Bugger the Aircast boot stays on :(

Today I had my appointment at the fracture clinic, I was convinced that they would say that I didn’t need it anymore but just not to over do it as it was still uncomfortable walking any distance with the boot on and my foot ached more than hurt.

Well that didn’t go how I wanted, the two hairline fractures are healing,  but the bone that a clean break all the way through still has a gap of about 7mm, so instead of having the air cast boot they wanted to put full cast on, but after a long discussion and promising to keep the boot on as I usually take it off indoors while I’m sitting, I convinced them to let me kept the boot on. next check up is in August and xrays again if still not healed it may be surgery and have it pinned. So still a hop along lol

My next check up is in August and need to have x-rays again if it’s still not healed it may be surgery and have it pinned. Bugger not liking the sound of that……
I really don’t relish the idea of wearing this boot all through the hot months of June, July and August but on the plus side, unlike the cast I can take it off for a while. 
So for the meantime………. 
I am still hop along. 

For those who have no idea what an Air cast boot is here is one.. this is used instead of a plaster cast.

For those who have no idea what an Air cast boot is here is one.. this is used instead of a plaster cast.

Whats Happening?

Well Not a lot to be honest……….. Allan has been working especially at weekends so we haven’t really been out and about much…….

Alex has got the cooking bug so at least three times a week he is cooking dinner………… 

We got the results of the Kent Test (11 plus) he took back in September….  and he passed  but has changed his mind about going to the grammar school, well we hope he has…….. I haven’t put it on the preferences for senior school choice but there again I’m not holding my breath for the school I do want him to go to as I want him to go to Westlands, Yes I know its had some bad press but at the end of the day its had excellent ofsted reports. I know the school, it has been kept up with the times and looks clean and modern in comparison to the grammar school which doesn’t look like its had a coat of paint since my oldest went there to look around.  but I have been told that westlands have an intake priority to get in..
1.  Local Authority
2. Siblings
3. Regis Manor
4. Westlands Primary
5. Maths Aptitude test….. (sadly Alex’s worst subject)
6 surrounding villages such as Iwade, and Newington
And then
7. Other areas and applicants……
And although it’s the closest senior school to us oddly we don’t fall under the catchment area… that is for Fulston Manor..
I know I have the right to appeal but I have a feeling its going to be a battle…..

We will have to wait and see now until March.

Its getting close to the end of term now and I can tell, the boys are getting tired… unfortunately we are not going to be able to go and do much over the holidays as I have to take my dad up to London to St Thomas Hospital on Monday  for  more cardio appointments…….. I’m hoping that I can go for a walk across westminster bridge and around the houses of parliament while dad is in the hospital.    Tuesday I  have to take Ali to his asthma consultant appointment at Medway hospital,  Wednesday is Alex’s doctors appointment… Thursday Ali opticians and take the old man shopping and I’m sure there was something I had to do Friday…..  Hopefully we will be able to take the boys somewhere.. or at least I will..  otherwise its going to be a very boring half term.

Other than that . Not a lot going on at the moment…….

Hate this time of year after a busy summer………… I’m busy because I’m doing my courses……. I’m now teaching on a Friday with Adults instead of children……..  So much better as I wasn’t keen on the idea of working with kids……….  Mine I tolerate…everyone else’s I can’t stand 😉 (joke) I think………….   We have stopped the cardboard collecting and to be honest there is a rather nasty atmosphere at the scouts at the moment I will go into more detail when I find out what’s going on but lets just say after we have given it our all for the last two years we are feeling rather peeved at the moment.. I have kept away and Allan just goes on a Thursday as assistant cub leader……. 

Time will tell if my theory is right………..

Willies Willies and Fucking Willies, or Not as the case may be lol

Seriously if it wasn’t bad enough with my dad and his water works problems and having to have a catheter put in, taken off, put in, taken off and again today put back in again. 
Today I spent yet another day at the hospital from 7am when we got there and they took that catheter out until gone 4pm when yes it was put back in again because my dad cant pee. 
Now after said device had been fitted yet again the nurse asked me to have a chat.  She explained that there is no physical reason why he can’t pee on his own, they have done every test in the book and bladder scans.   She personally thinks because he is on water pills because of his heart which left him in a place where he was peeing constantly and on several occasions had the odd accident (generally because he couldn’t be bothered to go) she thinks that he actually prefers having the catheter fitted as its easier for him,  Yes it’s that easy that he even forgets to empty the damn thing and has had the odd accident that way as well.

A Catheter bag hitting overflow in Asda’s is not the thing you want to see…… In fact the only way I can describe it is …  A woman in labour and her waters going… 
That was no woman that was my father………. 

