Living with a hoarder now thats when Freecycle (now Freegle) had its use…

Where do I start  lets see

We moved into our house about 5 years ago..

ok the decoration wasn’t to my taste but hey it had been recently done and i had a three month old baby to care for and the week we moved in i ended up in hospital the day after we picked the keys up with an infected tumour in my neck so Allan bless him not only had to move everything in but take care of the baby as well, plus of course visit me :)

not to mention worry himself sick over said tumour as at the time we didn’t know if it was malignant or benign.

all we know was my lump in my neck was huge and i was going for the op to have a biopsy.. which went wrong and hence the infection….. 😦

anyway back to where i was….  the house didn’t need decorating so we didn’t worry about it  well there was one room the bathroom. that was just newly plastered walls and tiles…. money was tight.. when we moved into the house we had… a double bed given to us by a friend and a dresser, coffee table and rug that were my mums … a travel cot and a few baby bits   and a kettle….. yes folks that was our worldly goods

where i worked at the radio station someone had dumped a 3 piece suite outside that looked fine so i asked if we could have that  great no more sitting on floorboards with blankets on….   we were given the odd bit of furniture here and there and slowly things started to come together….. i got paid and went out and bought some bunk beds for the girls room. and then paid to get the front room, hall stairs and landing and the girls room carpeted in the cheapest cord carpet i could find… Allan’s mum found some old curtains and nets in her attic and gave us them.. we had curtains for the front room and the girls room.. but nets for the whole house ,we put a blanket up at our bedroom window….at least we had a little privacy

now in my previous life so to speak i have always been a hoarder so this bare look was new to me.  next Allan manages to get his cook books back from his ex alone with his bookcase…… we now have over 200 books   i got a catalogue and managed to order some wardrobes for our bedroom and some bedside cabinet’s . I was given a cot for Alex   so with the bits of off cuts from the carpet we made little rugs and hey presto we had a bedroom..  the front room consisted of a coffee table.. three piece suite  carpet and a welsh dresser in one of  the alcoves in which we put a small 14 inch TV that my mum gave us. we were using a little baby belling cooker that was loaned to us and the kettle for dinner…. have you ever boiled eggs in a kettle its easily done…  anyway another friend had a gas cooker which was green and the seal was going round the oven but hey it worked  we had a real cooker with an oven you could cook basic things in and 4 gas rings this was bliss.. again someone else we knew gave me an old fridge freezer…… great two months on and we have a kitchen.. I bought a secondhand washer / dryer for £30 out of the paper… no more hand washing baby clothes…

slowly week by week and month by month we picked up little bits we needed mainly for the kitchen.. plates etc  the pans i was using were replaced and we got everything we needed.

at Christmas we had been in the house 10 months. i was asked what i would like and i said furniture nothing special just cheap flat pack but at least we could have something that matched…. Allan wanted beech so with the money we were given by my mum and dad we bought a shelving unit…a little nest of tables and a coffee table. and a pc desk for the old pc that i was given….. hey we had a matching front room  bliss…….

Allan’s step dad passed away and he was given all his tools and garden stuff……. his mum had two of everything it was a thing his step dad had… always have a back up…. so we got the back ups..  Allan needed a shed for the garden we got the cheapest 6ft x 4ft shed…..  we picked the odd bits and pieces in the pound shop for ornaments etc  it was starting to look like a home and not a shell….

Allan bought a tin of paint and painted the bathroom.  that was the decorating done…

I didn’t have much time to be at home anyway… my dad wasn’t around and my mum needed a carer i became that full time carer  but sadly she passed away anyway when she passed away the house was going to be sold and the furniture and everything had to be cleared out… we got a microwave… dressing table, wardrobe, single bed and lots of other bits and pieces… ornaments… loads of my bits from the attic from when i was younger…

we  now  had “things” the minimalistic look was gone….

not to mention toys and lots and lots of them, that had accumulated from birthday and Christmas for Alex.

and his travel cot as a play pen in the front room…..

