A to Z of Our Facebook Friends Lists



Am I the only one or do we all have at least one person on our friends list who falls into the following groups.

Group A
This person is constantly ill or tired and will tell us not once but maybe several times a day.
Group B
This person is constantly telling us all how we are destroying our planet and should boycott this and that. But will drive miles and miles to go on holiday or to events.
Group C
This person is paranoid and convinced everything is a government conspiracy and even questions that clouds are real and not mass gases of biochemicals.
Group D
This person is paranoid and must count their friends list every day because they notice each and every person missing and post questioning what they have or haven’t done to cause this unfriend.
Group E
This person is constantly posting every day how pissed off they are, why won’t people leave them alone, how their family or anyone else is having a go at them.
Group F
This person is an attention seeker constantly threatening to either cull their friends list or deactivate their account in the hope they are begged not to do either.
Group G
This person tells you what they are having for every meal (Generally with photographic evidence).
Group H
This person will tell you each and every personal detail of what’s going on in their life, right down to monthly bodily functions.
Group I
This person will post what a bastard their partner is one day and then after getting the much sought after attention will delete the post only to post the most lovey dovey post about their partner the next day.
Group J
This person is another attention seeker who will post something short and sweet like I give up, of course again relishing in the attention asking why.
Group K
This person (maybe one of the most annoying in a way) will post one word and ignore every request for explanation or just give a cryptic clue which no one will get.
Group L
This person tells everyone how they have found the love of their life and constantly berates their ex and how this ex-wants to see the child he has fathered, on a monthly basis. The thing is there are usually at least 3 plus fathers and a new love of their life every month.
Group M
This person is a proud mummy, now I’m not talking about the one who posts about a special achievement or report card proud. I’m talking about the parent who posts every day how clever her child is.
Group N
This person is the one whose status you can’t actually read or understand what they have said because they either can hardly read or write or use so much text speak you need a directory to know what it all means.
Group O
This person doesn’t actually post status updates just checks in everywhere they are right down to the public loo in the town.
Group P
Following on from group O this person is the one who gives you an in-depth description of every bodily function including size and consistency of every bowel movement at least twice a week.
Group Q
This person tags you in everything they see, be it an advert on a selling group or some article on the Daily Fail page even though you are not interested.
Group R
This person sends you game requests for every game they play without fail knowing full well you don’t play the games.
Group S
This person is like the person in group R only they add you to groups so everytime you open up your email account you find 2000 notifications for groups you never even knew you were a member of.
Group T
This person will post on your timeline and if you haven’t clicked like or commented on it within ten mins deletes it. Leaving you with just a notification and wondering what the hell they posted.
Group U
This person is someone who you actually wonder how the hell got on your friends list, you have no friends in common and no idea who they are, but they seem to comment on some of the things you post and you are never sure if you should remove them or not.
Group V
This person is forever suggesting people for you to add to your friends list that you have no idea who they are. (Maybe that explains group U).
Group W
This person comments on everything you post and I mean every status update every picture.
Group X
This person is family, you can’t remove them because it will cause world war 3 but have to constantly hide them from the majority of your status updates.
Group Y
This person is the spoiler, they post every result of every match, race, tv soap etc. They forget that not everyone got up at 3am to watch the F1 and doesn’t want to know the result yet.
And last but not least is…….
Group Z
This person has known you for the majority of your life and will comment or tag you in anything from the past that may possibly be embarrassing.


You know we all have people from at least 10 of these groups on our friends lists and why? Because we live in hope that one day they will surprise us and post something different.  🙂

My Family 2003/2006 as One True Media closes its doors

One True Media is closing down on May 31st so to save any picture montages made they have to be shared…
well this is more for me than anyone else  because its 28 mins long I can’t share it on facebook but I can share it here… If memory serves me rightly its Alex and Ali when they were little from Alex to the Birth of Ali …

Feel free to ignore x





It’s Nice when hard work and taking the time is rewarded.

Both Allan and I have been “Friends of Milton Creek Country Park” for the last year or two now and we are both also on the sub committee for the Art in the Park event which is due to take place in the summer by the way.