Personally I think he is forgetting as I swear he is getting more and more senile.  I can tell him something like I will be half an hour late coming around this evening as I have to take the boys to a party, or something and within 5 mins of me being late I will be getting calls on my mobile asking where I am?  Or I will tell him like I had yesterday that I had to take Allan to the hospital to the same department and wont be able to pop around in the day but I had arranged for the district nurse to come out to change his bag.  We get back and there are 22 calls on the phone……….  asking… No demanding to know where I am and why I haven’t popped around, and then another one saying a district nurse popped round by chance…
Arrrggghhh..  I have pointed out his short-term memory loss and been told in no uncertain terms I have no idea what I am talking about and he is fine!

The thing is he has never had problems before until the day after his op, If you have no idea what I’m on about you have to back track to the link below.

A week later! Some things can never be unseen!

Anyway as I was saying … Today I was at the hospital all day because on one persons Willie related problems and yesterday I was there with Allan.  Why ??

Allan also has problems.

 I had to take Allan up to Medway Hospital because he has had pain in his kidneys and has had a stinging sensation and peeing blood. :/  so he got a fast track appointment to have a camera poked yep in his Willie and of course that prostrate examination, you know the kind… the one where he really should have at least asked her name first……

I had lived my whole life without seeing a prostrate examination in person and to be honest I could quite happily have carried on in my ignorance… Now I have seen not one person but two have one in the space of a month.

Of course.  He also had to have a camera poked in places no man would ever want… lets just say it stings a lot more when he pee’s now than it did before he went to the hospital.
Again……….  There are some things I would rather not have seen………

Thankfully there was nothing untoward spotted and it was as I had suggested to Allan it may have been… A kidney infection so Man Up…….
I bet he wishes he had now lol

Sadly my dads dilemma will carry on as he has been much to his disgust refereed to another clinic to try and get him used to going without his golden bag. Which means of course that I will be driving him around for the near future… Actually probably forever because I somehow have a feeling that the DVLA are going to be reluctant to give him back his driving licence. 

Wow didn’t see that coming.

Today is my dad’s 80th Birthday!

Yesterday when we popped around my dads when we were out in the van collecting cardboard  he played me a message on his answer-phone that he had received in the morning while he was out up the shop.  The message was from the doctor at the hospital in the cardiac unit  asking him to attend an appointment up Medway hospital at 12 pm today.
No explanation what was wrong or what it was about just that he had made an appointment and for him to be there.

So Allan goes out in the van on his own (we both usually go ) to do the scout cardboard collections and I drive my dad to Medway Hospital. We get there expecting to discuss the results of an ECG he had last week over a 24hr period when he wore it at home and we dropped it back to the hospital on Wednesday night. 
Well we see the doctor and he says the my dad will benefit from a pacemaker. Ok fine expecting to be told about waiting lists ect . I ask so what happens now? 
And the doctor says he needs to operate as my dads heart is running slow which is bad and can cause a heart attack but it also has times when it races which is really bad and can cause instant death. The muscles are also weak both sides so he needs that fixing and then he needs a pacemaker that deals with both sides but also has a defibrillator built-in so if his heart races and stops he gets a kick start.

He then said he has cleared his surgery tomorrow afternoon and can we come back at 2pm and he will do the open heart surgery at 3pm . WTF? 
Dad has to stay in after op and then when he comes home he can’t drive for a month but if the defibrillator kicks in he can’t drive for 6 months .
Wow not how I expected today to turn out!

To say I am slightly worried is an understatement!

A Week

A few weeks ago well,  Tuesday I watched my youngest child close to death.

To the point he was in Resus in A and E at the hospital before being admitted to HDU.

  The next week he was back at school (he went back last Monday but couldn’t play out or do PE for a week,)

He is now back to laughing, giggling, arguing and being stroppy with his brother.

Ok he is on some serious steroids and other medication at the moment. And like me will have to use a preventer inhaler possibly for the rest of his life.

But you know what I am so proud of him.

He took everything in his stride, He did what the doctors asked of him, ok he didn’t talk back to them and very rarely he even gave eye contact but we had no refusals of anything, we had no total meltdowns in the hospital.  For a child who thrives off routine and anything else causes major problems, He was a star.
Yes I know he was too ill at first to object to anything but even the day they let him out and wanted to run a few last tests he was a star.

Today he is back at school and hopefully back to normal.  he can go out for playtime, he can do PE and he is arguing with his brother………..

Normal services have been resumed!

In every 24 hours things can change from good to bad to good again!

A normal school day for both boys in fact after all the rain we have had it was quite nice and mild so we thought we would get the boys from school wrap them up warm and go straight to the country park for a walk as we are on the “friends of the park” committee” We went home, usual stuff,  have dinner and after some time on the pc or laptops the boys go to bed ready for school.

