lovely day we have had.

Less than two weeks now before we go away for our holiday and I have to admit I cant wait I am really looking forward to it.. Just to get away from the house as its been a long time coming.

This week is going to be a nightmare.. trying to find time to do everything.. I need to get the back room cleared. and I mean cleared… I have the new bed and mattress arriving on Tuesday  I need to pick up the wardrobes from Jo.. and the room is still a junk room.  Its not helping that tomorrow  (Sunday) Allan is bowls… monday I am out shopping for some bits in Canterbury and oh guess what.. yes the bed comes Tuesday… so guess who it is going to be running around clearing the room tomorrow.   Maybe we can get a little done tonight but I’m not holding my breath.

by the end of the week that room needs to become a bedroom… that’s hopefully after we have found a new home for the huge fish tank that is in there… well whoever has it will have to be able to carry it down stairs .

In the meantime its a lovely evening.. its been hot and sunny all day… one of the nicest days so far of the non-existent summer we have had and guess what mug was indoors most of the day cooking a roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings because Allan is out tomorrow.