This was presented to all the friends for all the work done.

The award was accepted by Lynda Marshall and Ed Courtney on behalf of the friends…




The Sittingbourne Society founded in 1977 to keep a watchful eye on developments and campaign for various improvements in and around Sittingbourne, has presented three local good causes with cheques and a rather impressive trophy.
The main award of the evening was the Society Rose Bowl presentation to Lynda Marshall and Ed Courtney of the Friends of Milton Creek Country Park (they also received a cheque for £500 a new bench for the park from the John George Jordan Bequest fund).


This was posted on the friends of Milton creek Country Park  facebook page.

It’s and open page so anyone can look


Well done everyone for all your hard work to help improve the Park. I have just received the certificate from the Sittingbourne Society to go with the Rose Bowl that we have been awarded in recognition of all our efforts.




Busy Busy Busy, Let’s play catch up

Yes I know I always say that.. and to be honest the only reason I am finding the time now is because Allan has taken the boys on a cubs sixer (Alex is a sixer) and seconders  crazy camp out in cardboard boxes at one of the local scout HQ halls.  Ali has gone along even though he isn’t officially a sixer or seconder with the cubs  he is a lodge leader with the beavers and due to go up to the cubs at Easter.

Anyway I digress, the only reason I have time now is that I am on my own and not crawling into bed.

Well I say on my own… of course Amber is here… or not here… she is out as per usual, but will no doubt come in during the early hours of the morning. and I have Shelby here… My little weekend visitor, We tend to have her here every weekend now from Friday to Monday so her mum can get some much-needed rest and one to one time with her other daughter.. Shannon who is now 6 week old or will be in a few hours.  Shelby is 14 months old and as good as gold and the boys love having a part-time sister.  Alex because he loves little ones and is always making a fuss and playing with her and Ali because she doesn’t actually live here full-time.. He secretly likes her but wouldn’t admit it.. but you see him talking to her when no one is looking..

So what else has happened..  Ali has so far been well, thank goodness… still on major medication but if it works then that’s all I worry about.
Despite the weather being lousy and it raining most of the time.. when we have dry days we are out with the boys, we took them both and Shelby to riverside country park a couple of weeks ago… it was a lovely day apart from being muddy but the kids all enjoyed a day out in the fresh air.
PicMonkey Collage1

Oh yes… Alex had his Class play… He was a miner and had to get up and tell the tale of how hard the children had it in Victorian times and how what it was like,  As it goes it wasn’t that hard to find the outfit for him… we borrowed his granddads flat cap, he had the brown t-shirt and cut up shirt from his Tudor day and as we didn’t have any tatty brown trousers.. actually we didst even have any good ones as I have to say it’s not a colour I would go out and buy for trousers for the boys… so we compromised and found an old pair of pj bottoms that were too small and I had put in the Phil the bag ready to give to our local christmas lights, I’m sure they wont mind getting them next month instead.

PicMonkey CollageWQ

Lets see what else………

One had luncheon with the Mayor 

(ok that’s a slight exaggeration, It was a buffet lunch )

With All the courses I have done, some were through our housing association , I had taken some sugarcraft ones and cake decorating along with doing the learning champion course with Allan, it was doing these which got me into the learning bug in the first place…. then I went on to the Adult education College and started enrolling in other things.   Anyway we got an invitation through the post inviting both Allan and I to a celebration of Achievement,  we thought it was just to push the 2014 courses so we said we would go along..   When we got there we had to sign in which we thought was strange and then we saw some familiar faces……  And another familiar face.. Sue.. As we know her through our being members of the Friends of Milton Creek Country Park.  

Sue who we know very well, Is the Mayor of Swale.
And she was wearing her bling..
So the days events went like this
And then it was out turn to receive our awards from Sue , we got a certificate and a nice boxed pen…  (the pen was rather lumpy to scan lol )
Afterwards she came over to talk to us and the first thing I said was it makes a change to see her with her Hair done and the bling… we usually see her dishevelled and in wellies. or attending meetings in her civvies.

