Bonnie and Clyde Soulmates to their death


I would have loved the opportunity to spend time with these two characters, for at least a day. Can you believe today marks the 80th Anniversary of the day the two were ambushed! Where has time gone?


Wouldn’t you love the chance to hang with them?

What went on their heads?

Why did they go on the killing sprees they did?

Bonnie was so young!

How does a 23 year old become so infected with that much rage?

Of course, they did supply the nation with a lot of entertainment at a time when things were bad, real bad. Kind of like today. “They were front-page news, newsreel stars, heroes to those who hated banks and the government, institutions the young outlaws mocked.”

Kind of like today.


Outlaw soul mates Bonnie and Clyde, who disdain arrest and choose instead to die together in a hail of bullets.


Bonnie Parker seemed to know what fate awaited them. While the couple was on the run, she sent a poem to the media, which was printed across the country the next day and concluded with:


Some day they’ll go down together

they’ll bury them side by side.

To few it’ll be grief,

to the law a relief

but it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde.


Often when soul mates pass over to the other side, their bodies are buried side by side. However, this was not the case after the simultaneous deaths of Bonnie and Clyde, because Bonnie’s family refused to allow it. Sometimes, even soul mates can experience scorn and disapproval from those close to them, which makes immortality seem preferable.

Personally I think Bonnie knew that the only way they would ever be together forever was in spirit..  She knew that they disapproved of Clyde and she knew that if they were captured they would have been separated for as long as they both drew breath.
True love or utter madness.
Either way Soul mates until the end…
I used to think I had met my true soul mate. someone I would live and die for but now I wonder…

I wonder if I have met them and I wonder If I ever would.



While I’m unmotivated today people are suffering.

It brings it all into perspective.

On Friday morning, a man walked through the entrance of an elementary school and, without warning, began ruthlessly cutting down children at the school. Before he was subdued, nearly two dozen were hit.

While it sounds like the horrific massacre in Connecticut, this attack took place about 8,000 miles away in central China. And while several of the victims were reported in critical condition, non

e of the 22 children were killed. The 36-year-old suspect in China — which has strict gun control laws — attacked the children with a knife, according to local reports.“The huge difference between this case and the U.S. is not the suspect, nor the situation, but the simple fact he did not have an effective weapon,” said Dr. Ding Xueliang, a Harvard-educated sociologist at the University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong.

This is Victoria. She died a hero today. She hid her first graders in the cabinets and closets after hearing the gunfire. When the shooter came to her classroom, she told him that her students were in the gym. He then gunned her down and moved on. She saved the lives of all of her students.  She deserves to be remembered for her bravery.

This is Victoria. She died a hero today. She hid her first graders in the cabinets and closets after hearing the gunfire. When the shooter came to her classroom, she told him that her students were in the gym. He then gunned her down and moved on. She saved the lives of all of her students. She deserves to be remembered for her bravery.



Charlotte Bacon, 6;
Daniel Barden, 7;
Olivia Engel, 6;
Josephine Gay, 7;
Ana M. Marquez-Greene, 6;
Dylan Hockley, 6;
Madeline F. Hsu, 6;
Catherine V Hubbard, 6;
Chase Kowalski, 7;
Jesse Lewis, 6;
James Mattioli, 6;
Grace McDonnell, 7;
Emile Parker, 6;
Jack Pinto, 6;
Noah Pozner, 6;
Caroline Previdi, 6;
Jessica Rekos, 6;
Avielle Richman, 6;
Benjamin Wheeler, 6;
Allison N. Wyatt, 6

Lauren Russeau, 30;
Mary Sherlach, 56;
Victoria Soto, 27;
Anne Marie Murphy, 52
Rachel Davino, 29;
Dawn Hocksprung, 47;

our thoughts are with the families of these people at this time …. an empty place at the table, an empty bed at night … how can you ever move past this type of loss ?

Astronaut Neil Armstrong dies, aged 82 may he R.I.P

I am not one to post R.I.P notices for every person or celebrity that passes but I do think this Icon deserves a Mention.

