Not enough hours in the day at the moment

Just popping in to say a quick hello I am still alive before I get on with all the stuff I have to do today,

Got cakes to bake for the Bowls Club do tomorrow, If I get time another cake for Ali’s Birthday as I feel bad about buying him one, Clothes to get sorted for tomorrows day out at the trains we are taking Ali here for his treat we go every year on his birthday he loves the place, Oh and got the summer Fayre at the school to do today as I’m helping out on the smash a plate stall with the beavers and cubs. bit worried about that one with all the flying glass and stuff having the kids so close but hey it must be safe… anyway off I go, it’s going to be a long day

not sure if I will be updating this weekend I will try if I can,


anyway what has taken place which I feel a bad mummy about was the school sponsored walk , I got at the school yesterday about 2.35 our usual time to go find somewhere to park and it was packed.. I then remembered that as well as none uniform day it was the school sponsored walk oops. oh well I arrived in time to see them and most importantly to them. to take them home early 😆

Oh and one last thing… As I already said in the last Blog, The declutter has started… The main bedroom is slowly looking less like a hoarders paradise  I will blog about this more when I have time as the de-clutter is still ongoing… I want to reclaim all the rooms.
I need to get at least the rooms sorted before August… The Attic I may save for when they go back to school in September to give me something to do with my time when Jo Moves away…. Oh more to come about that as well.
See I have an excuse really for not being on the internet 24/7  🙂




Insomnia It comes in handy sometimes!

I often suffer from Insomnia, but sometimes It does have its advantages, Like tonight. I needed to load the dishwasher and sort out the kitchen,
I also  wanted to catch up on Hells Kitchen that we recorded last monday..  Alpha male aka Allan was tired and went to bed so I decided to get on with things…

being wide awake certainly has its advantages lol
did I get the kitchen sorted properly  erm.. No I ended up on the pc but saying that I think I have worked out how to link my blog here with facebook and twitter…

not such a technophobe afterall lol

On the plus side I did get to watch the recorded hells kitchen so im ready for tomorrows episode now…

A Random Thought Crossed My Mind today!

I had just finished carving the meat for our Sunday dinner when I couldn’t resist nicking a piece of crackling and meat Nom Nom Nom

and then this Thought Hit me!!!

At what point in my life Did I start liking Roast Pork?


Seriously When  I was a kid I hated the stuff, I remember pleading with my mum not to give me any if she was doing Roast Pork on a Sunday

After much pleading She occasionally would agree I could just have Veg and then she would pour Gravy all over everything.. Made of course from the Meat Juices.. Tasting of Pork  YUKKKKKKK!!!

Honestly this is the only Memory I have of being force fed something I hated at home…

Now I love Pork, In fact its one of my fav roast dinners, I like pork in any way shape or form.

I don’t remember the day I went from hating it to loving it..

All I know is for as long as I can remember (and lets face it memory can be a dodgy thing at times 😆 )

I love Pork,  But then I Remember clearly sitting in my mums Kitchen..
My Last memory of the battle of the pork was at 25 Periwinkle close when she had that god awful   70’s wallpaper with kitchen things over it.

So This Brings me back to the Original Question

At what point in my life did I start liking Pork?

I guess we will never know 😆



There are only 76 days until Christmas!

I know a lot of people don’t want to even know about christmas yet, Especially when we are going through and Indian Summer and its still 67 degree’s out there and its 2.34am, Its still been warm out although admittedly a little damp at times but the sun has still been shining the majority of the time and the boys still haven’t even needed a jumper really at school never mind a coat… one of the Joys of living in the south east of England in Kent I guess. Although I think most of the country is having this prolonged summer.

Anyway.. I am actually running late this year.. I only just got the Christmas cake made the other day but to compensate for the 4 weeks lack of feeding it I left the fruit to soak in Brandy, whisky and sherry for two days.. all in all 1/2 Pint of Alcohol was soaked up. and the same with the fruit for the christmas puddings……

Christmas Cake just out of the Oven


Three Christmas Puddings steaming



We spent all day steaming those today.. got them on as soon as the roast dinner was cooked..  8 hours steaming……… hey ho… 

Christmas Puds turned out after 1st steaming.. they now need wrapping in tinfoil.. feeding even more and then re putting back into the basins and steaming again for three hours at christmas.


I finally feel like I’m Organised now for christmas……. I’m not going silly this year on toys for the boys … They will get one or two things but no point in getting them loads of stuff they will

A. Never Play with

B. Ali will destroy anyway bearing in mind he doesn’t really “Do” Toys except the odd construction ones and we have enough of that stuff to supply ToysR Us.

C. Gets left out all over the bedroom floor and I end up throwing it all away anyway..

I will probably get the geeky bits Alex wants like his chemistry set and telescope… oh and the monster magic kit…

Ali has only asked for one thing.. a kind of construction toy that you use foam and saw it with plastic saw’s, put it together with plastic nails etc. He saw it on tv and its the only thing he has said.. “I want one of those” So when I saw it I put it away..

Oh and we have a couple of Nano Hexbug things. they wanted. actually I got those in the summer holidays when the boys wanted them.. put them away and forgot about them so now they can have them for christmas 🙂

And I have already got their annuals  Alex has Horrid Henry… and Ali has Humf .. (Allan’s choice not mine…… but then Ali shows no interest in anything much and at least he liked peppa pig and Humf on the tv when he was little or it goes on for some reason when he isn’t well

The other thing Ali wants is a blue Birdie… well blue budgie to be exact and Alex did say he wanted a bird as well so although we have a cage upstairs.. by the time i get new bits for it and perches it will be cheaper to buy an new cage and get two birds for it.. and then hang it from a wall bracket so the dog cant get at them or knock the stand flying with his clumsy arse..