I have to admit it was a nice surprise..  we hadn’t expected to have all this.. like I said we just thought they were rolling out the new courses for this year that were going to be available.  There were official pictures taken of us receiving our awards but we haven’t got a copy yet.  but we were in the papers
(that’s twice in two weeks for Allan and not once for being arrested lol )

PicMonkey Collage
Thankfully I was at the back of the picture in the paper and its so bad quality I can’t be recognised.  But I am there next to Allan   He is in the white and black shirt on the left-hand side of the picture at the back and I am in a red top with my badge between my boobs lol Depending on what the official pictures are like I may post one on here when we get them. 

(I avoid any public pictures of myself because of the Arsehole I call a husband still, Hence the reason why I don’t even have a profile picture of me on facebook) 

Well  that is it for now!  Phew!!!


Modern Day Kind of Fable

If you don’t know what a fable is,

Fable is a literary genre. A fable is a succinct fictional story, in hat features animals, mythical creatures, plants, inanimate objects or forces of nature or planets which are anthropomorphized (given human qualities such as verbal communication), and that illustrates or leads to an interpretation of a moral lesson (a “moral”), which may at the end be added explicitly in a pithy maxim. a story with a meaning, a lesson to be learned or a moral.

One of the most famed fable creators was named Aesop, who lived from 620 to 560 BC.

Well I have a  Modern day kind of fable not quite fitting the original description but the lesson is there all the same.
Here it goes:

Once upon a time There was a magical world called internet.

This world is the biggest in the universe, there were many lands,  cities and towns.   There was a huge place there called Facebook, where Millions and millions of people live. They chat and play games and generally it’s a very friendly place, the residents get to know one another and despite coming from different towns and cities and having been good friends and indeed some have a very close friendship,  a lot have never met in person.

One day there was a  person called Moon. Moon had given up everything, even her flat and left her town and gone thousands of miles away to be with another friend she had never met, we will call him Sun, well Moon gave everything up and moved in with Sun and his two children Star and Comet.

For a long time they were really happy or so Moon told everyone. Now Moon was friends with Earth although they had never met they had been virtual friends in the town of Facebook, for quite a few years. One day Moon was virtually talking to Earth as they chatted a lot and Moon told Earth how unhappy she was and how nasty Sun had been, how he had accused her of plotting to kill him  when she was on the phone with her daughter Mars because he had over heard moon and Mars on the talking. Moon told Earth how Sun was keeping her prisoner and how he had taken her passport and had left her in the house with no food or money in fact she never had any money of her own and had to ask for everything she ever needed, and that he was really nasty to her and he had even been violent to her, now Earth felt really helpless she herself had lived with someone who was just like Sun, violent and acting in exactly the same way so Earth worried about Moon and feared for her safety . Thankfully Moon managed to escape Sun and travelled thousands of miles back to her home town when she went to stay with her daughter Mars.

Then a few days later Moon put out an appeal to everyone asking if she could stay with them or they knew anywhere she could go because her daughter Mars and her evil other half was throwing Moon out and she had nowhere to live.

Now Earth lived quite a long distance from Moon but offered her a sofa and somewhere to stay, But could not get transport from where Moon was so Moon needed to get to another town close by to make the journey.  Moon went to stay with another friend not far from her but could only be there a few days as he lived with his mother and she would be returning, Earth managed to get some money together for some coach tickets, Earth booked and paid for Moon to get down to her part of the country. it was a long journey that took hours and hours, Earth Drove to another city nearby to meet the coach and finally met Moon for the very first time. They got on great and Moon stayed with Earth for Months Moon was on  Earth’s sofa but Earth had picked up a cupboard for moon to keep her bits in and other stuff was put upstairs in the junk room that was going to be sorted , After a while Moon needed to get herself sorted with her own money and somewhere to live so they pretended she was homeless and she had to move to another close by town to live in a hostel, she shared a kitchen and common room with a few others but had her own private room and bathroom.  Earth had kitted her out with her own bed-clothes, pillows, food, kettle and all sorts of other bits to help her get on her feet.  Moon got herself sorted and finally managed to get her own money, Earth popped over as often as she could afford to see moon and bring anything that was needed like towels etc.. 