So few men have had the opportunity to make such a mark upon history. He was a great man and will never be forgotten.

I was only 6 or 7 when he landed on the moon and I remember it being on the news and going round a friends house to see with my parents because they had a colour tv a luxury we didn’t have at the time.
I think it was the first newsworthy item that I ever actually paid attention to .. lets face it kids of that age are not really into the news.

So I have to say I was saddened to see this news this evening

US astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the Moon, has died at the age of 82.


His family says he died from complications from heart surgery he had earlier this month.


He walked on the Moon on 20 July 1969, famously describing the event as “one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind”.


Last November Armstrong received the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest US civilian award.


He was the commander of the Apollo 11 spacecraft. He and fellow astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin spent nearly three hours walking on the moon.


‘Reluctant hero’


Armstrong, who was raised in Ohio, took his first flight aged six with his father and formed a lifelong passion for flying.


He flew Navy fighter jets during the Korean War in the 1950s, and joined the US space programme in 1962.


Correspondents say Armstrong remained modest and never allowed himself to be caught up in the glamour of space exploration.


“I am, and ever will be, a white-socks, pocket-protector, nerdy engineer,” he said in February 2000, in a rare public appearance.


In a statement, his family praised him as a “reluctant American hero”who had “served his nation proudly, as a navy fighter pilot, test pilot, and astronaut”.

Humans can be so disgusting sometimes.

Humans can be so disgusting sometimes.

Tourism Whistler suspends reservations over post-Olympic sled-dog cull – The Globe and Mail.

For visitors to Whistler during the 2010 Winter Olympics, the blue-eyed huskies that took tourists on sleds into the wilderness were icons of Canada.

For those who work with those dogs, the animals are much more than a livelihood, they are close companions.

When news broke Monday of the mass slaughter of at least 70 dogs last April, dog sledders across Canada reacted with sheer horror – and disgust.

“Any dog sledder who culls dogs at the end of a season should be culled himself, as far as we’re concerned,” said Paul McCormick, head dog sledding guide for Wilderness Adventures, a Toronto-based company that runs dog-sledding trips through Canada’s Algonquin Park.

“You don’t go out and cull dogs,” he said. “We’re part of the largest dog sled operation in the world with 40 dogs and we never cull dogs. We retire them, they’re adopted … there are a lot of alternatives.”

An employee of Outdoor Adventures Whistler says he killed at least 70 dogs over two days. The huskies, weighing about 40 to 50 pounds, were used for dog sled tours during the 2010 Winter Olympics, but were uneconomic to keep after the Games were over and the tourists went home.

In response to concerns over the killings, Tourism Whistler on Monday suspended reservations for dog sledding at Outdoor Adventures Whistler, which is owned by Joey Houssian, son of the founder of Intrawest Corp., Joe Houssian. Full refunds will be provided for those who booked a dog sledding tour with the company and want their money back.

Spokesman Graham Aldcroft told reporters the company had expected a proper, legal and humane manner would be used to euthanize the dogs. Company officials heard last Friday that as many as 100 dogs were put down on April 21 and April 23 in a brutal manner.

The Outdoor Adventures kennel is between the communities of Whistler and Pemberton, surrounded by snow-covered trees and at the end of a rarely travelled road. The kennel was at one point home to the dozens of dogs who were culled. Kennel staff wouldn’t comment on the situation Monday, although they were visibly shaken.

About 150 dogs still call the kennel home. When they’re not on the dog sled tour, the racing huskies bide their time play-fighting, barking at unfamiliar faces and chewing their doghouses. Some of the dogs at the kennel have long since retired. The kennel has been unable to find homes for them because of their age, so they remain at the facility, frolicking with the other animals.

A report filed by WorkSafeBC on a claim for compensation for post-traumatic distress disorder sets out the details of the killings in graphic detail.

WorkSafeBC said an employee with Outdoor Adventures Whistler received compensation after he was required to shoot the dogs, but it declined to identify the manager who was responsible for the killing.

