Missed Moment: Once upon a time long ago!

Having an Autistic son Ali can sometimes be a good thing because all he does is sit at the computer most of the time or on his tablet or DS, basically anything tech, for the majority of the time.
Unless he is in meltdown mode…  Then you certainly know all about it.
My other son Alex is also tech mad and plays minecraft most of the time.
If they are not doing that they are playing with train sets or racing on the scalextric or arguing but there is never a time when I wonder what happened when because at the age of 7 ½ and nearly 10 we are always around.

So a Missed Moment In my house means what the dogs have been up to!
Or should I say dog really as Teal’c is usually quite good.
I came back in the other day after being out to find that one of the dogs had knocked the laundry pile over and there were socks everywhere…
Thankfully nothing was chewed up as Moo-bags aka Molly still has these pangs to chew something, last month it was a patch on the lino in the kitchen, why she did it is a mystery to me but as it already had a slight tear on it that happened when the fridge was moved a few years back it needed replacing anyway. One day I will get around to it.

But this got me thinking about all the damage that had been done by “innocent” dogs over the years.

Looking back now the funniest time was about 25 plus  years ago when I had two mutts, I say Mutts because I’m not sure what the parentage of them was but they had some staff traits.
Their names were Mina and Arnold, now I had owned Mina for a couple of years so she was totally out of the puppy stage and I had been lucky really when it came to chewing as it wasn’t something she ever did with the exception maybe of a few chew toys and rawhide.
She once swiped a MacDonald bag that I had just put down off the table that I had brought in for the kids and ran behind the sofa and as I shouted at her she ran out again leaving the bag there..

I  moved the sofa out and in that split second she had been behind there with it she had managed to not only open the bag, but opened a happy meal box and grabbed a cheeseburger unwrapped it and she had scoffed it as well.
But that was her only real sin so I can’t complain about her really.

Arnold was another matter.
I had taken Arnold on as a rescue, he really was the gentle giant very laid back and very loving But

even though he was about two years old if not older,  he was a pain for chewing things.  It was usually shoes he chewed or the legs of the dinning room table, but he hadn’t chewed anything for quite a while (about 6 months)  and I thought we had finally passed that chewing stage once and for all.

One day I was out in the front garden digging up daffodil bulbs out of the beds as I was planning on filling the garden with hardcore and putting a driveway on the front garden… I had been working out there for about half an hour when I saw the dogs watching me through the bay window..
Ahh I thought they had come in from the  back garden where I had left them and opened the kitchen door and then come in the front room,  but as they were just lying there  on the big bay window ledge watching I thought nothing of it and got on with the digging up of bulbs… About an hour later after working hard I just happened to look up again and noticed something fly up in the air..

Curious I stopped and watched and again something else flew in the air as well, it looked like lumps of foam.
Wondering what was going on I walked back into the house.

As I entered the front room I couldn’t believe my eyes…

The whole sofa was in shreds all over the place, all the foam stuffing was in tiny bits, It was and I emphasise WAS a brown velour sofa about three months old I might add and there was material, wood and foam everywhere.. and I mean everywhere..
I looked at the dogs and Mina looked at me and then looked at Arnold as if to say
“it wasn’t me it was him”.. I looked at Arnold and he was standing there wagging his tail.

He didn’t even have the decency to look guilty like some dogs do when they know they have done something they shouldn’t have but of course having a past history of chewing everything in sight he took all the blame that day and he certainly missed out on a few treats to say the least.

However thinking back I often wonder if Mina helped in the mass destruction of the sofa because there was a lot of mess for just one dog… A lot of mess, It was hard to find a spot on the carpet anywhere that wasn’t covered in foam.

Was she to join in the blame as well?
Maybe that is why he never looked as guilty as he should have!

One of my few regrets is I never actually saw the demolition take place, So yes I would call that a missed moment in time.


If you want to write about any missed moment, why not share it, Here is the challenge,
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If you have any pictures or videos to go along with it, that’s great! It’s not required though, so don’t worry if you don’t have any. ( As you can see I didn’t have any although I wish I had)
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Bye Bye Isabella formally known as Gwen from all the family….. (update)

Following on from my post


I can now report that the boys finally noticed on Friday the hamster was quiet.

They noticed that the honey stick in there hadn’t been touched for ages… and the water was still up the top.

So we went to the cage and lo and behold the door was loose, (Allan had done this in preparation for our pretence of she had escaped)

Instead of the tears we got… from Alex ok the next hamster we get will be mine…

And from Ali… when we get another one can we get a boy one… That was it!

We did say we would leave the cage there for a few days in case she came back but today is the day we move it and clean it out.. giving me shelf space back in time for christmas see good things do come from bad.

So we have now promised that after Christmas we will replace the hamster…

In a way I am hoping that after Christmas they will forget about replacing our furry friend

Bye Bye Isabella formally known as Gwen from all the family…..