Ali in very good spirits

Ali in very good spirits


My youngest Ali  had a bit of a cough in the night, Nothing really worrying but we put some vapour rub on his chest and he went back to sleep, Tuesday morning when he got up he says his back hurt and he had a bit of a snotty nose so as both he and I were going on a school trip on Wednesday I decided to keep him off school so he would be ok for the trip, 
During the morning he perked up a bit and even had some sausages in a bap, in fact I kind of felt a fraud for keeping him off school, by dinner time he hardly touched his dinner and then went back on the laptop. Allan had a cub leaders meeting up at the scout hall in bexon lane so he left about 7pm within about half an hour Ali’s breathing got a bit heavy so I gave him his inhaler, It helped a little and he said he was tired so instead of putting him to bed upstairs  I pulled the sleep sofa out and told him to rest there propped up instead. 
By the time Alex had gone to bed  Ali’s breathing was getting worse and worse.. I was just about to call Allan to come home from his cub meeting when he came through the door.
By now its about 9.15pm, now you can tell how long it is since I have called the doctors out of hours because I had to look up online and found out that the local memorial hospital closes at 9pm and after that the out of hours service finishes and you now call 111 instead of NHS Direct.
 So I called 111 and a paramedic came. checked Ali over and said he had a very  high temperature & was Tachycardic now, because of the strain of trying to breathe and that it was serious. he put him straight on a nebulizer and called for the “Van with noise and lights”  they asked if there were any other children in the house so we told them that Alex was in bed so while I waited for Amber to get in to watch Alex, Allan went in the ambulance with Ali and the paramedic who first came as he wouldn’t leave Ali.. he even left his car outside and was going to get a lift back later on with the ambulance crew.

Once Amber arrived I drove up to Medway hospital and Ali was in A & E hooked up to loads of bits and was very poorly, they were giving him dose upon dose in the nebulizer and nothing was working.
he was looking really poorly and we had to wait for them to take a xray of his chest… (the x-ray people came to him)

Tuesday Night in A & E waiting for bed in HDU

Tuesday Night in A & E waiting for bed in intensive care


We were told that he would have to be admitted to intensive care but there was no space at the moment,  So for the time being he was going to be put in HDU on penguin ward (children’s) at Medway hospital.  So he was moved up there and straight away they decided that after 12 lots of medication put in the nebuliser back to back,  it wasn’t working so they hooked him up to two drips, Allan went home around 3am as he had to come home and get some sleep and be there to get Alex up for school the next day plus he had to go out and get some of the important cardboard bits done in the scout van.  I stayed with Ali and the consultant came around about 6am and explained that Ali had been very tacicocardic and his heart rate was still very high, He was also concerned about the amount of steroids Ali had now received and it still wasn’t helping, he tried finding a bed in Intensive care but there was still no space so he decided that Ali would have to stay on HDU.  He told me that the next few hours were crucial and that Ali was very  very seriously ill.

By 9am Ali was awake and starting to look a bit better.. well to me anyway.. he wanted a sip of water which the nurse gave him and he immediately threw it up …..  every hour they tried with just 20mls of water and each time it came up again… this was probably because of all the medication.. Ali was still on oxygen all the time and then the nebulizer every hour but he was starting to get bored just lying there..
So they turned on the what he called Lego man tv and put children’s programs on… He was not impressed to say the least lol good job I had his ds in my bag so he played on that…  by Wednesday evening they moved him to the ward and they had got him on 4 hourly nebulizer and off the oxygen and drips and told us that if he was ok through the night Wednesday he could go onto the inhalers on Thursday and if that was ok he may go home once he was stable.   So As I had done the night shift with him Tuesday Night Allan stayed Wednesday Night, He had the good shift as the ward had room for a Z  bed down the side of Ali’s for Allan to lie on they even used cylinder oxygen for Ali so not to disturb Allan when they did his obs and medicine.

After getting a relatively good night sleep at home, I got a call from Allan to say the consultant had been around and that Ali was improving well and they were going to start the inhaler early on him.  So they used a spacer and he had to have ten hits of his ventolin at a time every two hours and then extend it to every 4 hours..  and had his Prednisolone   If he was ok he could go home either Thursday night or Friday.. So I went shopping and picked up some bits just in case he did have to stay the night again as it would be my shift again.  But when I got to the hospital he was looking ten times better than when I had left him the night before.

If fact if anything he was bouncing off the walls….. and bored….. bored … bored…
Thankfully the medication worked a treat and in the evening they said we could take him home provided he took his medication every 4 hours and took his Prednisolone every day and we kept him in from playtime at school and pe for the first week he could go back to school on Monday.
As we were leaving a doctor came to sign the discharge forms and sort out his prescriptions for stuff he will need to take and turned to me and said…

He (Ali) has done remarkable considering we were close to losing him the other night………. 
I’m so glad they didn’t tell me that at the time !!!

