Alex on Soundcloud…Do something straight away




A few weeks ago Alex came home with a letter asking permission for him to take part in an Anti bullying project..
I of course agreed and signed..

Well on the 23rd of May  this went live 🙂

Alex also sings/raps on his own in it

So here is The Songwriting Charity
Do Something Straight Away – Grove Park Primary School

End of Proud mummy moment 🙂

Parents evening. It would be a proud mummy moment if they were as good at home!

This is my status for this evening on facebook.  for those who are on my friends list you may have already seen it but for those who are not on my friends list  here we go!

Last Wednesday I went to a parents evening for both the boys..
They both got excellent reports….. Both work really hard.. Ali even speaks to one of the teachers (although she admits that they have never actually had a conversation out of him since he started school) but he does as he is asked work wise and will reply when asked. and his mental maths is fantastic.
His only fault is his handwriting but as he is blind in his left eye and left-handed he cant even see what he has written until he is halfway across the page. Alex is a pleasure to teach… Seriously?
He works hard..  In fact no one could say a bad word about either of them.
SO why are they such hard work at home?..
Alex is the most obnoxious little s**t I have ever known and Ali is just hard work and living on the edge of Meltdown constantly.
Alex knows exactly which buttons to push and boy is he pushing Ali.
I know he is working hard and a lot is just sensory overload but Alex is winding him up and getting to the point of pushing him over the top. we have warned him again and again, and Ali is going seriously going to kill him……..

So if you see me with a shovel in the dark of night digging a big hole in the garden… It wasn’t me who killed Alex… it was Ali!!
They are like this all the time except tonight… Allan was out tonight and we had peace………….. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Proud Mummy Moment… Parents Evening

What can I say I am So very proud of my boys,

Yesterday Evening both Allan and I went to the parent teacher evening at the boys school,

I was so impressed at what both boys teachers have said..
They have both worked very hard, both have taken to the new teachers and are so well-behaved at school,

Both Alex and Ali’s teachers said they were a Pleasure to teach. (I did have to do a double-check to make sure they were talking about the right kids) 

I swear that they are both a reincarnation of The World Famous Jekyll & Hyde because they are nothing like that at home,

 Ali is the one that has surprised me the most as I have worried so much about how he would settle down this year, He has had the same teacher for his reception year and year one… and for him it was such a big change to move up to year 2 and change classroom and have a new teacher I really did worry how he would cope as he really doesn’t like change, but he has settled in well and his teacher fully understands how his brain works as she is used to working with autistic children and those with Asperger’s  who are in main stream schooling and she really is getting the best of out him… he likes her as well which really helps.

 Alex, Well Alex always has such a good report.. for a child who is 8 going on 18 when it comes to attitude at home, apparently he is lovely and polite at school, has an extended vocabulary and expresses himself very clearly at school with the ease of an adult.. which apparently in his teachers eyes was a good thing… In my eye maybe his vocabulary and expressions in an adult way were not such a good thing but evidently he is not using the same vocabulary and expressions at school that we hear him using at home 🙄

He is top of the class in every subject, his reading and understanding of his reading is on par with a “Well educated Adult”

 The Only criticism they could come up was they both had scruffy handwriting…

 Erherm I have no Idea where they get that from 😉

 But hay that is what they invented a keyboard for 🙄

Anyway that is my proud mummy moment..

And if I am honest I would rather have the boys giving me all the trouble and hell and being silly etc. at home and behaving and working well at school than having it the opposite way around
I am not one for buying toys etc or treats like that in-between birthdays and Christmas. usually the most they get is something like a bookmark or sew on badge or something from a museum that we go to ,  but we have told both boys that as a few weeks ago they both came home with star of the week, and we have had star of the days and lots of house point certificates since they both went back in September that they in the half term we will take them out and they can have a toy or something of their choosing for £10 each

Today is Mothers Day

You would think having had so many kids that I would always be inundated with Mothers day cards But the opposite has always been true

My Ex never ever bothered getting mothers day cards for me from the kids when they were little and the schools at the time never got the kids to do one because it wasn’t pc, Ok this worked both ways as they never did fathers day cards either at school  But I always got the Arse one from the kids……….

