It was fun while it lasted… the snow is snow more….

While the rest of the country is covered in a lovely white blanket… we here in Sittingbourne got only an inch or two… (story of my life but we wont go there today)

As I was saying…….

one day of very fine snow that seemed to take forever just to cover the ground… We took the boys to the local rec to go on their new sledges for a few hours…  by Monday morning  we were left with Ice and sludge..

that’s the problem, While I love snow I do hate the ice, the sludge and the idiots trying to drive in it…
We have  a fantastic school they have only ever closed for a few snow days in all the time the boys have been there.. so yes it was open on Monday… thankfully we have the landrover to use so driving wasnt a problem, once we got on the main roads they were clear anyway as the gritters had done their job…

so a few hours up the park and an hour or so in the garden and the snow has gone all but a few bits of ice and slush and maybe the odd well insulated roof with a smattering on… And that huge pile in the school car park where the snowplough shovelled it all into a corner…..

we keep getting promised more snow but as usually it always seems to miss us…………    Yet again Sittingbourne is shielded from the snow… while all around us gets it…  its like living in the Bermuda triangle of the winter world…

Fun in the Snow!  20th Jan 2013

Fun in the Snow! 20th Jan 2013

SAM_0067 SAM_0068 SAM_0081 SAM_0124 SAM_0128 SAM_0129 SAM_0134 SAM_0146 SAM_0169

First Snow 2013

While the majority of the country is under snow we in the south east of England  usually only get a few flakes of snow.
Living in Sittingbourne Kent,  We have the Isle of Sheppey  near us and the weather usually hits the island hard.. goes over the  estuary and kind of bounces over the top of Sittingbourne and hits down again just before Faversham.. we do tend to be protected by the island… hence our lack of snow when a lot of surrounding area’s get it.

This is my theory not actually a proven fact but hey its as good as any other reason I have seen for us not getting the same weather as other villages around us 😉
Anyway much to my sons delight and I hope there is more to follow… I think there will be as its still snowing slowly.

Maybe the boys can get some use out of the Sledges we bought ages ago if it carries on tonight… I think we have the park planned for the morning.

Come on just enough for a quick play and they you can melt away or better still the cold front could go down under… they need all the help they can get…
Spare a thought for those in Australia, who are having the hottest weather ever and losing their homes and now a life due to the bush fires…

One extreme to another personally I would rather have cold and snow… at least we can wrap up when its cold.. you can only strip off to a certain extent in the heat.. but either weather extreme there are always the vulnerable who are going to suffer… 😦

front garden as the snow starts falling……

Back garden fingers crossed we will have more in the morning


Feeling Unmotivated

I’ve been particularly unmotivated lately.

Not sure why, but I blame the billion straight days with no sun for my lack of energy.

I also blame my tendency to exaggerate on the billion straight days with no sun, but that is neither here nor there.


Last night I decided to crawl into bed early. Like 11:00pm early which take my word for it is mega early for me.

I love snow……… hate winter…….. work that one out!


Ok its the Rain and cold and constant grey days and early dark nights I hate.


It’s about 9 days and 12 hours until Christmas but I just can’t seem to be motivated at the moment,

I have all the shopping done, I have all the presents I need to buy,

In fact all I need to do is wrap and I will leave that until next week for the pure fact that unwrapped I can keep everything hidden once wrapped its there on show stacked up in my room. oh and write cards but will get that done tomorrow,


I know I’m supposed to post something, I know I am supposed to have a tidy up… Sort something out for dinner…

But I can’t get motivated to do anything and  I REALLY don’t feel like staring at my computer. I don’t even feel motivated enough to go on Facebook or watch tv… If I could only just nap on the sofa…


So I’m not going to do anything………..

Yay We have Snow………. At last..

I am so tired of being promised that we will get snow and then a big nothing. I like the snow. I love snow…..

I like watching it fall from the sky, and blanketing the ground, making everything so pretty. .

I have things that need to be done outside (more leaves and sticks out front).

And then what happens… no one mentions snow at all on the news and all of a sudden..
I get up this morning.. go to the shed to get some bits out and lo and behold we have snow… I can see it in the air……
The first pic was this morning and the second was on the school run the down side was by 3.30 on the school run it was all gone 😦

SAM_0023 SAM_0034



I miss the winters I had as kid. (some very old pics I found from when I was a kid of snow glorious snow)

I remember a ton of snow when I was little in Germany although I don’t remember it actually snowing . What happened to all that snow? (Shhh, I know about global warming, just let me reminisce here). I Remember snow when I was a young teen in Sittingbourne we used to enjoy sledging on the dubiously named Scratch Arse Hill – (because it was/is shaped like two bum cheeks). so when we had snow, we had major fun.