After a few months Moon managed to get into another hostel closer to Earth in fact it was in Earth’s home town. Earth went to pick Moon up with all her stuff and drove her to her new place and helped her get it all in.  Moon settled in  quite well and had quite a busy life getting on courses and other stuff and popped around and stayed at Earth’s on a regular basis for the weekend and Earth helped her out and stocked up her cupboards and freezer from Earth’s stash that she squirrelled away in case of emergencies,  Christmas came and Earth had Moon stay over and spend Christmas with the family and made up a box of lots of presents that were for moon of all the thing moon loved and some of the stuff was even ordered in because it was from the far away land and hard to get. Earth wanted to make Christmas special for moon even though she was missing Star and Comet very much.
Eventually after Christmas  Moon got herself a job at a local shop. 

Now Moon had always said she wanted to return to Sun in the land far far away, a bit confusing considering that he was so mean but apparently the truth was that Moon really wasn’t allowed to stay in the far away land so had to leave..  She missed the children Star and Comet very much and was fighting to return to the far away land, she needed to get a visa and had to pay lots of money to get to the authorities and nasty solicitors so was short of money quite often so again Earth helped out by stocking her up to keep her going until pay-day. 

Not once did Earth ever regret giving Moon a hand as Earth herself had once been so down and out that all she had was the clothes she stood up in. So was more than willing to help someone else.   Moon got more and more distant as she made new friends with the people she worked with and Earth and Moon didn’t see each other very often, maybe two or three times for a quick-lunch that Moon treated Earth to in a nice little place that Earth had indeed taken Moon to in the past.  Moon and Sun kept in contact and were always falling out with each other so Moon regularly changed her name and contact details, Slowly blocking out all her old friends.  Someone had it in for Moon and was sending nasty letters and mails pretending to be Mars  to every one of Moons friends,  Again Moon changed her identity.  Earth herself had a mail and informed Moon  that Mars had sent a nasty letter,  Moon told Earth that it wasn’t really Mars and that it was someone else.

Earth saw Moon and at the time asked Moon if she would like to come over for Christmas again. Moon said she would find out what hours she was working over Christmas and let Earth know.

The next thing is Moon asked Earth again if she knew anything about another person Pluto, who was an ex friend of Moons,  Earth really hadn’t had much to do with Pluto but looked to see for any information that Moon had asked for.  Moon Changed her identity again and told Earth that she was only adding people she could trust because someone was sending nasty letters to her..  Moon talked to Earth about this . And told Earth that she had fallen out with Sun again, to be honest Earth had long got past showing any interest in this on / off relationship Moon had with Sun as this was never-ending.


Earth sent Moon a message by her mobile device, called a text , asking if she had found out about Christmas yet and if she was or wasn’t working, and if Moon was coming over to stay for the holiday but got no reply Earth messaged Moon on one of the contact places she had for Moon as Moon had vanished from her latest one again. ,  Again Earth got no reply.
Now Earth had been very very busy doing a lot of things and it was keeping her busy every day from morning to night.  The next time Earth heard from Moon she was asked by that thing called text, if Earth could get her some settings as she couldn’t get in touch with anyone in the rest of the world of internet as someone had tried to take her mobile device and deleted everything but Moon must have remembered Earths number because she had managed to text Her. 
Earth was out at the time but when she got back in she managed to find the settings and sent them by text to Moon,  No Reply..   Earth noticed that evening that Moon was back on-line in the world of facebook so tried to send a message but for some reason was told that she couldn’t as the conversation was closed.
So Earth wrote all over Moons wall asking if she got the settings. 

Moon eventually replied to the text and then on her wall replied saying yes but it had taken ages to work and she had to borrow someone else’s phone to text..  At the time Earth was tired and confused, how did Moon text her then if she had to borrow another persons mobile to text someone else.. but decided that she was tired and was probably reading it wrong.  
Earth again was busy, what with Christmas coming up and all sorts of things organised for her and her children, and jobs to be done.  She was preparing for Christmas yet again and decided to try to ask Moon one last time if she was indeed coming for Christmas as she needed to know how many chairs to get down out of the loft and what else she would need. 

