In the beginning: (Re-Post)

Today I decided that I would start a blog..


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Please bear with me you will have to put up with the dark text, I have always liked writing in red for some strange reason but i know it offends some and is hard to read for others so i decided that this would have to do..Please also excuse any bad spelling and grammar although i do hate it when people spell incorrectly I’m not exactly proof reading these blogs as time is going to be limited with all my other internet commitments 🙂


anyway on with the start of my blog….


Today is the start of the revamping of the front room The hall way is painted and floored now….. although there is still some gloss work to be done upstairs.


The big 6ft fish tank has been emptied and is ready to go to its new home, ive given the tank, base cupboard and top to a friend who is hopefully coming to get it tomorrow night. I really need the space..


the problem is it is so big and heavy that you cant move it once its full, which means we cant redecorate or put the new flooring down so the fish have been moved to a holding tank in the kitchen while we get rid of the huge one, and decorate.


The front room really needs doing since the central heating has been put in and the old fire place ripped out. not only have the walls got to be plastered, and the usual gloss work and papering and painting, the new laminate flooring needs laying as well. So the plan is to clear out as much clutter as possible…


Only as fast is I evict one huge item we are getting another… that will be explained at a later date.. (and No its not Allan lol)


Having spent the whole day tidying up with the exception of a trip to my sister in laws to drop off the money from an Anne Summers party Order 😉 and collecting Alex from school I feel rather peeved that he has only been in a couple of hours and already trashed the place…

Christmas Has Left the Building!


After a fun and food filled Christmas holiday with friends and family,


New years eve was spent with Allan’s family The nice normal ones on his dad’s side and not the Evil ones from the dark side…….. Ie… His Mother and Evil Sister……..


It was a great evening filled with laughter, food, and karaoke ….


Funny enough this is the first time we have been out and the boys haven’t wanted to leave early… they are loving spending time with their cousins…. I think we are really going to have to make an effort to have regular family get togethers….. They really do lack any family contact…… Ironic considering how many bothers and sisters they have… I know Alex knows he has older brothers and sisters but hasn’t actually asked about them but I can see it happening soon…….. Anyway… as I was saying… Christmas and New Years Eve and New Years Day are over now…..


The kids have a room full of rubbish and Now I need normality to prevail yet again..

As Normal as possible in this house.

I just needed the clutter and the chaos to be gone. Like that is ever going to happen but I live in hope.

Yes, the house is a mess but the kids are happy and everyone had a great time! well I hope they did.


Even though I do admit that the house was hardly like Santa’s grotto like it usually is In comparison to previous years, due to me not being well, it was quite minimalist without any big tree as I have said before….


ironically Now Christmas and New Years is over I actually feel ok, except maybe a little tired and the legs and hip are playing up but If I’m honest its the extra weight I have gained (yes I will do something about it soon)

and the cold damp weather oh and getting older that cause that.


I woke up this morning and thought Now it’s time to take the necessary steps in order to cure that Christmas Hangover of over eating, drinking and just excess of all that is good edible and yummy.

All I could think about is getting our house back in order after the craziness that was Christmas.

I just needed the clutter and the chaos to be gone. ok the Christmas Clutter and Chaos….


I did mention this to Allan and like a shot he was all for the idea……. By the afternoon there was not a decoration to be seen, Not only that everything was up in the loft again as well, Well everything but the Christmas door wreath which of course was out of sight out of mind…

But that will go in the loft up tomorrow.

I have never known him so keen to get up in the loft and put stuff up there… Usually I have to nag for weeks to get bits put away.


Problem is now I look at bare shelves and wonder what was actually there before……. Ok one shelf that is bear had a hamster cage but I’m not mentioning that incase the boys decide they want another one…

What I do have a strong compulsion to do is change the furniture about…… Now we don’t exactly have a lot of room to play with in the front room but even so I need to change things around… Years ago I was known for changing furniture around on a regular basis but with Ali the way he is I tend to leave things the way they are because he really hates change….. but the changes I have planned are small and I’m hoping that this time he wont kick off as much as he did last time I moved the front room about..


This year I want to de-clutter……… A friend is going to go up in the loft with Allan and de-clutter up there… I think even Allan is willing now to admit there is far too much junk up there…

Plus at some point we want to swap the boys and Amber’s rooms around… When the boys had the small room to sleep in and the big room was a play room and junk room and exercise room it was fine… but now Amber has the big room and the boys have to share the smallest room in the house and to be honest I don’t think that’s fair…… So the plan for future is move the boys bunk bed over and her bed in the small room… plus that way I never need to go in there as I have never known anyone make so much mess as she does.


once the kids rooms are done I want to do ours….. yes de-clutter there as well… and then we will work on downstairs……..