Scratch Arse Hill

Then  I moved to America living in both Ohio and Maryland where we had some major snow and I mean real snow, Moreover, it lasted,

We did not have a few hours of snow and then rain and it was gone. We had good snow, healthy snow, snow that lasted and lasted. Where is that snow?

We had the kind of snow that provided my friends and with serious income from hours and hours of shovelling paths and people’s driveways.

We had the kind of snow that required tons of extra mittens and snow boots. Snow boots!

What kids have to wear them today when it snows? No one.


I wish for a major snow episode. An old-fashioned blizzard. No more false promises. Get serious mother nature.
I know people will hate me for this… But I cant help it I love snow…

Oh and 

Shhhh I have bought the boys a new shiny red sledge each for Christmas just in case we get any more but if it comes down and stays.. then they will be getting them early and we will be up the park like a shot  …

 However, if we are not going to get anymore snow, in any amount (one inch does not count), then let us just move onto spring and bring summer on ……. I like warm and sun as well.


Name & Shame… The car that hit us………..


While on the school run this morning:

That Moment in Time when the person in front of you actually backs up in the snow without looking so you have to back up.. they stop and then back up again… Right into your car… Or Landrover as the case may be… and then sit there after the crunch… not getting out or anything waving their hands in the air…..


The plus side having a big old Landrover is its not going to damage anything on our car although at the time we didn’t know that. ….


The downside is I am posting the picture of your car because you didn’t even bother to get out to see if there was any damage and that pissed me off so much I though what the hell I would take a picture of your car (another reason why its always handy to have a camera with you) ……

And post it on facebook publicly and blog about it because I am a total bitch like that… 🙂


Ps it may not look like there was any damage to yours but with a nice crunch like that I would check your subframe or what ever it is.. because on a little car like that something must have happened to it …


First Snow 2012 YAY!!!

As you may have guessed it snowed the other night…  About time 🙂
I love snow!!

Of course everyone else here screams they hate snow.. The schools end up shutting just over a few inches of snow.. the roads are impassable to the average driver.. who has no experience of how to actually drive in snow..

Of course it doesn’t bother me, I am used to driving in the snow..

Oh and I own  an old  96 Landrover… Not the silly little yuppy one but the real discovery type, so if it got really bad I can still get out and about but to be honest, My Automatic 1996 Astra CDX still gets me out and about in any snow we have had in this country so I use that most of the time.
When I was a kid in both Germany and the states if the schools had been shut because of snow I would never have gone for half the winter…

I only remember one day that the school was shut… we had three feet of snow in the night.. but it was plowed / ploughed 🙄 and cleared ready for the next day.

Im sorry folks I love snow… So please stop moaning we get it for just the odd few days a year……..

I just wish it would snow in the summer….

I hate being fucking cold!!

Pics are
The snow starting to fall in the night.
Boys and the snow man
Picture of the Landrover on the road outside the house.
Pic of field behind us

picture of winter jasmine in the garden

1st snow of the year.. 2011

 Last year we had snow before christmas, lots of it  but after christmas and in the new year, nothing, in fact we ended up with the mildest winter going.  but this Morning It snowed!!


I hate the cold.

I LOATHE the cold.

I dislike bundling up, having to keep track of scarves/hats/gloves/boots, and water-logged front hall that get your socks wet and of course kids coming in with soaking shoes, . I severely dislike the sting of a biting wind on my cheeks; the kind of wind you can feel in your bones. I spent some of my life living through Ohio and Washington DC winters and they SUCKED with their freezing weather when Lake Erie actually freezes solid, One winter it went down to minus 22 degrees (wind chill: minus 75. MINUS SEVENTY-FIVE) and everything was cancelled, life was just on hold, I was even told not to try to get into work.


But despite my strong feelings about the cold and the fact that at the moment the way my chest is I can hardly breath outside,


I can’t seem to help myself…..




I love it so much that when it snowed this morning I got so excited, sadly it neither lasted long or amounted to anything as it melted as soon as it hit the ground. 😥


What is wrong with me?!