Whoever woke me up is going to die!

Having spent many years as a complete insomniac sometimes going days with no sleep, As my kids have got older…… My body can now actually go to sleep. My problem is when someone WAKES me up once I have gone to sleep, Whether I have had half an hour or a few hours. Once I have woken up I lay there, I can not go back to sleep, I have learnt over the years not to get up, read a book, go on Facebook because this makes it worse.. I lie there in the dark, I lie there until daylight sometimes. You may not know you have woken me up but you have. Some days I get so tired that I am finally ready to snap and kill someone… Today is one of those days.

At the moment I am sleeping on the sofa bed downstairs so actually trying to get to sleep with the hall light on is hard enough in the first place because the stop-out hasn’t got in yet… But what is worse is when the so-called stop-out wakes me up when she gets in. I then begin my long sleepless night, lying in bed in the dark, trying to get back to sleep again.. looking at the time every hour or so… In last nights case the last time I actually looked at the time was about 4.45am although I didn’t go to sleep then, Like I said that is what time I last checked the time not went to sleep.

Unlike some lazy cow who can wake up with a headache and go back to bed until 3.10pm yes I said PM. I get up early because we have school to get the boys up for. or we have other things that need doing.. Anything past 8am to me is a long lie in even at weekends. I just can’t do it I can’t lay in bed in the mornings. I have spent years getting up with kids. My body doesn’t know Lay in. Unlike a certain person who cant even put their own dirty washing in the machine if its dirty in there or keep it together in her room until its time to bring it all down and prefers to throw it on the floor in the kitchen. Nice……. Dirty Knickers on the floor

So to say that I am in the mood to kill today is an understatement. Revenge isn’t even sweet. I pushed the button on the smoke alarm for a good five mins this morning to wake the lazy mare up to see how she likes it.. and Nope that didn’t even work…….. You know what.. If the house really was on fire I would let you burn…….

Be warned this is the last time this is going to happen.. because the door will be locked at midnight Sunday night to Friday night and 1am on Friday night and Saturday night unless there is a special occasion which deems staying out later. If a certain person is locked out more than three nights… That certain person can find somewhere else to bloody live. MY HOUSE MY RULES!


I figure I might as well put this here because it doesn’t seem to go into your thick head when we tell you.


The Feeding Frenzy Stops Now! Mr Wii fit nearly passed out when I stood on him!

Yes I know I have said that we were planning on going back on our low-fat diet on many an occasion since we gave up smoking but today it goes into force..

 We had decided the other day that we would start today (Monday) But not being able to sleep I decided to get the Wii fit out its been 208 days since I have used it… which is basically since I got bad feet originally as I couldn’t do the step etc….

Well I have just had the shock of my life… I know my knee pain is going to stop me doing a lot of exercise, I know my chest still being weak is not going to help… but until I can make a start of getting rid of this extra body fat, Neither is going to get better so it’s a vicious circle..


According to Wii fit plus I have the Wii fit age of 54….. OK I could live with that knowing how obese I am and bearing in mind I am 50 in November if it wasn’t for the fact that two years ago I had a Wii fit age of 34.


The Wii fit plus man says I should have a body weight of just over 10 stone… and I can’t remember what the BMI should be but I do know that is not the right weight for me… Ideally I would be fit and happy with a body weight of about 11 to 12 stone… I don’t look right in a size 12 I am a naturally size 14/16 stuck in a fat body! Even so if I went by what the Wii man says I need to lose half my body weight..

 I can’t do major work out’s YET! shame I can’t have one of those personal trainers like on biggest looser.. someone who would sort every morsel of food that goes in this body and someone who would work out a program of exercise I could do.. oh and a personal doctor to help sort out everything that’s wrong with me so I could work out like a trojan.

 But in the mean time back in the real world I can cut back and go on a healthy diet… I can make time to do my basic Wii fit exercise again..

Allan has said we can get the exercise bike down out of the back room so I could sit and ride while watching tv because lets face it upstairs even if it wasn’t used as a store-room is boring. once i have lost some weight and am more motivated then we can start using all the other stuff we have up there i.e. cross trainer etc. …

Now all I need is daddy free time to do this… well I am going to have to make time…

I need to lose weight before the summer holidays… I intend on making use of the swimming facilities and don’t want anyone to harpoon me thinking I am the great white whale. OK I know this is going to take a long time.. it took me years to get fat so I’m not expecting it to all come off at once.. but its a start for the rest of my life.