I got a carers allowance for looking after my mum and had saved some of it so we managed to get some more bits….

then i joined freecycle. what a god send that was….

the beech furniture we bought was falling to bits less than two years after we bought it so every time i saw something on freecycle in the mahogany i liked i would ask for it…

I was lucky i got a couple of wall units.

in the meantime the rest of my mums furniture that was stored in my bothers garage that i hadn’t wanted and my brother was getting fed up with taking up space i put on freecycle… we managed to clear my brothers garage in two weeks and had put over 600 offers on freecycle…

right down to her disability aids although we kept the wheelchair… and zimmer type frame shopping walker. they went up in the attic… you never know when they might come in handy..

our fridge freezer died  within a couple of days someone offered one on freecycle and hey presto we were lucky….  we got it…. as Alex grew out of most of his clothes and baby stuff i got rid of it on freecycle… all i kept was some precious outfits of his….  then what happens i find myself pregnant again….  a friend who i have known for many many years informs me she still had all the baby clothes that  I had given her when my older kids had grown out of them. a huge trunk full both girls and boys stuff….. so we got that back… i got another moses basket off freecycle and a few other bits i had to replace…..

i had paid up the catalogue by then so ordered a nice wide screen tv  we put the little portable on freecycle…. the kids already had tv’s video players and dvd players that had come from my mums

i was bored with the 3 piece so when i saw another one that would match better in the front room on freecycle  i asked for that got it and put our old one on there that was snapped up…

Allan was given a load of old PC stuff by a friend and started building his little pc workshop in the attic… he made a nice fast pc for me ok we had to buy new bits for it.. but that was sorted…..  he made the girls and Alex their own pc’s for their bedrooms….. bought more kitchen bits when he saw them… don’t forget his is a trained chef so collecting bits for the kitchen is his hobby…..  his mum gave us some shelves so they went up in the bedroom and more and more cook books filled them… along with all the books from my mum’s which had been boxed up in the attic

Ali was born…..  more and more bits crept into the house….  then Alex decided he wanted some fish as a pet.. i bought him A little fish tank with everything included filter light heater you name it….. filled it full of fish.. my dad then decided that he fancied having tropical fish again. he used to have then 30 years ago so he got a big tank… then it escalated  we ended up getting more and more tanks., one was over 6 ft long and 5ft high…  they took over the front room and the kitchen.. we even set up a marine tank which i have to say cost fortunes…… now ok i knew what i was doing with the tropical fish, what i could put together but when it came to marine fish i was a complete novice so ended up asking at our local aquatics shop what would be the best things.  it took weeks to set up from the live rock to cleaner shrimps for weeks before we could even add fish… we added fish and it was looking great for about 6 months… Alex then wanted a nemo fish so we bought one.  put it in the isolation tank for a few weeks all was fine. put it in the main tank and the bloody thing died and killed everything else in the tank after that i decided no more what with testing the water all the time and keeping it going i said no more marine fish…

we had ended up with over 8 tanks 5 of then big ones.. at Christmas there was no room for any decorations except a few ceiling ones The fish had taken over.. along with boxes of equipment, testing kits you name it.. more stuff….

in the meantime every time Allan’s mum had a clear out he would bring it home  no matter what it was  and yes it would be put away…. now the only place we have for storage is an attic and the small bedroom. when the girls came to visit they had to stay in our bedroom because the small room had now become a storage room even the entire contents of the airing cupboard are stacked in there as we lost that storage space in the cupboard when they put in the combi boiler .. even the garden was full of stuff.. bits of wood that may have a use…. he seems to think that everything will have a use eventually..

quite often i would freecycle stuff he had forgotten about but as fast as I’m getting rid of stuff he brings more in.

now i have always had lots of bits around me but this is getting silly now every available bit of space in the house was being taken over…..  we had gone from an empty shell of a house to a house that was bursting at the seams in a matter of a few years ….