They haven’t asked for it but Dad Has got them a Proper Hornby train set…  really nice… WW2 theme… (fits in with Alex and his geeky history tenancies lol )  We just need to get a huge bit of ply and make a base now so the track can be screwed down and it hung from the spare/ back room ceiling.  The plan is that is can be raised and lowered as and when the boys……. (using that term very lightly because we all know this boy toy train set will be played with my dad and Allan the most lol )

What I do need to pick up is another Wii controller and a few more Wii Games for the boys…… No point in getting DS games as we can erm download all the ones they like onto their R4 card.

Other than That I cant think what to get them… wont be much else……. as I said Ali doesn’t do toys and Alex is geeky anyway.

Other than that It will be the usual booze for the old man..

Allan wants a new pair of whal Beard trimmers as his are just about had it…. and Will probably get him some more Jamersons Irish Whisky  if Its on offer again this year..

If we do a Secret Santa this year I will need to pick something up for that..

and then it will be get Jo and Adam something oh and the girls……… Now that will be something to think about…..

After Tammy’s little show over the last 12 months and last week especially……. Both my dad and Allan have said she has blown any chance of a present  over christmas but I feel I should get her a little something and Again a little something for Amberleigh.. we have told her that she wont get the usual stash now she is over 18 but I will get her a little something special.  Well at least at the moment she is visiting every week even if its just for a few hours…..

I will get my Brother and Sister in Law their usual box of Choc Biscuit’s 

And that’s about it present wise this year…….

If Allan wants to get his family something then he can but I refuse to do it  that’s down to him we established that years ago … Mind you after my status about his sister and her party I wonder if they will bother with Allan and the boys anyway lol

When it comes to Allans other family  to be honest we are all in the same boat and cant afford much so we kinda have an unwritten rule that we dont buy for them and the kids and they dont buy for us which suits us fine really.

So that’s it really christmas sorted….. No doubt The boys list may be subject to change.. but I repeat I am not going silly lol

The New Cooker is here….. Well New to me Anyway!!

As I said in my dream kitchen post we were getting a new range cooker… ok we we’re getting a second hand, or should I say pre-owned, Pre-loved?????? Hmmmm I think I like Pre-Loved best

Anyway with the Help of Andy a very good friend, who now probably has a hernia due to the weight and lifting the cooker… Sorry Andy lol  The Cooker was collected and put in the kitchen.

The two days previous to its Arrival


As we were so paranoid she would change her mind so we didn’t want to rip the cupboard out and counter top etc until I had called her again and confirmed that she was indeed going to sell us her cooker. 


Allan was busy taking down a plate rack, taking down a cupboard that was next to the old cooker but would be in the way of the new cooker and moving it to the other side of the kitchen.

Where Cupboard was

he then had to tile the whole area behind the cooker where the cupboard had been, we couldnt match up the checker plate tiles we had on top so had to buy new ones so got red in fitting with the rest of the kitchen….

Bless him he was up until about 3am Tiling

Tiling where counter was that had the tumble dryer under it

(If I ever go off red then we are really up the creek lol)

Anyways………  Tiling done… and here we are…

Done!! nearly, just the grouting to do.
Before with Plate rack
After when Cupboard had been moved over , and is actually a lot more use now as before it was just full of junk now I can use it for plates etc..

And the finale

Drum roll please…………

Finally At Home!
I’m Spoilt for Choice

I cant get over how much bigger the kitchen looks just moving a few bits around.. I’m Loving it.

All This space.......... Yay!! Now all I need to get is a stainless cooker hood and Its done

I feel I should Name her lol  Now I wonder why I just called it a her…………….  I will have to think about this..

Getting your own way can be Boring……….

I love you to bits Allan, but grow some For Fuck’s Sake,
Just for once say No,
Yes Babe, Yes Darling, What ever you want,
What ever you want to do,
It all gets so Tedious .
…There is no challenge in it at all,
I need a challenge, I need amusing lol
This Carte Blanche to do what ever I want is getting boring..

Surely you can’t Agree with everything I say, What is going on,

I know we don’t argue but sometimes all I want is for you to voice your own opinion,

Tell me NO some-time’s 

I’m sure that at the moment if I turned round and said.. I am having an affair do you mind

the reply would be what every you want Babe 😉 Ok maybe not but you guys must get my drift..

The man is driving me crazy.

Ok I know he is a former chef so when I want bits for the kitchen he wont disagree because of course its of  interest to him but having just spent fortunes on the mixer, microwave, cooker, decorating and other bits my Krups food processor has packed up.. oh the beater bit has gone on it so i need a new “whisk” bit.. If I can find somewhere that has it  in stock about £20 to replace. bearing in mind that we have all the attachments for the Krups varimix 2000  so we really don’t need a new food processor.. hell i only use it for making the cake frosting as the icing sugar makes a mess in the kitchenAid Mixer.  but no he has decided that maybe we should get a Magimix one…  because they are the professional ones and he wants me to have the best   arrrghhh!! 

Just fix my Krups please!!!