So everyday there was a rapid change… What a difference 24 hours makes.

And Now… Now is Saturday… I have Shelby up in bed for her nap (my lovely little weekend visitor from Friday till Monday ) I am sat here at my pc and Alex and Ali are on the Xbox playing Minecraft……… 

Normal service has been resumed!

Tuesday Night to Thursday Night......

Tuesday Night to Thursday Night……


Alex has got a Big Owie!! (If you are squemish dont read or look)

The Week started off quite well with lots of social activities (hey walking out of the door is a social activity for me nowadays)
In other words I have had quite a busy week, but on Tuesday all plans went downhill (literally) when Alex was playing a game with some friends and tumbled down a slope on the school field and cut his arm on a stone.
Unfortunately he has about an inch long cut on his Elbow.

I didn’t know about any of this until I was sitting in the Landrover waiting for Vickie while she was running a few errands and I get a call off Allan saying Alex has had an accident and could I get up the school to pick him up…

My first thought was why didn’t the school call me until I remembered that I have not long changed my number and guess who I have forgotten to give it to Yep the school DOH!!


Anyway we go up the school pick Alex up and see the head teacher and she tells me that she thinks he may need to go to the hospital and have a stitch in his elbow.. she had cleaned it out and dressed it as best she could. So I call Jo to see if she can pick Ali up and off I go with Alex to the Memorial hospital stopping for diesel on the way, which has just a Minor Injuries unit really.

Alex waiting to be seen with the dressing the school put on

After waiting for well over an hour to be seen Alex gets called in by this nurse… she had obviously had a bad day because she was snippy with him from the start, she took the dressing off.. said it needed cleaning and yes stitching as it was very deep and proceeded and not in a very careful manner to clean out the wound , anyway as soon as she touched it Alex screamed for England.. she took one small bit out and blood squirted at the wall, thankfully Alex didn’t see this as he had his eyes tightly shut at this point and mouth wide open with lots of noise coming out of it… I think he had decided that he had enough of being brave for the day… however he sat there holding my hand and squeezing and screaming while she (even I could see) quite roughly cleaned it out… then said she would have to give him a local anaesthetic…

she went and got this huge needle… It looked huge to me never mind Alex and she proceeded to stab him in three places with it… Alex cried out again… she then stuck it right inside the cut… This is when he let out a scream that I am sure they would have heard in Outer Mongolia 😦

he moved his arm and she shouted at him so I said I would hold his arm in place at which point she informed me I was not allowed to pin him down and restrain him and that she couldn’t get the rest of the local anaesthetic in on the other side so there was nothing she could do except glue the wound shut and put steri strips on but it wouldn’t hold, he would have a lovely scar and that then next time he fell or knocked it, most probably the whole thing will split open and we will be back to square one with it needing stitching its just a matter of time… could be a week could be a year…



So here we are… A child terrified in pain and she is tut tutting… I’m getting fed up and already deciding just glue it and we can get out of here.

So she pours the glue in which I have to say I know stings like hell from when I have had it done.. all hell broke loose he has a total meltdown seeing the wound and her squeezing it shut and didn’t want her to touch it any-more. I can totally understand how he feels, anyway once she has done that she puts some steri strips over as well to try to hold it shut ,He kept crying even after she had put a pad on and a bandage and refused to move his arm in the position she wanted.. In the end she didn’t bother putting another bandage on just the one she had around it, shoved some tape on to hold it and said …Do not get it wet… change the dressing on Friday and on Sunday he can have a shower so the strips can come off but not to soak it because he can’t have a bath for ten days because of the glue…

Alex by this time is white as a sheet… we go home and he is kinda shell-shocked for the rest of the day. He didn’t even touch any dinner.


By Wednesday morning there was blood seeping through the bandage so I know it’s opened a little… He was off school and came out with us… and had decided to make up for all the eating he missed the day before

Thursday he was back at school but can’t go out to play or do PE…. and Thursday Night he was Invested or Infested as he said into the cubs… He struggled with the salute but did great… He is now a fully fledged Cub….


its been a long week, this afternoon when he comes home from school we are going to change the outer dressing and hopefully we can see exactly how well its healed up or if he needs to go to the main hospital to ask if it can be stitched up properly :-/

taking the dressing off to see what he has actually done

before its cleaned up by the nurse at the hospital

After its cleaned when he had calmed down and wanted to see so I had to take a pic to show him. I didn’t take any more pics at the hospital because as soon as she started with the jabs to sew him up all hell let loose.. will take some more when we check it out this evening.