now the clear out.. he starts doing the building in the garden and slowly the bits are being used. I convinced him to burn off all the bits of wood not needed in the garden , convinced him we didn’t need a huge garden umbrella with this side stand that practically covered the whole garden  we didn’t need 2 complete sets of garden furniture so i freecycled all the wooden stuff we had and left the wrought iron ones i liked :)

now the front room is being decorated. we are now down to two fish tanks as i had slowly dwindled them down and given them to friends etc i decide that the huge tank is taking up lots of space so when i was given another tank that’sviv in the front room. i convinced him we didn’t need the display cupboard that kept the booze in it and the computer desk that was huge could go upstairs… could he build me one in the alcove… so we now have the sofa’s a viv A Huge TV with a stand and a wall unit in the front room with a couple of  little end tables…. there is actually wall space free while the decorating is going on….. when its done i hope that we will have the whole space by the window clear.. only 4ft and fits on a stand i would get rid of the huge one . we needed it out the front room for when the flooring goes down anyway.. so at the moment the 4ft one  is in the garden waiting for when the front room is done.. the fish are in another tank in the kitchen on a stand and the little fish are in another tank in the kitchen on the counter top.. we have the big

The problem now is because we bought all the flooring to do the hallway and the front room at the same time. and can’t lay the flooring in the front room until the decorating is done we have that stacked up in our room, alone with a couple of spare viv’s boxed stuff from the wall unit so it can be moved while he decorates and now i cant get into the wardrobe’s to put clothes away so it’s stacked up in baskets our bedroom has become another storage area the kitchen has become a storage area and the hallway even has the big Chinese rug that was in the front room rolled up and halfway up the stairs ready to go up in the attic because i don’t want it down again in the front room but again he wont get rid of it..

i had strong words that enough was enough next time someone or his mum offer’s him anything they don’t want to say NO! there is no room left in the house..

sometimes i wish i could go back a few years to when we had hardly anything at least the place looked tidy then… i have to admit at the moment i have lost the will to live when it comes to tidying up because the place still looks like a dumping ground….And he is still bringing bits home  arrrrggghhh……..

in my next life im going for minimalist

“The Finger” or as its now referred to in the house “Iggy Food”

For those who haven’t read previous posts, I was nibbled by the Iguana on the 15th of may   I was hand feeding him some grapes when just as he was about to take the grape it slipped out of my fingers and Iggy bite me instead of the grape… of course i did everything wrong and my immediate reaction was to pull away hence razor sharp teeth cutting in deeper.  your supposed to just cover their nose until they let go which i might add can actually take a while because they can hold their breath for a seemingly long time..


the rest of the bite marks seem to have healed but the top of one of my fingers is very infected. i have taken one course of antibiotics and used all the antiseptic creams etc…

the finger was very painful to move but lately its gone kinda numb..

numb that is until i knock it on something which i seem to do on a regular basis..

even putting the kids socks on and things like that can be agony…

Before anyone says anything no I haven’t been to the doctors or the hospital…

I really hate going its not a phobia as such but I just avoid it at all costs although im beginning to consider it now.

I’ve noticed that the colouring on my finger is rather red and the nail is getting discoloured as well.  its come to a head quite a few times and each time Allan has tried to draw (sorry TMI) the puss out and got loads.. however the next day its full again…

now im getting an expert at typing using the rest of the fingers except the sore one.  that just tends to stick out on its own lol

it’s quite funny as you cant see it clearly in the pictures but you can now see a mouth size bite marks scarring on my hand…. the wheelie clean lady commented on it when she came to collect the money last week.  she just said oh have you been bitten by a dog…..

errr nope it was my Iguana

The look of shock on her face was a picture 😆

anyway here are some pictures of the huge finger  and getting bigger by the day..  they don’t actually show how swollen it really is.

Lousy Sunday! Same thing week in week out… Sunday is the Evil Day!

I have to admit I’m not a fan of Sundays at the best of times,

for some reason Allan always seems to shout a lot and do his impression of  Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde usually aimed at the kids but sometimes I seem to get in the firing line… 😡

It doesn’t help that my dad is around most of the day on Sunday as well as he comes for his roast dinner on Sunday,  problem is he comes about 9am in the morning and stays until tea time so we dont actually get much time together.  By we I mean Me, Allan and the boys , Just occasionally it would be nice to have some “Us” time without pater there…

This Sunday has got to have been the worst in ages…..