The report says the employee, who lived at the same location as the dogs, handled hundreds of dogs. Occasionally he euthanized animals, using a gun, with the support of a veterinarian.

In April, 2010, his job was to cull the herd of about 300 by about 100 dogs. A veterinarian was contacted but refused to euthanize healthy animals. Attempts were made to adopt out the dogs, but with only limited success.

The report states the employee had killed more than a dozen dogs when he came to Suzie, the mother of his family’s pet dog, Bumble. The blast from his gun wounded her horribly, and her screams of pain made him drop the leash. Eventually he had to use a gun with a scope to finish her off at a distance. Other dogs attacked him when he went to retrieve the body.

The employee told WorkSafeBC he performed what he described as “execution-style” killings, where he wrestled the dogs to the ground and stood on them with one foot to shoot them.

Incidents on April 23 were worse, the report says. About 20 minutes after he shot a dog named Nora, he noticed that she was crawling around a mass grave he had dug for the animals.

After hearing about the mass slaughter, the BC SPCA, who have authority in B.C. to make recommendations on prosecution to Crown counsel, launched an investigation. The SPCA began its investigation into the killings Monday. SPCA spokeswoman Marcie Moriarty said she believes the killings are Criminal Code offences.

The employee’s lawyer, Corey Steinberg, declined Monday to comment on the case or reveal the identity of his client. The company stated in a news release that the employee was the general manager and he had ceased managing the business not long after the events in late April.

Significant changes were made after the events of last April to ensure humane treatment of the dogs and improve safety protocols, the company also stated. Any dogs requiring euthanasia are taken to a veterinarian’s office and no firearms are on the site, the release says.

With a report from Niamh Scallan

Im officially an “All About Me Do Feel Gooder”

That must make me an All About Me Do Feel Gooder lol

STUDY: Moms Over 40 Have More Facebook Friends Than Their Kids Do.

STUDY: Moms Over 40 Have More Facebook Friends Than Their Kids Do

Posted by Jorge Cino on January 31st, 2011 12:47 PM

A survey of more than 2,000 mothers over the age of 40 found that a majority have more Facebook friends than their children, and that they know how to better take advantage of their presence on the site.

The U.K.’s Daily Telegraph reported the study, without including key like which journal published the findings and exactly how many mothers over 40 have more Facebook friends than their children. But the overall claims make sense nonetheless. Women with children younger than college age might not only have their own friends, but also their coworkers, their children’s friends, and their children friends’ parents among their contacts. Kids, on the other hand, generally have a much more limited social circle until they go to college. They also tend to stick with their own age group. It would be interesting to know, however, which group has more friends they have never met in real life, or that they met online. And who uses it as a dating outlet the most?

Tammi Williams, who conducted the study, told the Telegraph that she created six categories to explain how mothers generally use Facebook. The two most popular groups might surprise you:

  • The Feel-Gooders: These are the kind of mothers who actively play games on the social network, and interact with their contacts in a purely social way. They genuinely enjoy the community spirit of Facebook and like to see what their friends are doing. “They get involved in games like Farmville and like sending virtual gifts to their neighbors,” the researcher explained.
  • The Do-Gooders: These women use Facebook as a tool to raise awareness on causes and safety issues, and not as a way to reveal or share personal information. An important follow-up survey on this group would be to know how often they share links on news items, and from what kind of sites, as well as what their political or religious backgrounds are. Certainly it seems that they are the ones who would support, for example, safety Amber Alerts becoming standard on Facebook.

Less popular than these two are ones that you’d expect to have the most friends on the site:

  • All about me: They use Facebook to show the best pics of themselves, or to boast about their latest achievements.
  • Business bodies: They are the most Internet savvy and use social media to network or promote their work.

As I read and thought about these categories, I wondered why the study didn’t take into account how mothers negotiated their Facebook presence depending on whether they were friends with their children and extended family. Also, was there a specific group that was more prone to befriend their children and monitor their activities online, or is this something that all  mothers do on social media?

What do you think about mothers over 40 having more friends on Facebook than their children?