New Year New Start………..


I will probably be saying the same thing about moving bits around and sorting them out this time next year…….. The hoarder in me is slowly seeing the light, I so want to have a normal house like normal people instead of stuff everywhere……..


Now if Allan could be the same we would be well away…. My first treat to myself when I get the cash is some stair baskets to store bits in that end up being put on the stairs….

maybe once everything is de-cluttered we can actually get around to decorating… Of course finances allowing… because as usual, decorating and putting new carpet on the stairs etc cost money…… and with bills mounting up and the cost of everything doubling… finances are not stretching as far as they did before……

I have a feeling this year is going to be a hard year for all concerned… Especially us…..

But for now………. one day at a time…..



Minimalist christmas (Well it is for us)


I was asked today why my house is not like Santa’s grotto so I replied,

I am decorating less this year, and will enjoy it more.

That’s  bollocks really, it’s just my way of convincing myself we have to have a very minimalist Christmas this year when it comes to decorations, What I really mean is

I have little desire to take everything I own related to Christmas decorating out of the attic to stick it around the house. We have a puppy that chews anything that it can get its teeth into

and we have very little space available to put anything anywhere due to the furniture layout this year.

So I have sorted out some of the storage crates, took out ONLY what I wanted, and then that is it.

The rest is going to be packed away and stored properly and labelled after Christmas is over with but for the time being it was just put back up in the loft.. Yes that loft that Allan has promised me in Jan he will sort out and

de-clutter yes of course  you know it, It’s hoarders paradise up there …

Anyway as I was going to say, Christmas will be simply and tastefully done,

That’s if you can have tastefully done with a jubilee tree. :/  this is a close up of the balls I have on the Arthur tree

Every time the puppy goes to catch something or chew a wire I realise I made the right choice.,

Hence my decision not to put up the big tree this year..

But in a way I do miss not having the big tree up

Next year will be different of course…  The furniture will be moved about, Molly the puppy will be older and not chewing , I can live in hope can’t I?

Take my word for it The grotto will return.



Me Bad: I never find time to update ..

So here we go..

News Flash on the “grow some man” posting lol

 We now have a Magimix Food Processor… Ha Ha.. I got it from a freebie group off a lady I had given loads of bits to and was talking to her about baking and had mentioned I had broken mine and she had an old one in the back of her cupboard.. so  He has his wish… we Have a Magimix… his disappointment   its a 1980’s one but you know what.,. it works fine so Im a happy bunny haha

Alex has started Karate Lessons. To be honest he needs the discipline and the exercise and I have to admit there is something quite sexy about a man in a martial arts uniform and his instructor is no exception 😉 behave Ann you are old enough to be his mother….   Anyway the first lesson was going great and I could see Alex enjoying it even if he is a little awkward at time when it came to some of the moves.  but I have to say that Sensei Matt has got to be one of the most bravest men going… I mean who in their right mind arms a 7yr old with nunchucks  lol there was alex swinging them around and bop he knocked himself straight on the head. and Sensei came over to him  nunchucks flying everywhere from alex and the rest of the class to show him how to use them.. and you think that is bad.. last week he gave them a sword… Either a very brave man or very stupid man.

Any way we have now got his uniform and have signed our life away to the £40 a month for his lessons every wednesday 6pm to 8.15pm  and he can also go to any other lesson around they do.. but that would mean driving him all over the whole of kent.. maybe not.


My kitchen is done… I have my new cooker.. I am a very happy bunny… Now to declutter the house room by room…

Have I mentioned that we moved into this house in March 2004  well yes we started from nothing but the whole house is full of clutter..

when we moved in we bought some plastic curtain rails  not very good ones and the girls managed to snap not only the one in their room but the one on the top landing and our bedroom within a year.. from then on their room had a bamboo kind of blind.. cheap thing.. our room we had some curtains cut to fit inside the window frame and held up with netwire I kid you not  .. boys room had a new one , A blue wooden pole we put up when we decorated their room last year,  but Adam broke it in half when he came round to play about a week after it went up and it never got mended then the bits were lost. ..

Well it has only taken him 6 years to get round to it but we finally have some curtain poles and proper curtains put up in our bedroom. oh and on top of the landing. in the colour i want him to decorate so it may get him in gear to do that.. and he has finally replaced the broken pole in the boys room 🙂 GO ALLAN!!

Hence the incentive now to tidy up and really declutter all those clothes and everything in our room and the back spare room.


The New Cooker is here….. Well New to me Anyway!!

