Happy Chocolate Egg/ Easter Day to all

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Being none religious, It would be hypercritical of me to celebrate Easter as such, but of course, the same as Christmas, there is no way I would want my kids to go without for the pure fact of my none beliefs, and one always has to respect the beliefs of others. 
The same goes for Christmas, we have Santa/ Christmas day.

Having replaced the kids chocolate eggs, about three times in the last two weeks, because we have eaten them  🙄 😎 The kids do actually have an egg and a bunny to munch on this morning,  in the past I have always done them a basket with loads of eggs and bits in and in the past take them on an egg hunt, I never could understand how they could search through castle grounds, park’s, wood’s etc and every other vast expanse and find loads and loads of eggs, but couldn’t find a missing shoe if it was 3ft away from them 😆 but, much as I hate to admit it, they are too old for this now, last year they refused to go on an egg hunt and told me in no uncertain terms that they were not little kids and when I mentioned about baskets this year, they were not bothered at all,  but I did put the baskets and other bits on a free group so now someone else can use them and hopefully they will get many years of use until their little one has grown up.

I will miss making these baskets up every year but when Darren and the girls are a bit older I can start again.  (I never did full baskets for little ones as they tend to pig out until they are sick on all the chocolate lol ) it’s once they got past five that I start.   PicMonkey Collage

A day out and Much needed break at Wildwood

Yesterday  we took the boys and one of their friends William and Shelby to Wildwood.. We are members there so can go any time we want now

They did an egg hunt and then we had a picnic ….

Ali with his rather warped sense of humour kept waving the roast chicken legs at the chickens that were walking around us..  :/


Ironically Allan’s Sister and Family were there at the same time  and we never bumped into them. 😦
Such a shame as the boys would have loved playing with their friend and cousins.. they don’t see much family really as one of their Aunties is now living in Atlanta  and the other one lives in Faversham with her family…  The kids always get on great together…  They are the only family they really see now apart from my dad.

I do feel for them at times.. they are missing out on a whole extended family but it will never happen… They will never meet their other three brothers and two sisters and their family’s and their cousins.. My grandchildren.   I don’t regret the fact that they never see the wicked witch of Broomfield (I always thought it ironic that she really is a wicked nasty old witch and ended up living in a place called BROOMfield..I wonder if she now uses that more traditional form of transport)  anyway as I was saying… My Bitch I mean Witch of a mother in law and her apprentice witch… aka Allan’s mother and his other sister and her family because, if I am honest I really can’t stand them and when it comes to people who go around with their head up their arse I have no time for them or the way Allan’s mum spoke to the boys the last time she saw them at Christmas about three years back now when she spoke to Ali like dirt. and then picked on him over something.. I admit I am like a mother hen… No-One dare pick on my chick’s.  I have never told Allan he couldn’t see his mother again.. I have told him I would never see her again and neither would the boys… I would never have her in my house….   It’s his choice not to have contact with her………  Mind you she has never made an effort to have contact with either Allan or the boys so it’s a win win situation really. 

Anyway I got off track there…
Tomorrow is Chocolate day and despite the amount of chocolate there I know one thing.. the boys will probably still have chocolate left from their baskets  in the little travel fridge they have in their room… in August!!




Ali Showing the Chicken the roast leg

PicMonkey Collage

Picnic and a few of the 100’s of pictures we took today

Happy Chocolate Day

I’m not a religious person by any means. 

However I do appreciate the holidays that go with it….
Christmas in our house is Santa day and a holiday to celebrate with friends and loved ones.

And Easter is basically Chocolate day… the boys love taking part in Easter egg hunts and I love making them a basket of chocolates up for Chocolate Sunday, this year we went to wildwood to do an egg hunt there…

I haven’t got around to doing the cellophane wrapping yet but here is this years baskets along with previous years.


Their eggs and baskets I made 2012

Their eggs and baskets I made 2012


The baskets I made the boys and Amber for Easter 2013

The baskets I made the boys and Amber for Easter 2013


This years baskets to finished yet.. I still have the stuffed toys and the wrapping to do 2014

This years baskets to finished yet.. I still have the stuffed toys and the wrapping to do 2014



As you can see this year there are 4 baskets… one for Amber  (bottom picture)  even though I told her that at 21 she was now an adult and as such a bit old for the basket.  but yes I’m soft I decided to make her one up.
And the top picture from left to right is… Ali’s… Then Shelby’s …. And then Alex’s

I will finish them off in a bit..  at the moment they are all fast asleep



Got some Major catching up to do!


Well, what an end to the Easter Holidays!
It’s been quite A rollercoaster of events and no time for blogging.
So get yourself a cup of tea –
I have a feeling this blog may be a long one as we catch up on events from the past few weeks.