Ali woke us up very early wanting to play, i convinced him to come and have a cuddle and he got in our bed in the middle and went back to sleep so we all got an extra couple of  hours in bed.. get up and just about to make the tea when my dad arrives…

The menfolk plan for today was lay the new lawn…  Both dad and Allan had made a start last night when the turfs were delivered so it was a case of getting the rest done today.  roast dinner was planned for the evening so gardening could be done all day instead of  just in the morning what usually happens is we have roast at one and then being to full to do anymore :) thats it for the day

the next part of the plan was for just some sandwiches, cake, crisps at one when the grand prix actually started so it could be watched before gardening was resumed.

fine they got half the turfs down, i got sandwiches etc done and we sit down and have lunch.  and we watch the grand prix

now bearing in mind no one is allowed to breath when Arsenal are playing the formula one is “MY” thing and i like to watch the whole race!!

Now the one pain of the BBC taking it over is there is no adverts for me to go put the kettle on, check dinner, get kids drinks , cook, serve, eat dinner, have a pee or do any other thing anyone wants.

So  here I am, im trying to watch grand prix, kids stuffed faces and got bored.. the pc in the corner is taken apart at the moment while he is decorating so they cant go and play on that…I had emptied the toy box upstairs when i had a tidy up in the morning so no toys lying around to play with… what happens next they start to argue… the end both are screaming……who is the one thats is trying to watch tv yes me…. im the one missing the grand prix plus
having to get up and sort them out every five mins

Allan gets the strop and storms out into the garden. muttering something about might as well do that as he cant watch or hear the tv because of the kids……..  great boys follow him into the garden  dad and i watch the F1 :) all quiet until Ali comes in screaming and i mean screaming…… Alex comes in screaming and really upset…… they tell me daddy has throw Ali’s favourite ball  which i might add is one of these little material soft balls, about the size of a grapefruit over into next doors garden… picture this garden  no one has been out in it in the whole time we have lived here nearly 6 years and  hadnt been touched for a good two or three years before that  so its all weeds and brambles…

I go out to see whats happened and Allan is shouting his mouth off….. apparently ali was on the lawn part he had turfed playing with this ball,  ok you shouldn’t walk on turf when its being layed but they had already let the boys walk on it all morning because they (my dad and allan) said their weight wouldn’t make any difference…..   anyway Allan had shouted his mouth of at Ali and then taken the ball off him and thrown it over the fence……  then he starts shouting at me. i cant even remember what he was ranting about so i think to hell with you and told him next time he leaves anything in my way i’ll act as childish as him and throw his stuff over the fence…   Ali is sobbing by now really sobbing rubbing his eyes with grubby paws .. remember he has been out in the garden so then his eyes get red  he takes off his glasses…

finally Ali  calms down and the grand prix has finished wow i got to watch the last few laps in peace…. well done Jenson by the way :) Ali has the hump because he wants to go with them in the end he gets out because they leave the front door open.. Alex is out there was well, the lawn is finished in the back so they go out the front to do a few bits  Allan comes in stressed again because they keep trying to escape

time for a cup of tea……. we sit down.. Ali still rubbing eyes takes off his glasses again….. Alex was playing in the hallway we thought ali went with him. the next thing i see is ali at the top of the stairs and bump bang bang as he falls down the whole flight,  i have never moved so fast in my life both Allan and i got to him as he hit the bottom.  first good sign he screams his head off…… much better then lying there quiet and he wriggles and gets up. we check him all over… the only place he has hurt himself his his bum and his shoulder blades. he got carpet burns on them.. nothing else was banged or hurt… he told us where he hurt…… one very lucky escape when i think what could of happened i was the one shaking afterwards when i think of what could of happened to my baby.

by now Allan has chilled out a little…… we have dinner finally about 7pm by which point ali was tired didnt want his dinner and we getting humpy.. no good putting him in the bath now he could hardly keep his eyes open.  he lies down has a drink and falls asleep on the sofa…  Alex watches tv for a while, dad goes home……… Alex goes to bed…..

by which point i seriously need a drink lol  except I cant drink ive just started taking some anti biotics that we had a full course of because Allan hadnt taken any for an infected insect bite because it had started clearing up on its own…. anyway i decided yesterday to take them as my finger is really swollen and has gone infected where Iggy bit me a few days ago.. plus its really painful and the other scratches although they had healed a bit really really itch like an insect bite does so i figure i might as well take them… I knew it was infected as they had swollen up like sausages and there was a nice yellow glow going on there.. 😦

Now in all honestly i hate shouting….. i lived with someone who was always shouting someone who was always moaning and shouting and swearing at me and the kids.. (ironic really they do say history repeats itself ) anyway i try not to argue….. I think allan and i had been together four years before he raised his voice at me…  that i wont put up with… now i shout back…….

its when he gets stressed out at the kids for no reason that really gets to me,

ok i admit im very protective of my chic’s im the first to shout at them when they do something bad but hey i made them i can break them lol

but i dont shout at them for trivial things like Allan does.. “Every Sunday”

it’s days like today that i really wish i was single……..

