The end of the week and the end of SATS for Ali

SATS “Standard Attainment Tests” Week is over, to those of you that have never heard of it, SATS are done every year in May,  year 6 KS2 Sats week has a huge impact on the children who face this time of testing and the teachers who prepare them for it. I know because having worked in a school as a TA, I know the stress the teachers are under but I also know the stress some parents put their children under.
But it’s not just Year 6 who are affected. The whole school joins in the dance, having to be quiet while the children take their tests, waiting for the word to get around that the test is over and they can do a more noisy activity.
I have never put pressure on any of my children to “Do well in the tests” in fact I don’t even mention SATS at all to them, I have always said to all my kids from the day they started school, that as long as they do their best, that is good enough for me,
My older kids all did well in all their exams and usually were either straight A or High B students, getting their A levels etc getting into university off their own bat, 
I think I have always been the teacher’s nightmare parent, I don’t believe in homework and always given my kids the choice of if they want to do it or not, and believe it or not for the majority of the time they choose to do it, I have never put pressure on my children to revise for any tests/exam’s, It is something you either know or you don’t. I don’t believe in children having the added stress put on them for SAT’s either especially when they are so young.
Anyone who has read my previous post will know that Ali missed his first day of the SATS as he was in hospital, the next day he did go into school but was still tired and not 100% but sat his tests along with the other kids, for him things are even harder, you see not only is he HFA “High-functioning autistic” he is also Legally blind in his left eye and has very poor sight in his right eye, he is also left handed which makes things even more difficult for him when it comes to writing. Despite everything he is in mainstream school and so far has coped, He has a scribe for writing as his handwriting is very slow and big so he can see it, he also has exceptional keyboard skills, having been taught Nessy fingers touch typing from when he was about 6, but despite all the setbacks he faces he is always top of the class, he has an excellent memory, and when it comes to maths he works them all out in his head, a fact the teachers found out when they used to call upon kids in the class to work sums out and they would ask them to write down the answers as they called the question. by the time Ali wrote it down he would be about five questions behind. once when he hurt his hand the scribe offered to write them down for him. they discovered that as soon as the question was asked he knew the answer immediately, his answer was written down by the scribe while all the other kids were still thinking about it.
Anyway, I have gone way off the mark here.
Ali did so well with his SATS that the head actually came up to me at the school sponsored walk and asked if it was ok to give him a present for working so hard and doing so well over the week despite being off on the Monday and basically feeling out of sorts for the majority of the week. His present. A fuck off bar of chocolate. just chocolate as at the moment we still don’t know what caused the severe allergic reaction and have been told to avoid anything with nuts. and let’s just say he was very proud of himself. I have no worries what his results will be on the tests as I know he has done his best but it does worry me is there are kids who are not as bright as Ali, there is another autistic boy in yr 6 who I know has struggled as his mother said to me at the sponsored walk, a few of the other mums whose kids were ADHD said the same. I want is the Government to stand up and recognise that children are not all the same, they are diverse and wonderful. Many children fight daily battles whether medical, social or emotional ones which impact on how they can prepare for the SATs, how they cope and the outcome.
By testing them in this way the government are only highlighting their difference not embracing it.
And to the parents who are constantly on at their children to study and revise, you really are doing your kids no favours putting the added pressure on them,
I can honestly say my kids have always made me proud and done well despite me not putting any pressure on them.

Ali proudly showing off his chocolate



Holding out his card to be stamped for each lap they have done. his guide is enjoying a cake while he waits and yes Ali is taller than the teachers lol