Isabella formally known as Gwen is no more

Yesterday a friend of ours asked Allan if we could look after his two snakes one is a snow corn snake a bit bigger than Sid and a bit smaller than Honey our corn snakes and his small ball python. Allan agreed but as I pointed out we had nowhere to keep the vivs so they would have to go into the Exo Terra Faunarium and go on top of the wall unit. So Allan brought them back and up they went. This morning I can down and went to see if the hamster needed any water. Her cage is on a shelf on the wall unit.
Instead of a hamster looking out at me I saw this big white snake. At which point I suggested to Allan it may be a good time to get the boys to go upstairs to play while we clean out the hamster. Allan is looking at me like I have gone mad as I only cleaned her out the Day before, I pointed to the cage where the snake was and he told the kids to go up.
We got the snake out and checked it over, the was not a mark on it so it must have had the hamster while she was sleeping as nothing is even disturbed in the cage. How the snake got in the cage I have no idea as its way bigger than the gaps in the bar’s but anyway it got in 😦
We returned the well feed  Snake back to his house and we have now taped up the doors on the Exo Terra Faunarium and left the hamster cage back on the shelf.
I know its only doing what came naturally and of course snakes eat furry little creatures  but there is a big difference between the frozen mice we buy to feed them and Isabella, she was cute and part of the family.. more importantly she was Ali’s as he got her for his 5th Birthday 😦

Now all I have to do is pick a time when I can tell Ali his hamster has passed away, 😦 For the time being I am leaving the cage in its place and hoping he wont notice…. maybe we can say she escaped  But if we have to tell him she passed away, I will skip over the details on how she came to be no more,  Maybe say it was an age thing and they don’t live long.  as I don’t think he needs to know that she became dinner to a snake that isn’t even ours .

We had previously joked that when Isabella formally known as Gwen finally passed away she would become snake food but we never thought it would be self-service.
R.I.P Isabella formally known as Gwen
I’m hoping we can get away without having to replace her but If Ali wants another one I guess we are going to have to.

Picture of a snow corn snake… (not the evil one we are looking after)

Picture of a ball python… I have to admit I don’t like them as I prefer the pretty colours on corn snakes more..


A new Addition to the family……… Well Hello Molly

I said no more dogs…. I said No more pets…. I said No at least 20 times… and well …. here is our new addition Molly and how we ended up being a two dog family..


Just as we were on our way out the door, there was a knock, Did we want to buy a Staff Puppy I said NO… I’m sure I said no… I looked at Allan and said No… No… No… No.
we went to get the kids in the car and our neighbour brought the puppy out to show us…Just for the record, I’m still saying No….  Really I am… I am looking right at Allan and saying No…….


She explained that her son had bought it for his girlfriend, two weeks earlier but they had now spilt up and she didn’t want the dog… So he has it at home with mum… Mum however already has two staff boy dogs at home who really didn’t get on with this pup and she needed it gone that day… it was already jabbed. had the next set of jabs paid for and the microchipping. They had paid £180 for it two weeks ago and originally tried to get their money back,and all we needed to do was take it next week for its jabs and chipping. …


I’m still saying No at this point while Alex is cuddling the puppy. On hindsight maybe it was not a good idea to let him hold her 😆


I’m thinking No… I’m saying No… but no-one is listening…

I say I’m not sure how Teal’c would take to a puppy in the house… I know he is ok with friends dogs but I was a bit worried he would play too rough.. Anyway my last argument was we had nowhere to keep her and I had taken my kitchen door off and we had to go out as we had promised the boys we were taking them to Hornby that day…
I am reminding Allan what a nightmare it was to house train Teal’c and how he was nearly a year old before we could honestly say we had nailed it.
I also pointed out the many nights I had to sleep on the sofa because we had a crying puppy in the house.  And how we had no bedding or anything for it and I really didn’t want to have to go and get any



It was at this point they said she came with her crate, Bedding, food, bowls and everything… and all they wanted was £20 for the lot…

Allan looked at me and it was at that point I knew I had lost….


It has also crossed my mind that if we didn’t have her then one of the pikeys that live round by us probably would at that price and god knows what would happen to the sweet little puppy…. 

Sweet little puppy Yeah… right she is far from sweet let me tell you.. this girl is going to be a right Bitch…  I will have competition in the house… Actually her temperament reminds me of my beloved Shar Pei I had years ago called Zelda… she was the most loyal dog I have ever known to the family… Hated everyone else… even as a puppy she wouldn’t let anyone else pat her head… I had to crate her if anyone came in the house… Funny enough the only person she tolerated was Allan , she even hated my ex…
Anyway Molly I think will be very similar.


we put her indoors in her crate… told Amber she was there and took the boys out for a few hours..


When we got back we introduced her to teal’c at which point she barked and growled at him and he hid behind us..

 this pup is only 9 weeks old her birthday is

19th August 2012 and she is very similar colourings to Teal’c


The one thing I will say is she is a feisty little thing as she really does rule the roost… Teal’c is learning to stand up to her and give her a growl back to put her in her place… there is no malice in it, more of I am Alpha Dog here you little squirt


Life will certainly be interesting with the two of them

but in the mean time we are back to puppy training again.. she has two favourite spots… in the bathroom for piddling and right by the front door for poo’ing… we are working on this as I type


Anyway… As I have said before I want it noted that I did say NO repeatedly… 🙄



Say Hello to Molly

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30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 28

Blog 29 -A picture of  your pet or pets

ok here we go

ZZ The Bearded Dragon






Izabella formerly known as Gwen



One of the fish tanks









my beautiful Mindy with her heart shaped markings on her head


Last but not least is my beautiful Mindy who at the moment is Missing, she escaped but we are hoping to get her back by putting out food and drink but it may take months but I will not give up hope!!