 Are you sitting comfortably?
Then I shall begin …

We had some fantastic weather the last week the kids were at school, it wasn’t bad the first five days they were off school but since then we have had nothing but cold and overcast, its seems the clouds had rolled in and we’ve been treated to week of over cast, cold weather, sometimes the clouds were so black I thought we were going to have some torrential rain… but no… we had five min’s of rain and that’s it…. the clouds moved on by…. And the hose pipe ban has come into force…. This will of course affect the garden this summer and what is going to be grown in it, Veg wise  But I will blog about that another day.

The problem with this weather is what to do with the kids..   Alex had decided that he wanted to take a break from his Karate so we agreed he could have the Easter Break off…  As it goes the Wednesday before they broke up from school he was really under the weather anyway so he has had three weeks off which to be honest has done him good I think he was getting over tired from it and its given his knee’s and legs a rest as well.  (one day I will go into what’s actually wrong with him in more detail )

The first week they were off we took them to the Chatham dockyard which they loved going back to, and of course their old favourite the spitfire and RAF Manston museum.
The other trip I had planned for them was on the Sittingbourne and Kemsley Light Railway
for a trip but sadly that was cancelled because asbestos was found in a pipe running adjacent to the railway.


Chatham Dockyard in the roof of the big space


Chatham Dockyard


RAF Manston Museum


As it goes that day it was cold anyway so the boys were happy having a chill day.

We did go out to the park a couple of times so it wasn’t a bad week.

On the way up the park


A quick kick around

Oh and we went on an Easter egg hunt as well to Riverside Country Park, we also took our neighbours son Adam with us.. With the exception of him running off (but was found) the boys really enjoyed the trail although I have to say while the 20 odd questions were actually very hard for youngsters the prize was not very good at all, A little Mini Egg… I think next year I will find somewhere else to take them to.


Finding the Clues and Answering the Questions..

Collecting their naff prize either a silly plastic toy or a mini egg... wow and the trail took two hours for that?!?




Sunday of course was Easter Sunday now I am not religious at all but I do know what its like for kids when all their friends at school go on about how they got this and that on religious holidays so I have never deprived my boys of Christmas and Easter… except for the fact that its more an end of year present giving and pig out… and Easter is chocolate egg weekend lol

And with that in mind I decided that this year I would make them a basket each instead of just buying a chocolate egg, I was actually quite impressed with them.

Their eggs and baskets I made

I think this will become a new tradition in the house…… Maybe next year I wont do all chocolate though… I may add a little treat in instead.


Having been ill Again 😦 I am now back on the sofa although I am recovering much better this time.. thankfully it’s not gone onto my chest completely just more of a cold and cough. I have been told I have a very weak immune system since I got bronchitis last year and need to build myself up so I am now on a course of some major Vitamin  and iron and omega 3 capsules and it all seems to be helping as I am now fighting this bug off on my own without needing huge amounts of antibiotics and I am just about managing to cope in the day.


Alex has been asking to go to an amusement park for a while now and the idea of Alton towers really filled me with dread as I knew it would cost fortunes and the boys wouldn’t be able to go on much, however there is one place I had forgotten about until someone reminded me the other day when they were posting some pictures… Southend Adventure Island…  It’s Ideal Not that far from home… its wrist band entry so not silly money… So I looked on-line and they were doing a deal on wrist bands which can be used any time in the year so I have bought a couple of the red bands for them and I am tempted while they are on offer to get a couple of the green ones,  If the boys are too tall for the red ones then I can always upgrade them and if they are too small for the greens ones then Allan can go on the rides with them…. (Did you notice I said Allan there… well he knows nothing about it yet lol ). The good thing is they don’t run out until the end of 2012 so will save them for special treats when the weather does eventually get better…


Today is the last day off before the boys go back to school on Monday. I have to say on one hand I’m looking forward to it so I can start getting the house in some order but on the other hand not only is it back to the dreaded school run (which I may have mentioned I hate 🙄 ) but I will miss the boys… Although Ali has certainly had his challenging moments over the last two weeks.


Yesterday I had a trial run of a cake to make for this Cake Meeting… the theme is fruit and veg. so I thought the cake should contain both so had made an eggplant cake with strawberries… different and not that bad… We will also be making a carrot and ginger cake with lemon frosting.. Again Fruit and Veg…


I have noticed that the host is making an apple cake…. where is the veg in that… When I go if that is wall she has done I will ask what is the point in having a theme such as fruit and veg if it can be either after all anyone can make a normal carrot cake or a fruit cake..


Eggplant and Strawberry Cake


Oh and I will remember to put them right about who did most of the baking of the last cake…

I have a feeling I wont be invited again afterwards lol Anyway Hopefully I am caught up now and can try and get some sleep seeing as its now 3.08am   Yawn!!!

Night Folks!!!