 Maybe if I spent less time on the internet and more time on exercise I would be better off… I have given up playing games on face book so if I can just beat my addiction to lurk I will be winning… Freegle is taking up less time now as well as I have a couple of moderators so really I have no excuse.

 Actually funny thing mentioning the internet .. its 4.18am and at the moment its down.. I know it worked an hour ago so obviously Virgin are having some problems


So my plan is..

low-fat diet (obviously)

need to seriously work out some low-fat low-cost meals for both Allan and I.
If the kids will eat them then it’s a bonus.

Us Wii fit plus every day and maybe keep a weight loss diary and remember to do a weekly blog even if its only about that.

Use exercise bike (once its down) every day.

Once the warmer weather gets here and hopefully I can actually walk further without dying.. Actually walk the kids back home from school. (mornings are too hectic in this house to actually walk them there and it is too far for the kids really)

Starting today!

 Well I did an hour and a half using the Wii fit and the Zumba.. (Jeeze that’s hard work) I did feel I could have done more but by the time my dad had left and I had done some exercise it was time to get the boys from school

Diet plan for the day, I have had a packet of the special K bites lemon flavour which are 99 calories  and for dinner we are having a low-fat chicken curry with a small good for you nan bread..

Allan has had one of those meal replacement shakes at lunch time, I didn’t bother as I wasn’t hungry  Not sure if skipping meals is a good thing or not.. I will work this out though… I know  I am determined really because I need to be here to see my boys grow up.

I spoke too soon :-( oh and be warned dont look if squemish!!

It’s 3.36am……………. Bollocks!!!!!!!!!!

Why am I up you ask……..Well actually you didn’t ask but as its my blog I will tell you anyway

I have been up coughing, and now finally admitted defeat and came downstairs…

At least I’m still making it up stairs… one up on last time..

Seriously though I really don’t want this to go to my chest again, apart from the fact that I’m down to my last inhaler it’s nearly empty and I’m not due for a repeat prescription until the end of the month 😦

I found some antibiotics so have been dosing myself up to get me through to monday when I can see if I can be fitted in at the quacks… got to go anyway as I can hardly walk, My eczema  is back with a vengeance especially on my feet well one foot in particular… only this time its spread to the sole as well making walking impossible practically so im hobbling around with bandages wrapped round my feet like an old lady… Plus my hands are sore…   its got to the point where my hands and feet are dry cracked and bleeding and im in constant pain… yes my fault I should have gone to the doctors but after the visits before christmas I am fed up going there….

I know what’s to blame but I’m not getting rid of him despite my asthma being the worst its been in 7 years and my eczema flaring up again I had it all summer and eventually went to the doctors and got loads of steroid creams then it calmed down a lot although didn’t go but I had it years ago say about  ten years…  Yep I’m majorly allergic to dogs.. 😦

oh well, fingers crossed we can get this sorted soon………….. 

I know its unhealthy to google but personally I think the doctors are wrong it’s not eczema I have but psoriasis, it makes more sense, looks more like mine does..  which would explain why the creams and steroids i was given before never worked.

This picture was taken when it was at its worst at the top of my foot… now its like that on top but also the soles of my feet are covered in a hard scaly skin which is splitting, cracked and bleeding..



even my hands are getting worse..

The worst thing is I want to start exercising a bit more and I can’t even walk across the room at the moment or stand for more than a couple of mins without being in pain..  2012 is the year to get myself sorted.

asthma under control again,

eczema or whatever it is sorted.

weight sorted.

all not good when you are diabetic… another thing I think needs reviewing by the doctors..  I’m wondering if I’m changing from type 2 to type 1 slowly now .. maybe that would explain why I’m taking forever to heal and am so run down!!

watch this space I think its serious hassle to doctors, wish I could just have one long appointment and discuss everything instead of this stupid one item per visit kinda thing!!!

I am at last a sleeping Insomniac!!

As you will probably know if you do follow my blog, I am an insomniac!!

I don’t “DO” sleep, Well not for more than a couple of hours a night anyway.

But something strange has been going on this week,

Three or four nights in a row now I have been sleeping, not a little sleep I mean going to bed and actually sleeping for 6 hours at least..

Even getting upstairs to bed is an accomplishment never mind sleeping. That is a major bonus!

Where I have been ill and my chest has been so bad I’d no even made it upstairs for weeks on end.

