My Review of Darn Good Eats: The Cookbook for Creative Chefs and Reluctant Cooks by Jodi Ambrose.

This Book I was really looking forward to reading from the second I got it…
For five reasons..
1. I love food..
2. My other half was a chef in a previous life.
3. I love to cook but hate cooking every day mundane things
4. Her two other books I have read kept me in fits of laughter and I really wanted to know how the hell she could even come close to them especially with a cook book that didn’t include KY jelly and squirty cream as major ingredients
5.  I love food… have I mentioned that?

I was not disappointed in the least… I found this book great… we have worked out way through a lot of the recipes and so far found nothing that we didn’t both enjoy making or eating.

Its simple to follow yet also kept the official chef of the household,  who never cooks at home because it is beneath his chef standing,   equally pleased with the recipes….  I loved the fact that every recipe has an amusing background storyline to it…..

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys food, laughter and even cooking.
I can also recommend this book to anyone who enjoys food, laughter and hates cooking.
It’s a cookbook every household should own…… even if it’s the only cookbook in the house.
Jodi  has really excelled herself with this one.


My Review of Sex: How to Get More of It by Jodi Ambrose

After Reading the book aimed at women I just had to read Jodi’s book giving her advice to men as well..
Of course I was woman enough to admit I have seen some of my flaws pointed out in “Intimacy how to get more of it”,  and I wanted to see what her advice to the guys was as well….   Well of course, I needed to know if she was going to be as fair to us
What can I say She certainly knows what the majority of women want from their relationship.. what we want from our menfolk..
Put in a nutshell  she is Spot on…….. 
Guys if you follow her advice…   both you and your woman are going to be very happy……..  VERY HAPPY!!
It’s not just about what you can give to her it’s also about what buttons you can press to make her please you… and of course we all know that is the main reason a man is going to read this book
This book is short and sweet and yes there is some potty mouth in it, but we are talking about sex and consenting adults and being adults,  don’t tell me you don’t know all the naughty words already… Don’t tell me you are shocked about the subject  of sex and the so-called  potty mouth descriptions  because… Man you are reading a book on sex……. we already know that you are dirty minded already………

This book had me in fits of laughter because there were so many things I could relate to and see the funny side.. 
My other half read it and agreed that a lot of the content  may actually work to his advantage
And yes he has paid a lot of attention to what he has read… 😉
I am certainly not complaining……… Nuff said……..

I highly recommend you buy this for your man
As a present to yourself………
and Men if you are single…



Put into action……….

You may not be single for much longer………

sex how to get more of it

REALLY…??? Is there ANY point?


Dont get me wrong I love sexy…

I love the idea of keeping a spark going in the relationship, hell I love whips handcuffs and duct tape (bet you are really wondering now lol ) 😉

But these……..   As I said REALLY…??? Is there ANY point? 

Womens Sexy C String / Strapless Thong


And for him so he doesn’t feel left out…

Actually looking at this, something could end up being left out if you are not careful  🙄  😯



Mens Sexy C String / Strapless Thong

The world will end tonight, or not as the case may or may not be………

The world will end tonight or so they say so apparently the bucket lists are being published all over Facebook, twitter and on blogs,

 I have three bucket lists.. A private one  which maybe I will post one day…….. That’s if we are all still here…….
But for the sake of the day…..

I have a few but so I won’t bore you with everything so I will only tell one thing off each one.


1: The censored list

I so want to bust that giant Winnie the pooh inflated Santa out side someone’s house.

2: The Uncensored list

I so want to spend the night having rampant kinky sex with someone special but if they are busy Allan may have to do. 😉


I did have an idea though.


After midnight, all the people in Europe should stop posting on Facebook and Twitter and we can scare the shit out of everyone in the States as they are about 6 hours behind us,


So Who’s in?

25 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Better Than Sex

1. You can GET chocolate.

2. “If you love me, you’ll swallow that” has real meaning with chocolate.

3. Chocolate satisfies even when it has gone soft.

4. You can safely have chocolate when driving.

5. You can make chocolate last as long as you want it to.

6. You can have chocolate even in front at your mother.

7. It you bite the nuts too hard the chocolate won’t mind.

8. Two people of the same sex can have chocolate without being called nasty names.

9. The word commitment doesn’t scare off chocolate.

10. You can have chocolate on top of your desk during working hours without upsetting your workmates.

11. You can ask a stranger for chocolate without getting your face slapped.

12. You don’t get hairs in your mouth with chocolate.

13. Chocolate doesn’t make you pregnant.

14. You can have chocolate at any time of the month.

15. With chocolate there’s no need to fake it.

16. Good chocolate is easy to find.

17. You can have as many kinds of chocolate as you can handle.

18. You are never too old or too young for chocolate.

19. When you have chocolate, it doesn’t keep the neighbours awake.

20. With chocolate, size doesn’t matter. Its always good.

21. You don’t have to BEG to get chocolate.

22. You can have chocolate with children and not go to jail.

23. Chocolate doesn’t keep you awake yapping after you’ve had it.

24. You can have chocolate all weekend and still walk OK on Monday morning.

25. It’s easy to find 9 inches of chocolate.

Life is Good!!

But the main problem is there is Not Enough Hours in a Day

Life is overflowing with things to do & challenges to distract me. I am finally learning that I can’t DO it ALL….do what I CAN; not worry about the rest!! There will NEVER be enough hours in a day otherwise.

 One year ago, I was in a whole different place, not a good place. A very sad, kicked in the gut place…
A confusing place where memories had taken over reality and real life… 

 All I can say is, “WHAT a difference a year makes! !” I don’t often admit this but I have An awesome man who loves me and will do anything for me, Within reason come one the guy was brought up in a house with three women so is still a little subdued and tame when it comes to erm certain things but I’m still working on total corruption:evil:
I’m helped by some fantastically supportive friends and family, two fun-loving kids and I have had a dream-come-true of a year! I have finally found the magic of christmas and love again…I had lost my way for a long time.

Sure there have been a few tough spots to work through (mostly within myself), but overall, those don’t even scratch the surface of how fucking happy I am! Can’t even explain how loved I feel…without a doubt!

Life has taken a turn for the better..Despite the lack of shall we say intimacy but then since I have been ill it’s not just one-sided that things have taken a back burner…. maybe I will explain in another post!!

May it continue in 2012

30 Blog posts Picture Challenge Blog 10

Blog10 – A picture of what you like to do

erm.. If I posted a picture of what I like to do it would be classed as X rated and obscene,

I like to rant, I like to joke, I like to drink (in moderation of course Hic!! ) 🙄

ok In line with attempting to be the Obvious Domestic Goddess that I’m not, I like to Cook and I like to  Bake!!

I’m not one of those neat and pretty as a picture bakers.. I’m one of those who cares what it looks like as long as it tastes good type of bakers!!

banoffee pie

chocolate eclairs

coffee and walnut cake

Strawberry Cake


Salmon and Jacket Spud