A week with uninvited visitors to the area

Last Tuesday, the green that goes through the whole estate had visitors set camp up,  as you can see in this picture. they basically took over the whole of it, En masse


Our house is right down the end opposite the yellow field of rapeseed, both boys have to walk all through the green and all the way up on their way to school, which means they would have to walk right through the whole campsite. 
Now, this is not a traveller bashing post by any means, I have to say that the ones I spoke to were polite, friendly and even apologetic for the inconvenience and when I had explained about an incident that Alex had they said they were disgusted by the behaviour of some of the others with them, I am a live and let live sort of person and I know this is their chosen way of life,  although there was a vigilante approach from the majority of the locals who were not happy with the way the animals were kept, *horses and dogs*  I admit that dogs were running loose and yes there was noise at night, and they did have their carts and horses going up and down the road late at night. so there was quite a disturbance to some, and yes as always people did feel threatened by them.  Alex was shouted at by some of the kids on his way to school, *I drove Ali half the way to school for two reasons, one because I wasn’t sure if his allergy was to something along the walk and two because he doesn’t do people and was scared to walk past them.  The council acted quickly and notice was served and they all left the site on Friday.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of mess left behind despite the council providing three big bins for them, and a council cleanup had to be done immediately after they left, you really don’t want to know what was in the bushes,

And we are not talking about dog and horse poop!! 

Although down our end of the green, there was one visitor all the kids loved. 🙂  


Anyway, Monday things will be back to normal and Ali is going to walk to school and I will be sitting at home very nervous in case I get a call to say he has been taken ill again