Anyway  thankfully things are not the same now At least the schools bother lol When the boys were at play group I used to get a lovely little plant and a picture they had made and when they started school they all made a card but of course everyone in the class made the same card and wrote the same thing.. 

And of course Allan always remembered on the Sunday morning and ran over the shop and got a card…  Well this year he had to go over the shop last week and pick up a card for his mother so that’s when he got mine..  (not flowers or anything else but in all fairness we are skint and I look after the money and bank cards 😆 So I cant exactly say anything about that..

But the boys came home from school on Friday hiding their stuff (Always a dead give away ) and Ali gave me a cake that he had made at school.

I have been presented with two beautiful cards

Both have said they got to choose exactly what they wanted to do and of course in Alex’s case write as well.

And here they are…  These mean so much more to me than any card Allan could ever buy from them.

Alex's Card



Ali's Card

Alex chose flowers because he knew I like to always have fresh flowers and Ali of course made a cake because he says I’m always making yummy cakes 🙂

My baby just turned 8 years old today! How did that happen already?

My baby is 8 today. Where has the time gone? I know that sounds so cliché’ but what else can I say? Time has gone by so quickly. From the day Alex was born, my life had a new meaning, He gave me a reason to live again,

8 years later nothing has changed. It’s been such a journey to watch him grow and become a “little dude” with a big personality.

I mean WOW!!

My baby boy is 8 years old today! So hard to believe!!


Where has another year gone? You are getting so big. You are such a jokester. You love to tell us jokes. You are so full of life and fun…and it’s so adorable to listen to you. You are so smart. A walking, talking encyclopedia. You love to learn new things and share what you’ve learned with us. You have excelled in your Karate, the fact that you have done so well so quickly has made us very proud , You are courageous. You are strong, yet gentle and sweet. Your smile lights up each day.

The day you were born was a new beginning for me, After the events of the year before you were born I really had lost hope in anything. I had lost everything, I really was beginning to feel I had nothing left to live for. And then you came into my life. you gave me hope again Son. I felt that need for life return to me so I could look after you and never let you leave my side….

and now 8 years has passed so quickly.

You have so many talents that your possibilities are endless and I am so excited to see where life takes you. I love that you are so passionate about sports, about learning and you try so hard at school.

The moment you were born my life changed forever and I could never imagine a life without you in it.

My wee baby is becoming a little man, with Attitude as well 🙄

Happy 8th Birthday Alex

I love you with all my heart xx


Ahhh The festive season at school has started!

The boys who usually have packed lunches decided this year they wanted christmas dinner so on December 1st along with opening the first window of their advent Calendar they had Christmas dinner at school.

The school have had their christmas fate………. ok confession time I didn’t bother taking them this year… It really was dire last year..

and this week was the start of the schools christmas plays…  year 1 and year 2    on Monday and year three and four on Thursday. Which Meant where I am concerned Ali and my friend’s son Adam were doing their thing!! Ali was a woodcutter.. (fantastic.. just had to go and buy him a check shirt 🙂  )   Then the worry starts. Ali being Ali  I have spent weeks wondering what he is going to do on the stage… Will he even go on the stage.. will he say the lines he has been given? Will he actually stick to the lines 🙄 as it goes he was blinding, he said his words nice and loudly he was fantastic…

today/yesterday I along with Allan and Jo and Amberleigh went to see Alex in his school play.. he was a parent.. his play was kind of pied piper based..  he was more singing than words but the poor sod looked exhausted..

its been a long school term and both boys are really ready for a break,  oh and mental note: both boys need a haircut lol Alex especially!!

we videoed both plays being the proud parents… although I wonder how often we will actually watch the video lol

I will add the other pictures as soon as I have uploaded them from the various camera’s



Ali The Woodcutter


Alex's Play!!


Alex, seriously needs a Haircut 😦