Big brave men……. NOT!!!!

I know i shouldn’t laugh but it seems Iggy has the ability to scare the hell out of both Allan and Andy… :) in all fairness to them though. it seems Iggy doesn’t like either of them  As soon as Allan gets in Iggy starts pacing up and down and if Allan goes near the Viv Iggy fly’s at the grill at him………

only drawback is he is not the most agile of reptiles and there is a lot of banging and clattering when he does,

Ive had to promise that i will only get him out when Allan isn’t there… as for the boys Iggy shows no interest in them what so ever, even when they look at him through the glass bit at the bottom.

I’m trying to convince both the menfolk that Iggy just wants some attention as when i go to the Viv he climbs on the mesh and pushes his belly right up to it for a belly tickle…..

neither of the men would dare do it as they have seen how fast he moves…

I’m just hoping that I’m right and he is just attention seeking otherwise there are going to be a few row’s I can see it coming

In fact it may be his downfall!

My Front room is now more of a mess than It usually is!!

Allan decided yesterday that because it was raining on and off he would start decorating the front room

So the pc and everything was boxed up and packed away while he started stripping walls… fine if he had cleared up after himself but no there was soggy wallpaper all over the place when he finished for the day at 10pm  still he got two walls done..  bet its ages before he starts stripping the other two.   so in the mean time im back on the lap top    arrrgghhh I hate laptops :(

anyway i have spent the whole morning inbetween trips to facebook and the forum lol clearing up all the mess…

fingers are feeling a lot better today… oh and i think Allan is scared of Iggy pmsl  when he went near the viv Iggy jumped up at the grill bit and scared the hell out of him…. shame eh lol 🙄

Lovely day NOT!

Ouch  well thanks to my stupidity of trying to feed a 4ft Iggy my flesh instead of his grapes I’m still in pain,

Allan put some steri strips on my fingers last night as a couple of the scratches if you can call them that are quite deep. been munching on pain killers but they are not helping……  it’s wet and horrible out at the moment…. cant see dad mowing the front lawn today  he asked Allan to move all the bags of ballast and horse shite to the back garden which he did so he can do it……. oh well lol

I bet here will still come over though..

well dad did come round  didn’t get the mowing done but he got the hanging baskets filled and up….. lol it’s like having my own personal gardener   i know the old man doesn’t have his own garden now so he has taken over ours.

I’ll just be glad when its all turfed and not looking like a tip although i know it’s work in progress but still would be nice to have a garden to sit out in and have a BBQ and for the kids to play in…

bloody hand still hurts and this one hand typing is really getting to me.. so much to say so long to type it lol

Andy came round today again  so at least had an adult to talk to once dad had gone home,  no doubt Allan will be on his 360 tonight so i can play on the PC  lol without getting moaned at


Well the day started off as usual for a Friday…. dad came round and we went shopping over the savacenter then went up to the restaurant to have lunch with Ali He loves his fish..

we got home i did my usual catch up on facebook and the forum then Andy came round and we were talking….. i decided to feed the Iggy and was hand feeding him some bits when a grape slipped out of my fingers  just as he was going to grab it with his mouth….. result two bitten fingers… lots of blood

mind you i cant blame him it wasn’t his fault and he has had cuddles since. and if he had meant to bite me my fingers wouldn’t be there   got to admit though it hurts like fuck :) mental note be more careful when hand feeding and typing is very slow im used to tapping away at the speed of knots but at the moment i can only type with one hand… wonder if i need a Tetanus shot lol the last time I had one was about errr maybe less than ten years ago just when i cut my hand on an opened tin in the bin….  should be ok then because dont they last for about ten years…