Earth tried to get hold of Moon in her latest name on the land of Facebook and her name was gone.  So Earth went and looked for Moons other names and they were all gone.. Not even deactivated.. they were gone completely from her list of Friends..  Earth Remembered a couple of the names of  Moons friends that she worked with from when Earth was invited to a quiz night organised by Moon, and Earth was going to message them to ask if they could get hold of Moon and to make sure Moon was ok, after all it is Christmas and that it is a time when you need to be with friends not staying on your own in a hostel .  Especially when she knew Moon would be missing Star and Comet
Earth messaged the first person not knowing if she had the right person really as they had no other friends in common, within an hour Earth got a message back saying that if Moon wanted to Talk to Earth she would get hold of her , herself and for Earth to go away.  Actually It wasn’t quite what she said but close enough.   Earth then went to look for another name she remembered and found on this  other friends wall which was open for all to see a message written on a picture about redheads.. Knowing that Moon had recently coloured her hair red it wouldn’t take an idiot to know this person was indeed Moon using yet another name. By which time, Earth who is still feeling really peeved because its been a long few months and had been working hard and starting to feel totally burnt out.. Sent this person a message  saying “Hi I was going to ask if you have seen Moon, and if she is ok but I guess I don’t need to bother” knowing full well this is indeed Moon,  Wondering what she had done wrong Earth is feeling really cross and used now. 

Especially when Moon again blocked Earth from her New Name that Earth had sent the message to .   Earth decided it was not worth contacting Moons other good friend whose wall she looked at as this person will indeed find out what kind of person Moon really is.
Earth has now decided that Moon can do what she pleases.  But as far as Christmas goes.  Earth will be spending it with Friends and Family.

As For Moon Earth Doesn’t care because Obviously Moon doesn’t want to know any-more… and maybe there was some truth in the message that Mars had sent about Moon to Earth and that she indeed only uses people for their help and when it’s no longer needed wants nothing more to do with them.  Of course Earth could be wrong and it could be just a mistake but earth is not exactly convinced of that. 

The Moral of this story is…   Never help people you don’t really know because despite what ever you do to help. they will still shit on you from a great height!
I looked in the wise words from the  country of  the internet and found this.
The Lesson to be learned is.

How to Know When Friends are Using You


Consider how they spend their time. Do they hang out with you? A real friend will want to spend time with you because they enjoy your company, not just when they need to use your facilities or internet or need a favour.


Consider their neediness. Are they constantly “borrowing” money or stuff or living off you or when you offer help taking it saying how much they appreciate it, making promises to help you out etc or pay you back? Anyone who is happy to to do this and use stuff you have given them , but maybe not so keen to pay it back, or keep their promises is using you.


Watch for being dumped on. Do they ever blame others to get themselves out of trouble do they lie so you will feel sorry for them and then when the truth comes out its totally different? This one should be obvious.  If yes, then they are using you.



Think about how sharing they are with you. When was the last time they did something for you that wasn’t for them as well? If you can’t answer this, then they are obviously using you.


Put yourself in his/her shoes. Do you honestly think they see you as a friend, or someone they go to when they need help or something done for them. Then ask yourself: “Are they really good friends, or are they just going to  ‘use me again and again when they need something else?'”


  • Watch for any changes in behaviour from the user once they’ve gotten what they want from you and know they cannot get any more out of you, you may find that they start treating you poorly or just stop all contact and hide from you.  This is a pretty clear sign that you’ve been used by someone.
  • If they to come back into your life for any reason you need to find out why and decided whether or not you’ll accept them back into your life, it’s wiser not to let them back in once they’ve left or you’ve gotten rid of them. Users rarely change!

    If you answered Yes to all of the above then You are indeed a Mug!  Sadly if the truth be known, I will always help someone who needs help.  I have to remember there are some genuine  people out there

That Terrifying moment in time when your phone crashes….