As I said in my dream kitchen post we were getting a new range cooker… ok we we’re getting a second hand, or should I say pre-owned, Pre-loved?????? Hmmmm I think I like Pre-Loved best

Anyway with the Help of Andy a very good friend, who now probably has a hernia due to the weight and lifting the cooker… Sorry Andy lol  The Cooker was collected and put in the kitchen.

The two days previous to its Arrival


As we were so paranoid she would change her mind so we didn’t want to rip the cupboard out and counter top etc until I had called her again and confirmed that she was indeed going to sell us her cooker. 


Allan was busy taking down a plate rack, taking down a cupboard that was next to the old cooker but would be in the way of the new cooker and moving it to the other side of the kitchen.

Where Cupboard was

he then had to tile the whole area behind the cooker where the cupboard had been, we couldnt match up the checker plate tiles we had on top so had to buy new ones so got red in fitting with the rest of the kitchen….

Bless him he was up until about 3am Tiling

Tiling where counter was that had the tumble dryer under it

(If I ever go off red then we are really up the creek lol)

Anyways………  Tiling done… and here we are…

Done!! nearly, just the grouting to do.
Before with Plate rack
After when Cupboard had been moved over , and is actually a lot more use now as before it was just full of junk now I can use it for plates etc..

And the finale

Drum roll please…………

Finally At Home!
I’m Spoilt for Choice

I cant get over how much bigger the kitchen looks just moving a few bits around.. I’m Loving it.

All This space.......... Yay!! Now all I need to get is a stainless cooker hood and Its done

I feel I should Name her lol  Now I wonder why I just called it a her…………….  I will have to think about this..

The Dream Kitchen is coming together at last……………. with a few bumps along the way!

When we first moved into the house the kitchen was dated, the cupboards were old and had been painted in white gloss with some grey streaks run down them… which had yellowed over the years.. Nice NOT!!

the flooring was tiles and half were missing… we managed to bodge up here and there and eventually about a year or two ago they put us a new kitchen in, I got to choose the cupboards.. Went for wood look ones, grey tiles… It was the most neutral colour I could think of  without being boring white… I chose black counters and black flooring.. and we bought terracotta paint, when it was done I loved it… I had stainless and wood to match.. I’m one of these people who likes everything to match..  Cant stand odd things…  loved the look in fact although the paintwork was getting a little shabby..

Anyway.. Allan said I could have a kitchenaid Mixer.. (I have always wanted another one as my old one got left at the house and no doubt my ex sold it along with all the other kitchen stuff I had) but the condition of me getting one.. (yes he admits he wanted one too, after all he is an ex chef) was that we got a red one!!  Fine by me I liked the red stuff but of course we would have to replace the microwave and kettle as well, oh and the mugs.. etc.. yes he agreed…  😯 

I can’t justify replacing the volcano (majority of it) *orange faded down to red*  Le Creuset stuff I have for the all red colour.. Although I do want to replace  two pans one that is brown and one mustard.  and get them in the volcano to match all the rest of the Le Creuset stuff I have around the kitchen.. but other little bits and pieces have been replaced.  and of course he would have to re paint the wall’s in red.

I was thrilled to bits…  finally we have everything sorted.. then disaster struck

My cooker thermostat went 😦  we could either use the very last bit of our savings to buy a cheap slimline new one either a flaval or beko or some other crap make.. or I could get a second-hand range…….  you  can guess what I went for… So we searched and found a lovely stainless steel belling range for sale… If all goes well I collect it well Allan collects it on Tuesday evening.. but to fit it in we need to take a cupboard down.. re tile the area.. take the tumble dryer out.. thankfully it can go up in the spare room upstairs and i do have one I can use in the shed as well.   I’m just hoping the lady doesn’t change her mind about the cooker..

Anyway  here is the before and after pics..

watch this space for pics of the new cooker when that’s in situ.






You can just see the white top of the old cooker  (left)  and the counter below where the tumble dryer is and top cupboard

You can just see the white top of the old cooker (left) and the counter below where the tumble dryer is and top cupboard.. This will all have to come out to fit the new cooker in......



House Trained At Last but Do I like this new Man

I Think I have cracked it.. I finally have him House Trained…

No I’m not talking about the Dog I’m talking about Allan , Jo and I noticed this today while we were out shopping

we had taken the extra tin of Paint I had picked up in case Allan ran out when he was doing the kitchen

I say I want to get something… Yes babe

I want to decorate in a certain colour… Yes babe..

what ever makes you happy……….

When did this happen… I didn’t notice this coming up either………


Trouble is do I want a man or a Mouse lol