Happy Bloggiversary or Bloggibirthday (what ever you prefer to call it)

Well today is the day. My blog’s birthday. four years old. Man, how it has flown.


I’ve never celebrated my blogs birthday before so I decided to do a whole big post with a nice little birthday image , maybe even a little present, (something I would love myself I think is in order because of course its as close as I will ever get to the real thing)
this year, for some reason, making a big deal out of it seems the most appropriate thing to do, It’s weird its one of the few things I started years ago that I still continue with.


Yes there are days, weeks where I don’t write but its mostly because life is getting in the way. Although I have to say I am enjoying browsing through some of the old posts to see what I’d like to post again. I haven’t done that before. There will be a couple more reposts over the next few days of posts I like and then it’s back to regular service. Hey, if there’s a post you remember that you like, let me know. But my repost for today is obviously going to be my first ever blog post


A lot has changed in the last 4 years and I think that’s what I tried to reflect in my blog over the years, my feelings, my sense of humour, My anger… Lets face it who else can I take it out on? and my life and soul.

The future is far less certain and recession is hitting pretty hard in some places. Like where I am. It’s funny that a huge amount of people are still in complete denial about that so I think that’s going to start to hit even harder in the near future. People are trying to keep going, trying not to admit that times are hard… Why keep up with the Jones? As long as we are happy, healthy and fed with a roof over our head that’s All I worry about in the end.


For me, I don’t know where I’ll be this time next year. Quite possibly, I’ll end up on the streets looking for work The boys are getting older and I’ve been lucky enough to be a stay at home mum since they were born. Forget what ever jobs I ever did in the past… All I have known for years is motherhood, I don’t know if it’s a skill that really translates to the streets but it’s worth a shot. “Banking, First Aid, Chef, Cleaner, Accountant, House keeper, Entertainments Manager? No? No? God bless you, sir,” and so on.


But it has actually been a really good 4 yrs since my Bloggibirthday I’ve been working hard on being a good mum and trying to do my best for the people I love and it’s something I think will contribute to possibly for the rest of my life. That’s a rare thing and I’m really thankful for it.


It has been a good 4 years. It has really!!


Well, here’s to another year. Thanks as always for dropping by my little blog. Who knew when I started writing about my life and other total rubbish years ago and ranting about almost anything that I’d find a little blog community of people I would call friends? If I’d known that, I probably would have tried to make those early postings a little better. Look back, they’re unbelievably crap. Well, not to worry, they served a purpose at the time. Helped me sort stuff out in my head.


If you’re reading this, I hope you’re doing well and thanks again.

Happy Birthday from me to me! I wish!!

You have heard of video killed the radio start well I was thinking has technology killed the letter.

You have heard of video killed the radio start well I was thinking has technology killed the letter.

Alas, the love letter is no more – killed by email, Facebook, Twitter and text!

Not that I ever got any love letters 😦

I had letters from Friends when I was living in the states sent by snail mail but not what you would call a love letter as such… In someone declaring their undying love for you.

Well at least I don’t remember getting one……  😕

Throughout history young lovers have expressed their never ending love to each other via the letter… from the age of puppy love and notes passed via friends to young lovers separated and posting and receiving them… how many people remember getting a letter with SWALK written on the back. How many would understand what it actually means nowadays…

I kinda feel sorry for the younger generation now…

A hand written letter is so much more personal than a text or a quick message on facebook..

30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 13

Blog 13 – A picture of a house you lived in as a child.


9 periwinkle closeI have taken this picture from google maps, which explains the letter and number plate blanked out lol I lived here (and it looked a lot better than the dump it looks now) at 9 Periwinkle close


we moved from number 9 to number 25 periwinkle close… another google maps picture here .. it is the house on the corner by the hill with the hedge:

25 periwinkle close


when I was in the states I lived in a few houses but this was my favourite..

7502 TarryTown road

30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 9

Blog09 – A recent picture of you (by recent within the last 4 months)

Ok this was taken the morning after the night before… In other-words  the 11th November 2011 after My Birthday meal, oh and a box of wine and a few other drinks… and very very little sleep hence the pin hole eyes, Messy hair and I think I can even detect a smudge of make-up still around the eyes that never got washed off properly
OMG I am so Fat!!  😆  And the fact that I’m not very good at taking pics of myself 😛