Smart phones love them or hate them… I’m not sure about mine…  it’s an HTC Desire  


HTC Desire

HTC Desire

Mine crashed the other night and would not restart… in fact it was totally stuck on loading.. Just like my tablet which has never worked since… Allan managed to get into the boot system and after a bit of googling I managed to flash the phone and then do a factory reset, I then managed to get all my contacts back through a back up of my old sd card..   so far so good… getting my apps back has been a whole other matter…. while I downloaded App2SD to move stuff over to my sd card i still found that there was no internal space so had major problems downloading apps.. but in the end I won.. I had a choice… Facebook on my phone or whatsapp.. In the end i opted for whatsapp as i can always use the basic Facebook or even go on it via the browser… contrary to popular belief i am not on Facebook all the time anyway lol  And my phone crashed again……. plus I found out  it up loads of space so in the end i took it off after all why do I need it as I get unlimited for free texts and of course I am an unsociable cow lol ………..  guess what my phone is working great now…  shame because I did like it……

What I did panic about is I had some books and texts etc all backed up on my phone and some photo’s… thankfully everything had been backed up to my sd card not long ago… I am always backing everything up now. on pc or phone… so reinstalling the backing up program.. reinstalling my messages and gallery and here we go again… I am back up and running, with no sign of whatsapp at all…

Yes I know my phone is old… Allan had it for 2 years before he got his upgrade and that was a year ago. so i guess I can’t complain really if it gets the hic cups but when its an app that does it. that really peeves me .

I’m not one who is constantly on the phone talking to people in fact I doubt I even use up 5% of my call time plan , I don’t even sent that many texts even though I am unlimited on how many I send. and because we have WiFi at home i don’t even use up a quarter of my data plan… I am Giff Gaff which is great……..  and only cost me £7.50 a month on pay and go……..    I don’t work for them or anything but seriously I only heard about them in the uk about 6 months ago and they are the cheapest pay and go provider ever. if you use mobiles you should check them out, even the sim cards are free…
If you want to check them out try here 
http://giffgaff.com/index/offer   you can get a free sim from that link where it gives you the tariffs
But if  you want to order a sim with £5 free credit on it when you activate it,  here is a link 🙂


The promised update:

Ok I must start off  with the pictures of Vickie during her head shave for red nose day…  I’m not sure of the exact amount she raised…  but the just giving site says its
£432.10  although I have a feeling its a lot more than that because there were some who donated directly via her.

hair it is (pun….. get it get it get it 🙂 … going going gone……



this long?

this long?

and away we go

and away we go

I love this picture

I love this picture



Right the next thing boring news update was Easter……….. I made the boys a basket each and we took them out over the Easter holidays…

The baskets I made the boys and Amber for Easter

The baskets I made the boys and Amber for Easter

One trip was to Chatham Dockyards Medway Festival of Steam and Transport which was also showing off the set of the tv series call the midwife.

582447_10200958184181833_462610303_n 561255_10200958110619994_733955545_n 483956_10200958162421289_164924076_n 392955_10200958078299186_1932646560_n 181055_10200958112340037_1526823793_n 7156_10200958169461465_1410639723_n

On Another day out we had been to the de Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre 

16010_10201010444328304_1490891411_n 521719_10201010426127849_2069903842_n 522026_10201010413647537_890058409_n 602251_10201010438088148_1186009649_n

Obviously I didnt take this one but its hard to give you an idea of the size of the place

Obviously I didn’t take this one but its hard to give you an idea of the size of the place

We went to Hornby make and paint days a couple of times…….  the kids love it here so it’s another of the places we have an annual ticket and keep going to over and over again

FB_IMG_13515203088929239 SAM_0541 SAM_0543

We had a morning of cake decorating which was gratefully received by friends …………   Now I usually stick to butter frosting and or just Glacé icing  or Royal Icing when it comes to things like Christmas Cakes but for a change I used Fondant Icing and petal paste…..    This has now convinced me I really must do more because some are pretty dire :/