I am feeling a lot better, I am sleeping, I feel like after months and months of feeling like death warmed up I have finally got 3/4 the way out of the tunnel.
In fact I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel…

Now I just have to hope that it’s not a bloody train coming towards me 🙄

The Toxic one is banished forever!! No More Mother in Law from Hell!!


I have just realised like you do at 3am in the morning, one of the reason’s why our christmas has been so great…..

We havent had to endure the toxic one…

Since my posting on facebook

(going back to here)   https://notyouraveragemother.wordpress.com/2011/09/09/omg-they-really-do-have-their-heads-stuck-up-their-arses/

I haven’t had to put up with the crap from the mother in law..  Of course word got back to her what I thought…

and yes it apparently took me right off her christmas card and present list… whooo hooooo!!

Of course now the downside is I will never see another pound shop present and naff smelly set again and I will have to actually buy something to give to the school raffle..

Of course after the boxing day visit we had to make a couple of years ago to the manor  oh bungalow but to her it’s a manor house.. with my dad where they were to be honest downright rude and obnoxious, and picked on my baby Ali for doing something when Joshua a year younger than him is still running around being a pain, not even able to eat at the table because A. He wont sit still and B wont eat real food but can do no wrong.. when All Ali was doing was trying to work a puzzle out HELLO THE KID IS HALF BLIND  do not pick on him for missing a few tiny bits when picking up the puzzle…

Anyway as I was saying after that visit I told Allan I would NEVER go back there again… Besides in the 7 years we have lived in this house (nearly 8) they have only ever been here twice…… once for Alex’s Christening and then they were rude and ignored everyone… and once for boxing day when again they left after a few house and were rude.
So as I have said in the past its their turn to come here… Joshua is now at school so they can hardly use the excuse he is a baby and needs all the equipment.. (although funny how I had to take everything over there when I had both boys as babies and had the girls )  

They can’t use the fact that we smoke… we havent for two years now..

oh we have a dog… they could have used that one..

nah lets face it since Joshua was born she has no interest in her other grandchildren and you know what…
I couldn’t be more pleased 🙂

Seriously though I am not saying (because no doubt she would take us to court for access to grandchildren or something ) that she will never see the boys again.

What I am saying is that she will have to come here to see them at a convenient time booked in advance with me.

When Allan is off work and I can go out round Jo’s lol

I am so loving this freedom from the old bitch and her daughter…


The Hour has Changed… We are now Officially in the Dark!!

Getting up while it’s dark is just not right. It’s against all laws of nature. Well, except for nocturnal animals like owls or vampires or whatever. But, for we dayturnal creatures, night is for sleep. In My case when I Cant sleep it just feels even the nights are even longer……… Either way its not right!

Does that mean my alarm clock goes off when it’s still night?

It’s just not right.

It’s around this time of year that I propose my hibernation plan. Every human on the northern hemisphere should hibernate from the months of October to March. Or perhaps beginning in November, just to give time for people to get things ready.

We’d stock up on food, DVDs, games and so on and then just lock ourselves away for those months. Nobody would go anywhere. With maybe the exception of nipping out when its Broad Daylight and of course only if we choose too.
Nobody would do any work. No School runs… This would especially save on schools being shut during snow days.

And then, in the spring time, we’d all get back to it totally refreshed and ready for anything.

Don’t worry about the world during those unproductive months. We’d adjust. In fact, it may turn out we never needed them at all. In animation, it is the norm to work stupid hours and have no life coming up to deadlines.
I suspect that could work on a far larger scale. They could add another hour or two on to the school days and cut the summer holiday down to a couple or three weeks, and Easter Holidays down to two weeks.

And we’d always have the southern hemispheres to keep things going, just like we northerners would when they get their hibernation. By Hibernation I mean only needing to leave the house in DAYLIGHT hours..

If I ever run for Ruler Of The Known Universe, that will be one of my core policies.

Insomnia It comes in handy sometimes!

I often suffer from Insomnia, but sometimes It does have its advantages, Like tonight. I needed to load the dishwasher and sort out the kitchen,
I also  wanted to catch up on Hells Kitchen that we recorded last monday..  Alpha male aka Allan was tired and went to bed so I decided to get on with things…

being wide awake certainly has its advantages lol
did I get the kitchen sorted properly  erm.. No I ended up on the pc but saying that I think I have worked out how to link my blog here with facebook and twitter…

not such a technophobe afterall lol

On the plus side I did get to watch the recorded hells kitchen so im ready for tomorrows episode now…