My baby is growing up and will be going to senior school in September.

We went to Ali’s Senior School Induction Evening last night, Ali didn’t seem as phased as I thought he would, and I think he is secretly looking forward to going  It is official! My baby, my last born is growing up and I really don’t like it  To give you an idea of how big the school is I have outlined the grounds below, it is outstanding in Ofsted reports, has always been an excellent school, I went there myself and now both Alex and Ali will be there, as Alex started two years ago, he will be going up to yr 9 in September.
I have to confess though I do worry how Ali will cope with over 1700 pupils there, over 150 teachers, etc,  the school has a grammar stream as well, so best of both worlds,  I have been told that Ali will be given his own laptop there instead of having a scribe which is excellent, support to help with his limited sight, as for support when it comes to his autism, they are  waiting to see what help he will need and ready to put things into action at the time,  he is top of his class in all subjects, very very bright, I have no idea where he gets it from. I think his main problem will be the social interacting, he really doesn’t do people, although they understand this, they have facilities to deal with any problems that this may bring up which is a good thing. we can only wait and see now.


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