And then we had a quick trip to Pontins at Camber…….  I had it well planned I packed school uniforms with me so they would have a clean one , I collected the boys from school, we drove straight to Pontins……… spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday night there and drove back early Monday morning in time to get the boys to school… I timed it perfectly… we had them outside the school gates at 8.40 🙂
After having such rainy or cold weather….. we had a fantastic weekend it was lovely and warm and yep I got sunburnt…  I do confess we go club.. which is kinda like as close to first class as you are going to get at pontins.. with the free breakfast and bottle of wine , free electric, tv , newspapers , welcome packs blah blah blah.. I have no idea what the Popular or Classic flats are like , some of them looked quite dire…………  we stayed in one ten years ago when I was pregnant with Alex and it really was pathetic and grubby and they don’t look like they have changed much since…   Hence why we go club….
To be fair I didn’t take many pictures this time as I took loads last time we went and we are going again this year……… ok I was having fun……… I didn’t want to miss out standing behind the camera 😆
Not only that we spent 50% of the time in the pool , One slightly worrying moment when Alex ran off and went on the big inflatable Aqua Course which starts at the deep end and goes all the way to the shallow end about 3ft deep , Alex leaps on and at the first bit falls off right into the water about 7 ft deep……..  at this point I seriously wonder how good his swimming is lol but he bob’s up to the top and off he swims front crawl to the side of the pool. joins the queue and starts again only this time he completes the course and joined the queue again… over and over… I think after the 5th go he got bored with it..

the boys playing in the indoor sports hall.

the boys playing in the indoor sports hall.

The boys on the quad bike we hired  (of course we got discount with our posh club flat lol)

The boys on the quad bike we hired (of course we got discount with our posh club flat lol)

The view right from the top of the dunes..

The view right from the top of the dunes..

Doesn't everyone

Doesn’t everyone

the sea from the top of the dunes

the sea from the top of the dunes

another picture on the dunes with the windfarm in the background

another picture on the dunes with the wind farm in the background

Doesn't everyone take their laptop with them.

Doesn’t everyone take their laptop with them.

Alex in the play area

Alex in the play area

Ali in the sanded play area.. with the rather dire  commoners chalets behind him lol

Ali in the sanded play area.. with the rather dire commoners chalets behind him lol

playing on the famous sand dunes

playing on the famous sand dunes

in the evening....... three nights and they were exhausted....

in the evening……. three nights and they were exhausted….

In between All these activities as such of course Allan still does his recycle round collecting cardboard for the scouts and doing his leader training ….

here he is getting invested into the scouts as cub leader

IMAG0268 IMAG0269 IMAG0270

And last but not least yesterday we went to the District Scout Inspection, Formal Service and St George’s Day Fete  where The Sittingbourne and Milton District Scout Group had invited the Mayor to jointly inspect the Scouts with the District Commissioner, at Bexon Lane Scout Camp  All the troops were asked to wear full uniform with school /smart/ uniform trousers and school shoes or their scouting hiking boots (cleaned up of course lol)  sadly a few let us down but with a little maneuvering the *scruffy* ones were put in the middle

It was Allans first Official Duty as a Scout leader and to top the day off Alex was chosen as flag bearer  all in all a lovely day.. and the smash a plate stand that we manned afterwards went well, and to top off the day we had lovely sunshine all day despite the weather forecast.

Allan In his uniform...  I have to confess when I said I had a thing for men in uniform this wasn't quite what I had in mind.

Allan In his uniform…
I have to confess when I said I had a thing for men in uniform this wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

Alex ready with the flag strap on

Alex ready with the flag strap on

Ali killing time before the parade

Ali killing time before the parade

Alex and Ali queuing up ready to join the parade

Alex and Ali queuing up ready to join the parade

Alex with the flag and the cubs and allan trying to get them all in a straight line ready for inspection

Alex with the flag and the cubs and Allan trying to get them all in a straight line ready for inspection

Allan in his bib and tucker so to speak

Allan in his bib and tucker so to speak

the Mayor of Swale (in yellow) starting off the parade

the Mayor of Swale (in yellow) starting off the parade


And  That is it for now………….. Phew………………  Hopefully I can keep up to date in future but that’s not a promise lol